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Getting Started with Blogging in the New SAP Community (Video)


I know all you active bloggers are itching to get creative in the new Community, so let’s talk a bit about how to create a blog post using the new platform.  To get started, you’ll click the dropdown menu from your profile picture (top-right) and select “Write a Blog Post.”




Enter your blog post title and begin typing in the text box.  You can use the WYSIWYG editor to add (1) emphasis and style, (2) pictures, (3) videos, and (4) links to your post.



There’s an additional formatting bar available by clicking the Toolbar Toggle icon: 

From here you can edit paragraph formatting, including alignment, text color, and tables. (Thanks to user, Former Member, for bringing this to my attention with his own blog post!)

A Primary Tag is required, so choose one that best describes your topic by typing into the Primary Tag field and selecting from the dropdown options.  These Primary Tags are pre-populated by SAP and the dropdown will suggest choices based on your entry.  You may also select additional pre-populated tags in the SAP Tags section, or you may add your own under the Tags section, in order to help readers find your blog post.



From here, you will have different options for publishing, depending on your author level.  (To read more about author levels, click here.)  You can either save your draft by clicking the Save button; or if you are a Contributor, you will have the option to send the post to a Moderator to review and publish.  If you are an Author, you will have the ability to publish the post by clicking the Publish button.




If you are a Contributor, the Moderator will review your content and either publish it or send it back to you with comments on how it needs to be improved before publishing.  Once the blog post is published, you may make edits by clicking the Edit button from the post’s published version.


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  • Will the SCN members who are not "Author" see their status somewhere and will they know why and what the process is for them? Perhaps a mission for "newbies" should be to read this blog first? Just a thought...

    • Hi Jelena,

      Users who attempt to perform actions which they are not yet authorized for (e.g. Write a Blog Post) will be directed to a "Not Authorized" error message explaining that they have not reached the necessary author level to perform that action.  They will then be directed to the author levels post (in the new system) to learn more about the author levels.  In this post, I detail how users can progress through the different levels, including the initial mission to follow the blog & either a tag or another user to become a contributor.

      Let me verify if there is a place in profile or elsewhere for users to view their assigned level.



      • Adding on the above, you did not mention about the Toolbar Toggle option, where Font color or Size selection could be done, because I did not got the realization from the video demonstration until I tried in practical.



  • Can we get a list of the 'primary tags' when you post a new blog, so that we can clearly take a look at that and let our partners know who are blogging on the tags that they can use.The list would not be shared with them, but will act as a ready reckoner for us to help new partners who write on   Having the list makes it easy for us to clearly point to them on topics they are writing to tag correctly.

    • till now, only available in the drop-down while creating. But if it is coming in some, say jpeg demonstration or with Hierarchical view, then it would be easy but in my guess its gonna be lengthy & so if someone finding any trouble(which is obvious that many will get/face), then have to ask another separate question for that seeing that the tag list is not small & updating tags are available from Moderator side because in existing SCN there are only couple of Spaces/Place which we could browse easily using the Browse button & All -> Places. But in the New SCN, its a long list to go for & only a bit smart mind is very helpful/come-handy in these kind of matters to get some assistance.



    • /
    • Hi Keerthi Sattaluri the team of Global Moderators is working daily on the queue but it can take from 24 up to 72 hours to get your post reviewed. You can always reach out to for any questions or inquiries.

      Best regards, Svea

  • HI,

    I can see there are a number of posts there with links in them. I know there is an option to add a link to redirect the user to some informational or important resources but when i am trying to do that, why my post not published saying "link need to remove". Please guide and let me know how to add a working link if needed in the post.Thanks