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SAP Labs CIS: SAP Labs ran CodeJam at St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum

SAP Labs was very active at St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, a 3-day event started on September 21 in Expoforum. Andrej Bievetski, Managing director at SAP Labs attended strategic sessions as a speaker, Viacheslav Gershov, Business Development director spoke about international expansion of Russian startups in a Round table.  But CodeJam session by SAP Labs experts on the first day was really one of most innovative actions within the entire Forum.





Photo: Andrej Bievetski, MD at SAP Labs CIS, Roman Dedushev, Head of CoE at SAP Labs in St. Petersburg, and Anton Komratov, SAP Support engineer and CodeJam expert give start to CodeJam session


Anton Komratov, Nina Kovalenko, and Eugeny Zabus, all working at SAP Labs office in St. Petersburg, provided their guests with expertise and hands-on experience of developing Web-apps on HANA Cloud Platform.




Photo: Are you sure they are already in the clouds? Nina Kovalenko and Eugeny Zabus, CodeJam experts, SAP Labs St. Petersburg


17 attendees from different software companies as well as several senior students from leading technological universities joint the session. One can say it’s not too much, but our experts note that these people were really well-prepared and highly qualified software developers; it means that we didn’t waste time, but shared our technological knowledge with the right people, who work in companies, which might be our ISV partners in the nearest future.


CodeJam attendees have used SAP UI5 libraries to develop some sample application in HANA Cloud Platform and built their interface on SAP Fiori. SAP Labs tutors helped them to learn some techniques of solving some typical IT-development tasks such as using external data sources (OData-services), structuring Master-detail applications, and implementing graphic components of the library for visualization.




Photo: CodeJam in motion, powered by HANA Cloud


CodeJam participants will be able to use their knowledge and techniques for different tasks, from development of business applications to Industrial Internet of Things projects. We hope, our friends also keep in memory some warm from our hearts and tastes of amazing pizzas of several flavors, which our marketing manager Anna Kopetskaya ordered for them, while staying in her office in Moscow.




Photo: SAP pizza – ordered in cloud, tasted on premise



Faithfully yours,

Viacheslav Gershov,

Business Development director at SAP Labs in CIS

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  • Hi,

    The pizzas here are looking much bigger than the original ones what we look at Pizza-centres. It looks even more bigger, specially when you feel the hunger for that & we will forget all SAP & HANA & everything, only Pizza in-mind.



    • Do not bother Kaushik Debnath,

      you will remember HANA Cloud Platform each time you are going to order your next pizza since that day. 🙂 Good pizza and successfull SAP HANA experience to you today and forever!

      • Hi,

        I remember, once I went to explain the utilities of HANA use & future prospects. In our Local Language HINDI, HA-means Yes, Na-means No(Total No). So, that customer was listening & at that time the CFO of that local company, he dropped in in & said, HA Ya Na. That means Yes or No, what is it, he just like dropped in & without understanding said Cloud? No, No, we would better have a rainy season & no cloud, because Cloud in Sky, it becomes too much hot weather & that is not fruitful to his Mining Business.