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How is mail tracking working and how to combine it with web tracking?

SAP Hybris Marketing supports out of the box tracking of contact interactions from any channel. This means you can not only track outbound interactions like mail opens or clicks which are send from Hybris Marketing but also other rather inbound interactions coming from e.g. webshop, website, call center, CRM or any other front-end application.

See the picture below to get an idea how the campaign can track and control outbound interactions.

In addition it is also possible to link the Hybris Marketing internal tracking for mails with an external tracking tool e.g. on the website. To enable this we provide for each link within a mail a so-called sap-outbound-ID which can be automatically appended as parameter to the link URL (see picture below).

The sap-outbound-id parameter is a 40 char string and can be fetched by any website, shop or web analytics tool. You can add this parameter value to the session context of your webshop and later pass it back to Hybris Marketing by creating an interaction.

To attribute interactions coming from the website or shop with the campaign identifier you can do the following while creating the interaction in Hybris Marketing:

  1. Fetch the sap-outbound-id parameter (coming from the URL in the mail)
  2. Fill the field IdOrigin of the interaction with the constant ‘SAP_TRACKING_ID’
  3. Fill the ID with the value of the sap-outbound-id.

With this Hybris Marketing will automatically add the campaign information to the newly created interaction.

In summary we support the following capabilities:

  • Automatic tracking of e-mail open and clicking in the mail (no additional software needed)
  • Multiple static parameters like “utm_….” or other. This will be the same for all contacts unless you add personalization attributes
  • Multiple personal parameters personalized for each contact e.g. “?utm….&gender=male…..”.
  • Generated outbound ID which uniquely identifies the interaction, campaign & contact without disclosing personal data to the outside system.
  • Use the outbound ID to allow external tracking tools to identify contacts and campaigns which created traffic on websites
  • Usage of parameters and outbound ID for Web tracking with any kind of web analytics

Here you find more info on how to connect interaction data from front end systems like webshops.

Here you learn how to use Google Analtics together with Hybris Marketing



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  • Hi Vaibhav,

    you have various options to add parameters to a link in a mail (see the screenshot below):

    1. You can add multiple static parameters like “utm_….” or other. This will be the same for all contacts unless you add personalization attributes
    2. You can add multiple personal parameters like above but make them personalized for each contact e.g. “?utm….&gender=male…..”. For this you need a personalized attribute for the contact which embodies the whole URL.
    3. You can add a system generated outbound ID which uniquely identifies the interaction, campaign and contact. This can be used for tracking what acontact does after clicking the link
    4. You can also add any other personalization attribute in plain text


    • Hi Jan Matthes,

       Thank you very much for showing how to do it. In 1602 We have developed by Enhancement same functionality at that time when we raised OSS message sap said you will see this functionality in upcoming release now we are upgrading to 1611 Verison. We are using this to get captured by Google analytics in that way we can track web visitor activities.

      Thanks a lot

  • Hi Jan Matthes,

    Can we enter Contact Key(GUID) personal parameters Because I m not seeing Contact Key in Parameters.if it is not available how can we enhanced to get it Please suggest

    Like below we need also need to add dynamically Campaign Parameter also how to add it  :

    Campaign Source
    Campaign Medium
    Campaign Term
    Campaign Content
    Campaign Name

    As a Google Policy we cannot add name , email address
    Don’t send personally identifiable information.

    Note that the Analytics terms of service, which all Analytics customers must adhere to, prohibits sending personally identifiable information (PII) to Analytics, such as names, social security numbers, email addresses, or any similar data. Learn more about the Analytics privacy principles.

    That why we need to add Contact_Key which is not Personally identifiable by Outside word.

    thank you in advance


  • Hi Vaibhav,

    the outbound ID providing what you are asking for to adhere to the privacy rules - so you do not need the Contact Guid. Outbound ID is uniquely identifing the outbound interaction which is created for each contact during campaign execution and it also provides the reference to the campaign itself. Furthermore you can retrieve mor details via the available interfaces. Parameters like source, medium etc should be set manually in the content.


  • Hi Jan Matthes,

    Do we have any Badi available to make this parameter to default for each link in Email Content. We trained user but it is very hard for them to remember and do it everytime while preparing the Email Content. that will be more useful for us.


  • Hi Jan Matthes,

    Is any badi is available for the same purpose to add multiple personalised Parameter for Email content because it is very difficult for End user to remember this step and do it for every content they develop. if badi is there we can hard code it and system will automatically takecare while anybody click on link it will go and find target url at that time add parameter to the link.

  • Hi Vaibhav,

    my proposal would be to put the link parameters into the mail template. With this users can copy and paste it in every mail. To my knowledge there is no BADI.








  • Dear Jan,

    You claimed that

    "You can add a system generated outbound ID which uniquely identifies the interaction, campaign and contact. This can be used for tracking what a contact does after clicking the link".

    How can I do that IF I DO NOT HAVE Hybris Commerce?





    • Hi Cristina,

      I'm not the expert for digitial marketing and web analysis but in general I do not see any limitations to use any web analytics tool or commerce solution to analyze the outbound-ID which comes from a Hybris marketing mail (and also the other URL parameters).

      If you use the open interfaces that Hybris marketing offers you might retrieve detail contact information from Hybris Marketing and use it to enrich your web and conversion analysis.




    • Hi Cristina,

      the system generated outbound ID is a parameter that is added to the urls in emails that are being created with SAP Hybris Marketing. (see above Jan's screenshot, the box 'Append Outbound ID' in the email editor needs to be checked.)

      The parameter is named sap-outbound-id and can be fetched by any commerce or web tool. (Note that we might change the name of the parameter to soid since some web tools don't support parameters with '-', so check for soid or sap-outbound-id as parameter name).The parameter value is a 40 char string.

      You can add the parameter value to the session context of your webshop. This can be passed back to Hybris Marketing. See my answer to the question of Maris Sauka to learn how.

      Best regards


      • Hi Michael Rey,

        any news regarding flexibility sap-outbound-id as parameter?

        Because we would like to have some flexibility to change the name of the parameter - e.g. EXTID.

        We also tried to double check with the BAdI below

        MKT_INITIATIVE CUAN_CMSG_ADAPT_HYPERLINKS Adjust Hyperlink Parameters While Sending Emails

        But here it seems like the outbound-id is not available to copy it to a new name as this would also help for the problem.

        Thanks and regards


  • Adding to what Cristina already asked - how outbound ID can be used to track unique campaign id? We want a web shop to capture the campaign id in a session and send it back with a "CHECKOUT_SUCCESS" interaction. We cannot find a way how to get in a URL dynamically current campaign id. That can be received back.

    Is it covered in hybris marketing versions since 1611?




    • Hi Maris.

      to attribute interactions in the shop or on a web page with the campaign you can do the following:

      1. Fetch the outbound ID which is a parameter of urls in emails created by Hybris Marketing (see details in my reply above)
      2. when you create an interaction in Hybris Marketing fill the fields IdOrigin with the constant ‘SAP_TRACKING_ID’ and fill the Id with the value of the sap outbound id parameter. Then we internally add to the interaction the campaign information.



  • As said I'm not the technical expert but by using the interaction interfaces you should be able to query contact and campaign IDs. The Outbound-ID needs to be used as input to find the right interaction.


    • Thanks jan. But, how can I use the Outbound Id as input to find the right interactions?  When the user does "the click", the outbound Id is stored into CUAND_CE_IA_RT.SOURCE_OBJECT_ID. But then i do not see that that id is used in other parts. I could not execute a query in which I get shop checkout success and click through with the same source object id.

      • It is getting more technical so I might not be the right contact anymore. Nevertheless: Your webshop can create a "check out success" interaction in Hybris Marketing and the interaction can not only provide the reference to the products but also by which outbound-interaction or source object ID it has been triggered


  • Hi,

    Firstly, Jan thanks a lot for a great blog and many useful information.

    Secondly, I have a question about Prefill Contact Data and as I have read in SAP Integration Guide there are two possibility of Prefill Contact Data:

    1.  When we send the email with link to Landing Page with Outbound-ID. And this case is working fine for us
    2. “When a Web user who accesses a landing page is identified, it is possible to prefill data for the Input and Permission elements on the landing page. Selecting the Prefill Contact Data checkbox allows the landing page elements to be filled with data for the identified contact, which is maintained in the SAP Hybris Marketing system.” – this information is from SAP Integration Guide 1702. And with this we have problem. Can you please give me some tip how it works and how we can use this? I haven’t found any documentation for that.




    • Hi Jakub,

      we had a possible solution available in 1702. However we had to remove that solution because of severe security risks. Therefore you will not find a reference like this in the newer 1711 documentation. Here is the new quote:

      • Scenario A: the Web user is anonymous (unknown)

        In this scenario, the user can't be identified on the landing page.

      • Scenario B: the Web user has accessed the landing page via a tracking link in an email from SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud.

        Scenario B does not require any additional implementation effort. The landing page script performs the required actions autonomously. If the landing page is accessed via an email from SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, the link contains a tracking ID that is sent along with the data requests. This ID is used to identify the user that received the email.



      • Hi Arne,

        Thank’s a lot for information, because we were a little confused after reading the Integration Guide 1702 and the prefill Contact Data didn’t work in our Hybris Commerce. Now we know that we need to make some development to solved this.

        Jan, Arne thank’s a lot once again.