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Red Dot Award for SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics


“SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics – Integrated Business Intelligence” has just been awarded with the Red Dot Design Award 2016 in the discipline design concept.

SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics has been designed to make real-time business insights available to users in all domains and roles during their everyday work. It builds on the strengths of the ground-breaking SAP HANA in-memory technology, allowing enterprises to see and influence their business as it happens.

As the digital transformation continues, the potential for big data analysis is reaching new heights. Exploration of large datasets is becoming relevant for more and more domains. And within these domains we are seeing new user roles that are not served by traditional analytical tools. At the same time, new database technologies such as the SAP HANA in-memory database now allow users to explore large datasets in real time instead of running inflexible batch jobs overnight.

The SAP Fiori concept for integrated business analytics has been designed to unleash this valuable analytical information and to make real-time business insights available to users in all domains and roles during their everyday work. The design concept proposes subtly blending rich analytical information with role-based transactional applications. In this way, information visualization becomes an integral part of the application experience, making it much easier for users to make informed business decisions.

Precise and Intuitive


The Analytical List Page unifies intuitive and interactive data visualisation with line item reporting.

Today, users who want to get access to analytical information rely on the help of key users who prepare such visualizations with expert tools and make them available. This is cumbersome and time consuming. With SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics every user is in control of the data end-to-end, navigating from high-level aggregations down to the individual line item.

Even users without specific analytical expertise can benefit from intuitive information visualization that is still accurate and precise enough to meet the expectations of domain experts. Further levels of detail are accessible at any time in a consistent manner, leading from a high-level KPI down to a detailed multi-dimensional analysis.

Seamless Integration


KPIs can be embedded in different contexts using different sizes and different levels of detail.

Highly condensed aggregations and visualizations provide context that guides the user. To make such information available where it is needed, SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics foresees a continuum of visualizations on different level of detail ranging from a small ticker up to a full-page explanation of a KPI. Big data becomes tangible and accessible at a glance.

Insight to Action


The analytical information is aggregated in real time so that the user can always track down issues on the individual line item level and take action.

Instead of relying on processed and stored analytical data structures, SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics makes use of the real-time information that is available in the transactional systems. Any change in your business becomes visible whenever you need to see it to make the right decision. Users can drill down from highly aggregated visualizations to the specifics of an individual business event.

Traditional interactions are enriched by visual metaphors and visual controls, giving users a much more immediate experience as they explore the related data.

Instead of filtering the data using value helps and text-based filters the user can explore the data in an intuitive way using the visual filter that gives immediate feedback on the impact of a selection.



The best analysis is the one that the system does independently. Outliers and exceptions are identified using statistical methods and by learning patterns and appropriate actions are already suggested.

The system suggests suitable views on the data, making it easier for users to browse, and optimizing the way content is represented.  This means that business domain experts can focus on their field of expertise, and do not lose time finding and configuring the right visualisation.

Statistical methods can be used to identify deviations and exceptions. These are surfaced directly to the user, who can then take appropriate action. Bringing the user directly to the source of the incident bypasses long explorations and analyses across a variety of tools (often only possible today with the help of others).

The system analyzes and evaluates situations automatically, keeping users in the picture as they work to help them make the right decisions (for example, by providing rich notifications).

All Users

The SAP Fiori integrated business analytics concept brings analytical capabilities into the user’s digital workspace. It redefines how business users will work with high-end, professional analytics, empowering them to do a better job. Users get the information they need to understand the context and the impact of their actions without being confronted with all the complexity involved in selecting the right data sources.

The SAP Fiori integrated business analytics concept builds on the strengths of the ground-breaking SAP HANA in-memory technology, allowing enterprises to see and influence their business as it happens.


After the Red Dot Award for the SAP Fiori 2.0 in 2015, SAP has again received this prestigious award for a Fiori design concept: SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics.

  • The SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics concept targets to fully exploit the power SAP HANA to bring real-time analytics to every business user directly where he needs it: embedded in his daily work environment.
  • In addition to the powerful expert tools that SAP offers such as SAP Business Objects for Cloud, SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics is targeted to offer a low-threshold and easy-to-use but limited analytical approach that can be used by everyone.
  • We believe in the power of design to create visions that become reality and that can improve the life of our end users. With SAP Fiori 2.0 we have proven that we can execute and we deliver a first version of that concept together with S/4 HANA.

Our ambition is to do the same with SAP Fiori Embedded Analytics.

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      Author's profile photo Gavin Quinn
      Gavin Quinn

      Very cool!

      In nearly every one of my custom Fiori development projects we embed some form of visualization from the Fiori Viz libraries. It's great to see continued progress in this area, combining both analytical and transactional data into a single simplified view.

      Keep up the great work Kai & team.