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Change Reporting in ORD Advanced Reporting

I have been working with the analytics tool since before it was a SuccessFactors tool. One of the most common questions I receive from customers and on the SF Community site is how to do change reporting after they’ve upgraded to Advanced Reporting.  There is a delivered ‘Change Reporting Configuration’ option in Advanced Reporting, but you’re only able to report on one change field at a time. The benefit of the below method is that you can show as many changes as you want within one report.

Below is an example of a report showing the employment status and function changes.

  1. Start with Compensation table
  2. Select employee ID from compensation information
  3. Join to Global Job Information by clicking the arrow next to Compensation Information

  4. Add the effective start date to the report
  5. Select the Objects tab and click the blue edit table icon next to Global Job Information
  6. Click the duplicate table button in the top (this will be the old data)


  7. Create a custom column for days different. It will subtract the end date from global job info 2 table from the start date of the global job info table.


  8. Add the following filters:

    Days Difference = 1
    Employee Status is not equal to Employee Status 2 (use the field comparison tab to select employee status2)
    Function is not equal to Function 2 (use the field comparison tab to select function2)


  9. In date options, go to the overrides tab.
  10. Click Edit next to global job information
  11. Select ‘Show All’ from the date type drop down and then click set


  12. Repeat for global job information 2
  13. Create a custom column for the old and new values.

    If old value = new value then blank else old value
    If old value = new value then blank else new value/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/6_1029546.png/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/7_1029548.png

  14. View results and only the values that changed should be populated.


If you’d like to also show the data that didn’t change, you can stop at step 12 and then add your fields from Global Information 1 and 2.

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