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ECC Reservation generation from SRM Shopping Cart

The purpose of this blog is to explain in details which configuration is needed to generate ECC Reservations from SRM Shopping Carts in Classic Scenario.
Following these steps, ECC Reservation will be created after Shopping Cart approval in SRM.

  • Number Range configuration

As standard, RB document type for Reservation will be created in ECC when coming from an external system (SRM in this case). Therefore, in transaction SPRO -> Materials Management -> Inventory Management and Physical Inventory -> Number Assignment -> Define Number Assignment for Reservations, RB number range should be configured as External in ECC side.



Now, in SRM side, this same number range should be configured for object RS. This object is hardcoded and all Reservations will assume this number range.

In transaction SPRO -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Number Ranges -> SRM Server Number Ranges -> Define Number Ranges for Shopping Carts and Follow-on documents, RS number range should be configured.


External flag should not be marked in SRM.


  • Movement Type Configuration

ECC Reservations are dependent on a Movement Type. This one should be added at organization level in SRM side.
Therefore, in transaction PPOMA_BBP, attribute “Movmt Type” should be configured for the organization/user who is creating the SRM Shoppinng Cart.

Movement Type 221 is just an example for this case.


To get to know more information about Movement types, check the documentation available in ECC side, under transaction OLMB, Movement Types -> Copy, Change Movement Types.



  • Define Objects in Backend System

Now, follow-on document type definition should be customized in SRM. For a combination of purchasing group and product category, SRM should be configured to create an ECC Reservation.

In transaction SPRO -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Define Objects in Backend System (Purch. Reqs, Reservations, Purch. Orders) this customizing is done.


It is possible to configure that Reservation will be created if material stock is available in ECC side or if Reservation will always be created for materials submitted to Inventory Management.

In configuration below, Reservations will be created if product ID quantity is available in stock.


This is seen in transaction MMBE in ECC side.


After performing these steps, Reservations will be created in ECC from SRM Shopping Cart in Classic Scenario.

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      Author's profile photo Angela Kahiga
      Angela Kahiga

      Hi Ricardo,

      Thanks you for your helpful blog on config for creating ECC reservation from shopping cart.

      Currently, our reservations use the default cost center of the requester when creating the reservation (mvt type 201). This works ok.

      Now I have a business scenario where some end users would require to add Internal Orders in their shopping carts when creating reservations (mvt type 201). Please advise me on how to achieve this. Will appreciate your response. Thanks.