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Three Things You Should Know About SAP HANA in the Cloud

Every time I visit a customer, I am in awe of their stories about innovation, transformation, and opportunity. Healthcare organizations are pioneering medical treatments to increase survival rate from one of the leading causes of death. The world of sports is engaging fans, protecting the health of its athletes, and changing how the game is played by processing historical and real-time data with the ease and speed everyone demands. And even the second busiest port in the world is increasing capacity by 200% without expanding its physical footprint.

It’s clear that thousands of customers that are using SAP HANA software are evolving their people, processes, and products to answer the needs of our increasingly digital world. But more important, they are igniting changes that potentially improve lives, societies, and the entire world.

SAP HANA in the cloud

It’s well-documented that SAP HANA is a proven in-memory platform for next-generation applications and analytics. The platform processes transactions and advanced analytics on a single data copy and delivers real-time insights on live transactional data, self-service analytics, simplified IT landscape, and reduced administration. With SAP HANA, there is no disk latency and data duplication, unlike other disk based databases with in-memory options. And for many of our customers, all of these capabilities bring accelerated innovation, simplified application development, and less IT landscape complexity.

But many people don’t know . . .

SAP offers a broad range of choice when deploying SAP HANA

On-premise for maximum control
Cloud for fast time to value
Hybrid for greater flexibility and scale

There is no hardware lock-in. Rather, a tailored data-center model lets customers use existing hardware and infrastructure components – such as storage and network devices and processors – for your deployment of SAP HANA.

1. SAP HANA runs on a variety cloud models that bring great flexibility

The flexibility and variety we offer enable our customers to dictate the path to digital transformation that best matches their needs and vision.

• Private managed cloud
• Public cloud, pay-as-you-go model
• Public cloud infrastructure as a service
• Public cloud platform as a service

For example, the SAP HANA One is our pay-as-you-go cloud implementation service is available with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Alibaba. Plus, our customers can run SAP HANA and their applications on SAP HANA with their existing licenses on AWS with a choice of EC2 instances or Microsoft Azure clouds infrastructure services. In addition, with the “capture and replay” in hybrid mode of SAP HANA, you can test the impact of system changes in the cloud before committing upgrades on premise.

2. SAP HANA in the managed cloud brings simplicity, experience, optimization, innovation, and peace of mind

SAP HANA paves the way for a fully scalable and secure cloud offering. Through the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service, a managed services approach to a private cloud leverages SAP HANA to run core applications in the cloud. It offers elasticity, automation, and ease of administration expected from a cloud solution.

Simplicity driving quick deployment of SAP HANA in the cloud, on premise, and hybrid
Experience supporting over 1300 instances of SAP HANA
Optimization architected to support each customer’s landscape
Innovation delivering a platform for innovation
Peace of mind providing an integrated support model

Designed and built for vital operations, our customers no longer need to make tradeoffs among performance, integration, security, failover, and disaster recovery. SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud offers built-in operations and management capabilities that lead to faster implementation time. More important, it sets the foundation for mission-critical applications used for productive use or as a project accelerator.

3. SAP HANA – as one of the foundational component of SAP’s platform-as-services in the cloud – SAP HCP

SAP HANA Cloud Platform enables customers and partners to innovate in the cloud with SAP HANA. As an open and public platform as a service, the cloud platform empowers organizations to quickly build, extend, and integrate their apps and data to compete and prosper in the digital economy. It includes the in-memory data management and advanced data processing capabilities of SAP HANA to build more intelligent applications that provide insights across all your data – structured or unstructured – at unprecedented speed.
With SAP HANA Cloud Platform, businesses are now agile, personal, collaborative, mobile-enabled, and user-friendly – whether on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid of the two.

SAP HANA is available where you need it, the way you need it

SAP HANA is a modern in-memory platform designed to build next-generation high-performance applications that leverage Big Data, the Internet of Things, machine learning, and cognitive and natural language processing capabilities. Whether you choose to go on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA is available!

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      Great pointers on SAP HANA cloud deployment options!In the SAP realm, where we are already dealing with a complex application and a diverse delivery ecosystem spanning partnerships and developers to ensure a smooth deployment, migrating to HANA becomes an especially interesting proposition. As more and more companies look to transition from their traditional environment to Cloud , Few points that they ponder upon …Complexities and risk of migrating to Cloud without affecting the Application performance and the time for migration and more importantly , A solution provider that can support entire Application lifecycle and understand your business making these transition seamless.