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Asset Cutover process in sFin S4 Hana

Hi All,


Hope you people are doing great,I have jotted down the process of asset cut over assuming that prerequisites for asset upload are at place(All configuration for Asset in Sfin as there are many dicussion/document for the same).



Asset Cut over process has changed since inception of sFin S4 Hana.


Earlier we use to upload asset master data and take over value through AS91 and for posting any JV entry we use to use OASV.


Now in sFin S4 Hana the upload process has changed,OASV  T code has been removed from the system. In AS91 transaction type field has been removed.


A new T code has been introduced for uploading values for asset i.e ABLDT.


One can use AS91 to create asset master and then can use ABLDT for uploading the values of that asset only if there are few number of asset (which is not possible practically) and one cannot even make LSMW or BDC for the T code ABLDT so practically using AS91 and ABLDT is not possible in sFin.


For creation and uploading takeover values use BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVERTAKE_CREATE, this BAPI will create the asset master as well as upload the values simultaneously(Of course you need to take help of ABAPER for mapping the fields of BAPI and making a z Tcode for uploading the asset).


Please find the attached file of BAPI.(BAPI Aset previous year and BAPI asset current year),I have attached .txt format as .xls format is not supported,please copy and paste n excel for having better understanding of the BAPI file.


Now when you upload Asset (if company is going live in mid-year) then the accounting entries will be as follows. If company is going live in year-end then there is no problem as there will not be any ordinary depreciation.



Here all the entries are fine except that the ordinary depreciation is not hitting the expense account (5 series ordinary deprecation account).

For doing this you need to create a JV using F-02


The entry should go according to cost center level and entry will be.


Ordinary Dep A/C  dr (5 series GL)

To Upload A/c (9 series GL)



Hope this will be helpful for all.

Any Suggestions or Critics will be highly appreciated as this will help me to Improve in Future.



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  • Hi Ranu, As Sanil rightly said, New asset accounting really a grey area for many real-time consultants after S/4HANA Finance introduction. This document will throw more light on this area. Very information and useful. Keep sharing... BTW, I want to ask you one thing relating to NEW Asset Accounting as how you are dealing with different fiscal year variant in S/4 HANA Finance as we have this limitation that Non leading ledger fiscal year variant cannot be different with leading ledger fiscal year variant Regards Karthikeyan

    • Hi Karthikeyan,

      Thanks for your encouraging words.

      Well to be very frank I did not had this scenario(was lucky not to have 😉 ) but there is one note released by SAP I guess.

      SAP note 2220152 - Ledger approach and Asset Accounting (new): Non-calendar fiscal year variant for parallel valuation



  • Thanks for sharing the document... It will help a lot in HANA implementation but one thing i would like that why SAP has not allowed to get LSMW,BDC for ABLDT.. Don't you think it wierd thing?? D

  • Thanks Ranu for sharing the knowledge. It really helps every one.
    I have a question.  As per my understanding, Data migration to S/4 Hana is required only in cases of migrating from Non SAP to S/4 Hana. But from ECC to S/4 Hana, data base can be migrated using SLT by Basis team. Correct me if I am wrong.

  • Hi Ranu


    Thanks for sharing this updates on S4HANA relating to Asset Accounting.

    It is a big draw back /grey Area to all FI Consultant  on upgrade from ECC 6.0 to SAP-S4 HANA in AA point of view.

    Uploading of AA Master data /cut over values is very big confusion/difficult process to all (not like earlier AS91)...just  Live with it...


    • Hi Irala,


      Thanks for your kind words.

      Yes you are absolutely right as this is big grey area and we have to live with it. 🙂



  • Great work Ranu, i'm stuck on asset uploading for two days. and you have said it is done using the BAPI, but i can't find the attached .txt file, was it removed?

  • Good work Ranu ,it will be of great help to all those working in S4HANA projects.

    *** Just a minor correction , you have stated BAPI name as-


    Additionally we can also refer below notes pertains to asset legacy upload :-

    • 2208321
    • 2235848
    • 2331123


    Kind Regards,



  • Hello Ranu,

    Hello togheter,


    thx very much for your comments. actual i am trying to migrate datas trough LSMW and the mentioned "BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVERTAKE_CREATE" and it works fine. The only Problem is that i don´t know how to migrate the takeover values for more than one depreciation area simulataneously (there is only one target field). Can somebody help me ?


    Best regards




    Hi Ranu


    Thanks for your sharing .

    Do you know whether can  i transfer legacy data directly from a Microsoft Excel file into S/4 System? i search this article and fellow its step & structure

    but i meet some question without solving.I am not sure this t-code AS100 using normally in s/4,I expect  you to give me some suggestion as well as  using ‘BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE.'

    thank you a lot and hoping your reply.

  • Hi Ranu,


    I can't find the attached files of BAPI.(BAPI Aset previous year and BAPI asset current year).

    Could you please send them to me on my personal mail

    Thanks in advance,

    Randa Hassan

  • Hi Ranu

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge article.

    I am executing BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE and getting error message F5 611 "Acct determination for Additional accounts for Asset Accounting with keys not defined in ch/acts 1000 "

    Do you know why this error occurs ? I have done configuration as per note 2331123.

    Also what are settings required for IDoc in this process.






    Hi Ranu,


    I can’t find the attached files of BAPI.(BAPI Aset previous year and BAPI asset current year).

    Could you please send them to me on my personal mail

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Ranu,


    Very helpful information! I cannot see the attached document. Can somebody please send me these files :

    Thank you in advance


  • Hi Ranu,

    Thanks you so much for more useful and helpful information 🙂

    Please send me the txt and exl formats to my mail id which will be more helpful for me.



    Lakshmi Narayana



  • Hi Ranu,

    Thanks a lot for  sharing such a wonderful information about the asset migration process in S4 Hana.

    Could you share the text file for uploading in my mentioned mail id -

    I would also request the forum ,if any one has the file please share.




  • Hi Ranu,

    I am Using the BAPI as mentioned above but when we are mainatining values in Cumulative table  system is not updating the values.

    COuld you please send me the file of BAPI.(BAPI Aset previous year and BAPI asset current year) over my email ID please

    • Hi Abhay,

      When I created this document then I had attached the format files (BAPI Aset previous year and BAPI asset current year) in .xls and .txt but during migration of SCN from old version to new version the file got removed, so those two are names of files which I had attached.


      Hope it's clear now.




  • Hi Ranu,

    Really very useful your information on legacy asset upload  thank you very much

    Could you share the text/excel file for uploading in my mentioned mail id –


    Hi Ranu,

    Really very useful your information on legacy asset upload. Thank you very much for sharing the information

    Could you share the text/excel file for uploading in my mentioned mail id –



  • Hi Ranu,

    Thanks a lot for sharing information about the asset migration process in S4 HANA.

    Could you share the text files for uploading on my email id –



    Atif Amin


  • Hi Ranu,

    This is really helpful to understand how to upload asset value in S/4 Hana. Because im new in S/4 Hana. Btw, how can i find BAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE in SAP? and can you send to me the template to
    Thank you very much


  • Hi Ranu, thanks for sharing.

    My question is, is it correct that not to transfer the balance in 9 series GL to other account(s) if the company code is going live at the end of year.

    I know that 9 series GLs are off-balance-sheet items. But before S/4 version (e.g. ECC or R/3), the 9 series GL will not be hit during the asset data migration. Therefore no balance will be kept on the 9 series GL.

    But in S/4, it seems the balance in 9 series GL have to be remained and what we could do is just exclude 9 series GL from the statutory report.