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Secondary database connections in ABAP

The SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP can acces in addition to his primary database other databases. This is known as so-called secondary databases or secondary database connections. The technical steps in this section describe the setup and use of secondary database connection. Secondary connections play an importand role in the context of SAP HANA. Complex database queries with long runtimes can be outsorced into SAP HANA.

  • The basic requirement for setting up a socondary database connection is the installation of the appropriate Database Shared Library (DBSL) with the database driver, so in this case of SAP HANA DBSL with the SAP HANA client.
  • After that, new connections can be created in the Database Administrator Cockpit with the transaction DBACOCKPIT (or with transaction ST04).


  • After creating the secondary connection in the Database Cockpit data can be accessed and tested.
  • Secondary database connection can be accessed with Open SQL and native SQL.
    • In Open SQL it is possible with the addition CONNECTION in a SQL statement
    • In native SQL or in ADBC (ABAP Database Connectivity) the secondary database connection can be called during generating the Connection


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