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Part 8 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 (+ SPS03) : Install the Diagnostics Agent 7.45

Hello Friends,


You have SLD up and running now Document


Now its time to install SAP Diagnostic Agent and configure it with SLD and register it in SAP Solution Manager


Start SWPM and navigate to General Option >> Diagnostics in SAP Solution Manager >> Install – Diagnostics Agent with 7.45 Kernal


Note: Make sure you have kernal DVD available (You already have it at the time of SPS 03 upgrade)


Provide Media files as required for installation


Provide your SAP Solution Manager host name (Local Server name)


Provide Instance name


Make sure you select Local Domain as for users


Provide Instance number


SLD Destination : Select Register in Existing Central SLD and Use HTTPS



Provide SLD connection information



Connection to solution manager is also HTTPS


Provide hostname and port of your solution manager


Note: We previously configured P4SEC port : Adding in in SCS  profile

Note: Please remove username and password

Note: In some cases we found that HTTPS port on SLD is not working properly to push system data. Please change it to HTTP and see its working for you or not.

Wait till installation finish



Once installation complet open : JAVA https://host:port/smd/AgentAdmin


You will see one agent is waiting to be connected under Non-authanticates Agents


Go to Non-authanticates Agents TAB and first Update Agents



After update comnplete Trust Agents


Filally you will find 1 agent online as below

Note: For Diagnostics Agent and HA Support

Now next step to Configure SAP Solution Manager system


Please continue reading next blog


Thank you for reading


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  • Hi,

    Thank You for document.

    When I click trust agents I get an error which says  "Authentication mode set to certificate but certificate has not been generated."
    Please how do I resolve this issue?

    • Hi,

      You can find it under : Cross Scenario Configuration >> Mandatory Configuration >> Infrastructure Preparation >> Step 2.3 Diagnostics Agents Authentication


  • /
  • Yogesh, i mean if I typed it within the installation, but I want to change it after... I Find, and use smdsetup sldconf hostname:”mySLDhost.domain.corp port:Port> user:”SLDDSUSER pwd:”xxxxxx, but thanks anyway, I'll think there will be more questions later))!

    • Hello,

      Running that command you can register your DAA in to any SLD you want


      smdsetup sldconf hostname:”mySLDhost.domain.corp” port:”<SLD HTTP Port>” user:”SLDDSUSER” pwd:”xxxxxx”

      This is the only way to register DAA in multiple SLD or change user.




  • Hello, Yogesh.


    You know what is the SWPM you use? I have SWPM SP19, but the option "Install Diagnostic Agent with Kernel 7.45" is missing!


    Best regards and thank you so much



        • Hello,

          Please go through SAP note: 1365123 - Installation of Diagnostics Agents

          Read attachment : AgentInstallationStrategy.pdf

          For your answer : DAA 7.3 on NW 7.0




        Hello Yogesh,

        I have installed solution Manager 7.2 SP06


        when I am the step infrastructure preparation http connectivity


        ICM for External Access for Java I am not able to select the https.

        eventhough I have configured scs parameter for msport it is still not allowing.

        I have configured via parameter port for java scs 444$$ but it is not activating I have checked using telnet as well .

        In my case I tried registering the agent using  for the 444$$ port it is getting successful . but it is still activating the following service at the os level.

        in my case I am using self-signed certificate .


        2: second question : for sending to the CA authority do I need to send the system export pse file or server standard pse.for ABAP

        3: For JAVA do I need to import any certificate in ABAP system for Solution Manager is it required or not.

        3: pertaining to Root certificate do I need to import in ABAP and JAVA as well to make ssl works .

        can you please put some light on this issue.




  • Hi All,

    I have all Agents installed in my systems, but in "Agent Administration" they appear with status OFF. My SolMan is 7.2 with NW 7.4.

    Can anyone help?

    Best regards.
    Jerry Weiss


    • Hello Jerry,

      Did you connect them to SLD?

      Once you connect them to SLD perform host system configuration wizard




  • Hi Yogesh,

    Yes, I already connected to SLD. Sorry, but how to perform host system configuration wizard? In SolMan >  Mandatory Configuration?



  • Hello !

    I have follow the step by step but whem I try to update the diag agent I have an issue.

    The Diag agent entry disapear and I have this error :

    The diagnostic agent can no longer be updated automatically and will stop working. Install it again

    Can you help me ?

    Best Regards !


  • Hi Yogesh,


    My solution manager is 7.2 sp5 When I click trust agents I get an error which says  “Authentication mode set to certificate but certificate has not been generated.”
    Please how do I resolve this issue?

    Also its saying my root certificate is not configured.



  • Hi Yogesh,


    I finish the configuration of my Solman thank you for your guide step by step.

    Now I install the DAA on my managed system but I have an issue when I want to put the collect data of SLD.

    In my RZ70 the configuration is good :

    When I execute I have an error on RFC connection SLD_UC and in SM59 when I test :

    Thank you in advance !


        Hi Yosgesh,

        I already follow this note but same issue and my error on RFC isn't Error (Msg EGW                  748 not found) but Internal error, session terminated

        I have open a case on sap support but actually not yet resolve. If I find the solution, I will post it here.

        Best regards

        • Hello Johan,

          What if you follow SAP note : 1843782 - GW: Installation changes default from gw/acl_mode to 1

          Kindly share your reginfo file (Mask private data)




  • Hi Yogesh Patel

    I am using your blogs as guide to install SOLMAN 7.2 in Windows Server OS/Oracle12c/SWPMSP21/KERNEL745

    During installation of DiagnosticAgent, I have encountered the step where I will locate the file path of the following below

    I have entered the path to kernel-DBINDEP and got status of still missing


    Do you have any idea regarding my concern?


    Thank you.

  • Hello Yogesh,

    Thank you very much for your blog. In "Provide SLD connection information" section, you use the sld user "SLD_DS_<SID>". I don't find this user? Do we have to create it first? If yes,  what are the role type to define for this user ?

    Thank you for your help.


    • Hello Former Member

      Please create uses below.

      user: SLD_DS_<SID> role : SAP_SLD_DATA_SUPPLIER

      user :SLD_CL_<SID> role : SAP_SLD_CONFIGURATOR




  • Hello Yogesh,


    Thanks for detailed step, this helps greatly in configuration.

    I have an issue connecting Diagnostic agent to /smd/AgentAdmin.

    In the step connection information for the Diagnostic Agent, I haven't provide the user name and password, now after installation of agent, i saw it didn't visible under AgentAdmin, while checking the logs i found below issues:


    Mar 8, 2018 2:01:46 PM [Thread[Connector,5,main] ] Info [ms://<hostname>l:8114/P4] Checking server availability...
    Mar 8, 2018 2:01:46 PM [Thread[Connector,5,main] ] Error Could not create transientInitialContext with authentication: will now try again without authentication:

    javax.naming.NoPermissionException: Credentials not found, the configuration is empty.


    if i now try to connect via smdsetup managingconf hostname:"sapms://<>" port:"<81xx>" user:"SMD_AGT" pwd:"xxxxxx", i found that SMD_AGT doesn't yet exist on ABAP system.

    Note: i have not yet start the system preparation and other steps, following your blogs part wise.

    Landscape: Solution Manager 7.2 SP06, on Windows 2016, ASE DB.

    Host A - ABAP --> CI+DB

    Host B - ABAP --> App Server

    Host C - Java --> SCS+DB

    can you please help, how can i connect my agent at this step, wil this be OK to use SLD_DS_<SID>, user to connect agent as below command ?

    sapms://<>" port:"<81xx>" user:"SLD_DS_<SID>" pwd:"xxxxxx"


    Many Thanks in advance,





  • Hi Yogesh,


    I am bit confused on it, where i need to install diagnostic agent ?

    on a different host or on the same where solution manager AS ABAP AND AS JAVA  is installed.

    Please help me in this problem.



    • Hope documents below will helps to understand.


  • HI Yogesh,


    Thank you so much for you response,

    I dont have any AS JAVA manager system, I only have AS JAVA stack of solution manager both are on same host, do i still need to install and configure DAA on the host. please let me know same for Wily introscope? do i need to install and configure it? becauase i have only AS JAVA stack of Solution manager.

    I have only AS ABAP ECC  on HANA. so it mean i have to install the DAA on the host where ECC on hana is installed?


    Secondly, I am configuring Solution Manager for VAR support, do i need to configure Wily Introscope?



    • Hi  Faheem Shaikh,

      Yes, You need DAA on SAP solution manager. Wily can be installed on SolMan host. You need Wily for JAVA system EWA and monitoring. You need to specify willy as part of solman configuration. Yes you need DAA on your ECC server and connect to solman.


  • Hello Yogesh,

    I am installed 4 Diagnostic Agents via SWPM on different hosts.
    I see them in the agent administration in status connected (green). But when the configuration of the ABAP system in Managed System – Diagnostic Agents are not visible.
    But when the configuration of the host in Managed System – Diagnostic Agent are visible.
    System SAP Soluition Manager 7.2 SPS07 (HANA 2.0). Below is the maximum indicated all the screenshots from the SM.