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SAP Work Manager 6.4: Integrating Mobile, Cloud, Analytics, and More

How are new technologies consumed in your organization? If you’re like most companies, innovations are adopted in a predictable way. First you experiment with them, and then you integrate them into your regular operations.

This process has been occurring on a macro scale with mobile, cloud, and analytics technologies. In fact, IDC refers to the convergence of these innovations as the 3rd Platform, and predicts that through 2020, virtually all enterprise IT investments will be built on 3rd Platform solutions.

It should be no surprise, then, that SAP is taking a similar approach with the SAP Work Manager mobile app.

Designed to help asset-intensive enterprises handle complex maintenance issues, SAP Work Manager is a mobile application that lets technicians work more safely, independently, and productively. And in the latest release, 6.4, we’ve added a range of new capabilities that integrate cloud, analytics, and other innovative functionality — making the app even more useful to maintenance operations. We’ve also extended support for the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, till 2022, reflecting our commitment to SAP Work Manager.

While we continue to deliver enhancements to core capabilities such as master data and attachment support, the latest version of SAP Work Manager features these innovations:

Cloud deployment —SAP Work Manager will be ready for deployment on HANA Cloud Platform. As a result, organizations can choose to deploy SAP Work Manager in the cloud, leveraging the technology as an operational rather than a capital investment. SAP will provide access to a select number of customers to capture feedback and make improvements before the general-availability release.

UI5 Generic OpenUI — SAP Work Manager provides a UI5 Generic OpenUI control through the software development kit (SDK). This UI5 Generic OpenUI control will enable SAP customers and partners to develop additional functionality within SAP Work Manager, such as analytics, graphics, survey controls, and dynamic forms. The control will allow organizations to make better use of their Javascript developers and UI5 knowledge. Because the container will be available on all our supported operating systems, there’s no need for native developers with C# or Objective-C experience.

Java back-end logging improvements — Release 6.4 features more flexibility for Java back-end logging for troubleshooting. We’re reviewing and refining the log-level statements and providing significantly more flexibility to log at an individual business-object level. And we’re providing other features to allow organizations to isolate issues more easily. This functionality will also improve performance by lowering the amount of unnecessary data captured by verbose logging.

Inbound transaction queue — SAP Work Manager offers an inbound transaction queue, allowing users to upload all their inbound data into a queue instead of having to handle errors on the devices. New functionality lets users dump their data into an inbound queue that’s processed automatically. Any issues that occur can be handled manually by back-office staff.

Multiple-user support — Release 6.4 allows multiple users to share devices. This functionality will ensure that when a new user picks up the device, the application will process the existing transaction as the first user before logging in the second user.

Vehicle stock support — SAP Work Manager allows users to maintain truck stock if they typically work with a single truck. This will enable them to better track inventory and parts consumed across various jobs.

Going forward, we’re exploring integration with the Internet of Things (IoT), SAP Asset Intelligence Network, and SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service.

Finally, we’re looking for customers that would like to be early adopters of SAP Work Manager in the cloud. Customers that participate in the program will be among the earliest adopters of this software release — gaining access to the product months before general availability — and will gain the advantages of being a first mover in their industry.

Participants will also directly benefit from the dedicated efforts of the Early Adopter Care team, which will guide the coordinated support and priority attention provided through the program. Interested in participating? Find out more about the Early Adopter Care program  and enroll in the program (login required).

This is the current state of planning and may be changed by SAP at any time.

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  • Hi,


    Very interesting enhancements for developers.


    Regarding Inbound Transaction Management, will the object be locked in the device meaning that the user won't be able to do anything till someone in the backend unlocks it? That could be a bit problematic since sometimes you may not be able to issue a component (lack of stock) but you still want to keep processing operations for instance. That's what I understoo from Mark Pe comment in this discussion Re: SAP Work manager 6.4 features




    • Hi Marçal


      Taking the scenario of issuing a component using a work order, there are two locking configurations, one locking for the component itself and the other for locking the parent object i.e. the work order. When an issue transaction on a component is placed in the inbound queue, component is locked and parent object (i.e. the work order) is NOT locked on the device. This is the out of the box configuration. Locking on the component will not allow the user to reissue the component and the user can perform other transactions on the work order.


      You can configure further to lock the work order based on the configuration parameters using the tCode /n/syclo/configpanel.



  • Hi,


    As WM 6.4 can be downloaded, does this mean that the "UI5 Generic OpenUI" is also available? I don't find any info about this option. I've looked in the latest sdk version of SMP3, but only the native openUI options are described there.


    Can anyone give an update on this?




    • Hi Peter,


      Yes, the UI5 Generic OpenUI component is part of the apps SDK, not the SMP 3.0 SDK. This is where you will also find the GIS and VE integration components.




      • Hi Jill,


        Does this mean that UI5 component is only for Work Manager 6.4 but we can't create our own UI5 screens for any Agentry app even for apps from scratch?

  • Is there any change in ESRI GIS SDK support? WM 6.3 works well with ArcGIS 10.2.4 SDK for . NET. Is there a release note on which version of ArcGIS SDK is supported by WM 6.4?

  • Is there any guide available to start with UI5 Generic OpenUI? I know sample project is available with SDK, but a guide would be great help for the beginners.



    • Hi Sanjoy,


      Have you got any guide for UI5 Generic OpenUI, i am trying to configure demo app but didn't get java code for the same. Could i request you to please help me to setup demo app.



      Mohit Tyagi


    Hi Jill,

    I heard rumors about SAP Work Manager 6.5 being out soon. Can you please advise if there is a known general availability date? If not, what is the expected release in the roadmap?

    Thanks in advance