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From SAP Hybris Marketing On Premise release 1508 onwards, it is technically possible to connect custom service providers (e.g. for email, text messages, messengers etc.) by implementing a custom provider adapter.

We created a series of documents that describe how this can be achieved in detail using a concrete example for developers. We use SendGrid as an example as it offers the possibility to request a test account for free. Thus, everyone should be able to repeat the described steps here and learn by doing.

We have splitted this example into three different documents that deal with different aspects of the connection and an appendix that contains the complete coding:

  1. Sending Emails
  2. Collecting Bounces/Feedback
  3. Specific Integration related topics
  4. Appendix: Complete Example Adapter Implementation

Looking forward to your feedback in order to improve the documents and make it easier to for you to connect your Email Service Provider to SAP Hybris Marketing.

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  1. Christian Steinert

    Dear Frank

    Thank you for this very clear and very helpful description.

    As you write this approach cannot be used for the cloud version of hybris marketing because as far as I understood there is no way to add custom classes on the hybris server in that case.

    Is there any alternative extension interface that could be used in the cloud version for such example? For example, could offer a standardized rest-based interface to the cloud version of hybris marketing and in that way offer an interface to other external email providers?

    Thanks a lot


    1. Frank Wittig Post author

      Hello Christian,

      As of SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud 1608 we deliver an integration with AMAZON Simple Email Services and SAP Mobile Services for sending emails.

      Depending on your concrete scenario and requirements there are additional interfaces that may be used:

      • Open Channel Interface
      • External Campaigns Interface
      • CSV based file export

      You can find the details on the Help portal

      In case we add additional options, we will immediatly update this blog and the referenced documents.

      Best regards,


  2. Ahmad Alwadi

    Dear Frank,

    First, Can you please explain in more details how to add the Certificate Authority for the API endpoint in PSE system using STRUST. I used the certificate provided by GoDaddy, where it is the only document I found referring to this issue.

    Second, would you please explain how to redefine the Constructor method. I am trying to redefine. however, it always asks for an access key to edit in the superclass CL_CUAN_MKT_EXEC_EMAIL.

    Thanks in advanced,


    1. Frank Wittig Post author


      At least for testing purposes, I typically download the SSL certificate using a browser for endpoint You have to upload that in STRUST for the PSE that is referred to in the RFC destination in transaction SM59 under ‘Security Options’.

      Not sure, what piece of information is missing regarding he constructor here. In the appendix, the complete coding that I used is available
      Could you please provide more details?

      Best regards,


  3. Jerin Mathew

    Hi Frank,

    Thank you for the well written blog. I have a question, regarding interface method


    Do we have to manually override the method to send email packages from the target groups?


    1. Frank Wittig Post author


      If you only want to use another ESP, then you don not need to override this method. You just have to follow the steps described in this blog.

      If you would like to change/enhance additional logic during the campaign email execution then you can override this method and introduce for example additional checks or changes to the personalization.

      How to do this is described in the extensibility guide, chapter 7.4

      Best regards,


    1. Frank Wittig Post author


      As mentioned in the introduction, this blog is only about the on premise deployment.

      In the 1705 cloud version there is no integration of external ESPs beside AMAZON SES and SAP Mobile Services Intelligent Notifications supported. As soon as there is an integration of external email services also for the cloud version, we will add a dedicated blog.

      Best regards,



  4. Michael DiLillo


    Quick question doing some follow up for a client, does SAP integrate officially with any ESP or do all integrations require custom development work to connect API’s between the two in order to populate an ESPs database?




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