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Official ADS for Windows 10 & Delphi 10.1 Berlin?

Hi SAP Team,

     Feel free to correct any misconceptions I may have..


     I note in the SAP Roadmap reference to ADS 12.0 SPs having certification with Windows 10 and comparability with Delphi XE9 and future versions.

     D10.1 Berlin – ADS has been compatible with D10 Seattle for some time now and Joachim has published directions for getting the components installed into D10.1 Berlin (Thanks Joachim). 


     From my own experience it has generally only taken a $DEFINE VER131 update to make some of my components compatible with D10.1 from D10..


     Windows 10 – My view – As ADS 11 Server doesn’t run under Win 10 either, I have had to tell my Customers to stay on Win 7 until either ADS11 or 12 becomes Win 10 compatible.  Win10 has been out for a while now.  Win10 will, whether we like it or not, become the de-facto PC OS for small business Servers & Client PCs, and most developers will probably end up developing in a Win10 client environment.

     Can we have something a bit more definitive and meaningful for us as to when an official D101. Berlin version of ADS will be available, and, for our Customers, as to when the Server will be Win10 compatible?

Regards & TIA,


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  • Those are  issues that we have already identified and addressed with ADS engineering. Look for an upcoming service pack later this year or early next year for support to Windows 10 and Delphi 10.1 Berlin.

    • Hi Mirco,

      Thank you for the response.  At least we know something is happening...

      With all due respect, there are two unsettling aspects to your response..

      1.  Windows 10 compatibility - Win10 was officially released in Jul'15.  Given your indicated time table W10 is be more than 12, possibly 18 months old.  Does it really take that long to keep up with Microsoft?  It can be 'fudged' to run under Win 10 you know?

      2.  Delphi 10.1 & 10.1.1 - Come on, SAP can do better than that.  It has already been demonstrated how easy it is to 'fudge' '12 under D10.1 & 10.1.1, how hard can it be for a multi-national Corp like SAP?

      As a developer, I feel I have a responsibility to my Customers to keep my products abreast of the technologies that are being used, if not imposed, on them, in a timely manner.

      Combined, these two aspects above lead me to conclude that perhaps SAP doesn't want Advantage to be a viable product in the market and I should be looking elsewhere for my Customers going forward?



      • Hi Ian - thanks for your feedback.  I'm a member of the SAP Product Management team and ADS is one of the products in our portfolio.  We will continue to work with Engineering to emphasize the importance of providing this requested support in an upcoming SP.  When there is more news about this, we will be sure to post a comment in this forum. Best Regards, Mike Paola

        • Hi Mike,

          Mirco suggested "Look for an upcoming service pack later this year or early next year for support to Windows 10 and Delphi 10.1 Berlin.".  i.e. Later 2016 or early 2017.

          Did he in fact mean  late 207 or early 2018...?

          Your slip of '..maintenance mode..', even with your corrective statement, '..may..' is extremely disconcerting.  The 'plan' you refer to is dated 2014, hardly current.  I have one Pacific Customers operating on v 12 another about to go love.  I would have to have to tell them both that the Database I recommended is a dud...

          Can we get an Official SAP statement on the state and future of ADS please?



    • Hi Mirco,

      Are we any closer?  Windows 10 is almost 2 years old now...  Delphi 10.2 Tokyo has just been released.

      An update was promised for late 2016, early 2017 but there is no sign of anything I can see.

      I inquired via my my local ADS supplier who assure me they raised it with SAP early last week.  As of this evening they advise they have heard nothing from SAP.  Being a good SAP representative they assure me that ADS is not going away, it continues to be developed, super reliable and good value.   Where's the evidence???

      I am about to release a major ADS 12 App suite to a couple of clients on 1 May and I am a little insecure about being able to support it going forward.  Very reticent to tell them to purchase the ADS Server when they may be buying a lemon.

      Something tangible from SAP would give me some confidence I haven't invested in a lemon..



  • HI Mike,
    After the recent re-vamp I am having trouble finding any mention of Advantage Database as an SAP product.  Can you point me to the Advantage product web page please?



      Hi Ian - my understanding is that the new SAP community is all tag-based so there will be various pages related to "Advantage Database Server" vs a single landing page.  If you want to find discussion and documents from the old SCN, you can search them at:
      Specifically for ADS:
      Discussion Archive:
      Document Archive:
      Hope that helps.
      Regards, Mike

  • HI Mike,
    Thank you for the info.  I tried a search of the community based on Advantage Database Server and got nothing.


  • Hi Team,

    So, it is now 4 months later and still no more/additional information about ADS.

    What is happening to the product?

    Is it supported?

    Where is the mooted update for D10 Berlin & Win 10?

    Does anybody care?

    I wonder if the original NGs can be reopened purely as a Peer Support option only?  It would give all us users can have a central point of contact/support among ourselves,

    I was going to say Customers but I'm not sure there is a product to be a Customer of anymore.  🙁