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How to create planned orders/purchase requisitions/production orders directly when sales orders are created without running MRP

Sometimes, it is required in business that the planned orders/purchase requisitions/production orders can be created in transaction code VA01 directly when sales orders are created without running MRP for the sales orders. This can be realized through one of the solutions below.

Solution 1: Automatic planning


A purchase requisition is created for sales order 14086/10 when that is created. To make it happen this way, need to know the requirement type of it. It can be seen in VA03 below.


The requirement type is KE, run customization transaction code OVZH.


The field ‘Automatic plnng’ makes the MRP is run automatically for the sales order only to create a purchase requisition. The MRP is called in VA01 internally and the MRP parameters like the ‘Creation Indicator’ are fixed in the source codes, please see note 162961 for more information. The creation indicator used is 2 (Purchase requisitions in opening period), so a planned order might be created instead of purchase requisition if the release date of procurement proposal is not in the opening period.

Solution 2: Assembly To Order


To make it happen, value 4 is in the field ‘Assembly Type’ of transaction code OVZG as below. The field also have other values to create production orders.


Solution 3: Purchase requisition with delivery scheduling

A purchase requisition can be created directly by the customization of schedule line category. In the transaction code MD04 below, a purchase requisition is created for sales order 14089/10, this doesn’t participate the MRP calculation.


To make it happen, need to identify the schedule line category of the sales order, go to the transaction code VA03 to check the schedule line category as below, it’s CP.


Go to customization transaction code VOV6 for CP, select the field ‘P.req.del.sched’ and maintain the fields ‘Order Tyep’/Item Category’/Acct Assgt Cat’ for the purchase requistion to be created, deselect the fiedls ‘Req./Assembly’/Avaialbility as it doesn’t join the MRP. Sales order creation can therefore create a purchase requisition.


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      Author's profile photo Amol Datir
      Amol Datir

      HI Leon Shen,


      Really nice document, thanks for your effort.



      Amol S Datir

      Author's profile photo Aditya S
      Aditya S

      Hi Leon Shen,


      Thanks for the details. If suppose we have an Assembly C, which is having A and B as components ( A is ROH and B is HALB). If Production Order is created for C with reference to Sales order directly, does the dependent requirements generated for A and B are also refer to Sales Order .? If yes, what strategy we need to maintain for A,B and C.


      Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

      Author's profile photo Leon Shen
      Leon Shen
      Blog Post Author



      You just need to go through the solution 2, so the dependent requirements of A and B can be created and they also refer to the sales order, as the production order and the sales order has 1 to 1 connection tightly. I don't see the necessity to enter any strategy in the material master in this case.


      Leon Shen.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Leon,

      In case of individual  PO scenario, I have to two line item in my sales order with same item category but different schedule line category. I want to create two different PR for each of the SO items but standard SAP creates only one PR for both SO line items. Do you know how to achieve this requirement ?


      Chirag Shah