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COEBR: Common error trouble shooting

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If you are using PP-PI in your business process, then you may also use COEBR to archive batch record and you may get various errors during the process.

Let’s see what’s the common way to deal with the most common problems within COEBR.

1. EBR519: System error while archiving “PI sheet” document.


    There are 3 possible reasons for this error:

    a. The MAXDB log is already 100%. You need to reset it.

    b. A missing archive system. In order to use Archive Link, you would need to use an Archive System. You can also use SAP Database as an archive system, however SAP database is not recommended for storing large amounts of data. There are two types of Content Servers that you can use, a third party content server or SAP HTTP content server. You can also create an ECC database content server or RFC content Server also.

    c. A missing authorizations from the external content server. It means an unauthorized error in the response headers from the external content server. This happens when you try to create/store a document in to the content server. You can send the certificate from ECC system to content server using the transaction OAC0, select the content repository and then click on Send certificate button. Then check if you still face the issue. If so, you have to get in touch with your archive vendor.

2. EBR503: Process order **** does not have status “Batch record archived” (BRAR).

    EBR504: Inspection lot **** does not have status “Batch record archived” (BRAR).


    Try to find batch record in table MCHP, then use EBRID to find entries in table MCHPVS, and use OBJECT_ID to find entries in table TOA01. Compare the entries between table MCHPVS and TOA01, if there are entries in table MCHPVS but no corresponding entries in table TOA01, then use correction report ZEBR_MCHPVS_RESET from SAP note 766724 to reset the MCHPVS entries. After this, run COEBR to archive the batch record again.

3. You can’t carry out the batch record process at all in COEBR.


    Check if the indicator “Batch Record Required” is set in order type parameter in COR4.

    Make sure the order is TECO or CLSD and has status BRRQ.

    If it also relates to inspection lot, then make sure the inspection lot has status BRRQ, ICCO and LOLK.

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