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TechED 2016 – Here we come…

There is quite a lot of excitement in the air – less than a week to the grand opening of the yearly SAP conference in Las Vegas.  It is always exciting to see where SAP steers its gigantic ship – technologically speaking.  Even more – whether old good technologies like ASE are left behind or taken aboard and rehauled.  For me, in particular, 2016 event is fraught with a high load of expectations.  It is for the first time that I will be able to come literally face to face with people that drive the ship forward – both to express my collective concerns and to hear what is there stored for us in the near future.  ASE had its ups and downs.  Yet, I am still reluctant to sign it off as a technology incapable of facing the winds of change.  It’s also funny that the blog post like this (Re: SAP ASE future after S/4 HANA?) infiltrate themselves into the ASE for Custom Applications arena.  Hm…

…to be continued


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  • > a high load of expectations

    What expectations do you have ?

    Looking at their agenda for TechED, I can't see any mention of ASE in their "Hot Topics".

    HANA gets a mention in Big Data, Cloud, Internet of Things, Security and then there are 2 Hot Topics for HANA themselves.

    Under "Session Types", HANA gets a mention under "Technology, Strategy and Innovations", "Development and Extension Platform for HANA", "Cloud Integration

    ASE gets a mention in "Data Management and Modelling" but only as an aside after 3 mentions of HANA.

    On the "Strategy Talks", we have "Secure Digital Transformation", "HANA Cloud Platform", "HANA Platform : Makgin Business Faster, Simpler, Smarter", "Digital Transformation" by GHead of Product management for HANA Cloud Integration

    No mention of ASE - I'm a little confused why SAP bought Sybase ?

    If they wanted to migrate people off ASE to HANA why don't they make some tools to enable that ?

    • Mike, I perfectly understand your sentiments.  However uncomfortable it is we have to remember that SAP is focused on its application portfolio in the first place with its database portfolio coming much later.  HANA indeed takes most of the focus - not as a stand-alone DBMS system but as a platform on which to run SAP application portfolio real-time.  I am excited primarily because I will be able to meet and talk to people that make a difference not because I will wash my ears in rich ASE language...

      As Carina pointed out - there is a day full of content dedicated to ex-Sybase portfolio - which is not bad at all.  However, in my opinion the way it is presented misses its marketing opportunity.  Had it been dispersed and spread across the 4 days on the same basis as, say, sessions on Hana are the effect would be less frustration among ASE professionals.  In the current format existence of the pre-conference is mostly ignored and all ASE folks see is 3 and a half sessions on ASE vs hundreds replays on the other products.

      • As I'm not aiming to go to this perhaps you could ask what is the RoadMap for ASE (if there is one)

        Are they going to make it the best platform for developers - so it becomes the cheapest to deliver complex applications. If so how will T-SQL evolve ? We'd need a lot more developer functions, string manipulation, loop constructs, etc (cf Postgres)

        Are they going to make it a great platform for temporal data - including time-range columns ?

        Are they going to make it a great platform for financial market (mixed OLTP/DSS) ?

        Are they going to make it the most cost effective platform ? Will features like compression, imdb become standard rather than extra costs ?

        All I've seen in recent announcements are about making it faster - personally I can achieve faster by buying a faster machine ?