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SAP HCI & MuleSoft: A tech review…

Dear experts,

It is a pleasure to share another great advanture as my last posts with SAP HCI but now working in parallel with Mulesoft, where the experiences and lessons learned as i did in another post with BonitaSoft are documented below just as a point of view after years of experience documented in other posts with middlewares as SAP Process Integration / PO:


1.- We are going to build a common / easy iFlow to connect between SOAP connectors where the receiver is going to get connection with the next service geo.asmx sharing all the components that we will be obtained at the end are:



3.- The configuration for the sender and SOAP sender via HTTPS is:


@Remember to use your certificate, that i showed how to use in SAP HCI




@In order to control the flow and metadata we are going to assign WSDL in the sender, too…


4.- The configuration for the receiver and SOAP receiver via HTTP is:





@The wsdl that is going to be set is:


5.- The results of the deployment was without errors (instead of eclipse, you can use HCP / HCI web portal):


6.- The WSDL viewed from HCI is:


7.- The result of the execution was:


SAP Mulesoft Flow:

1.- We are going to build a project proposal from another article, but here is going to be simplified in the logic that will be used in this post:


@ You can follow the next main reference to build this scenario via YOUTUBE and use all the SCRIPTS but the recomendation is just to implement the first Flow because the second for us will be not needed…


@For this configuration you can follow the next LINK:


4.- As i said, you just need to implement the first of the flows, so i share you the main components implemented:



5.- The results of deployment as we did from HCI has the next vision but in this case the cloud is called CloudHub (Anypoint Platform):



6.- The WSDL is:


7.- The result of the execution is:



As a point of view after days working with another integrations with HCI and MuleSoft, i can say things that cannot apply to others so you must to be careful about how you consider my personal and limited opinions:

  1. About beginning experience: the process to learn MuleSoft was more complex than HCI, because after not been an expert in this technology, there are more componentes available and even the logic is more focused on “Service vision” than standards like BPM in “visualization focus”; this could show that you can consider more flexibility to contamplate more deagregate functionality,
  2. About Building: I can see more componentes in MuleSoft but even a focus to still developing more in deep than SAP HCI proposal (where maybe in a deep comparision we could find similarities delivery in different ways as how sacrify quicly development vs functionality or adaptability?)… Even for HCI you can develope in clear 4 pilars and using the cloud or eclipse tools instead of MuleSoft where you need to install their own tool and after construction you deploy from their tool (in this case using CloudHub) as HCI even works,
  3. About execution: working with MuleSoft was complicated to get a web service in another easy way, with different wsdl message errors for some logic followed via different blog posts (that i maybe implemented with mistakes), and that complicated the integration with SAP HCI in an easy way… But as advantage we can see a big difference in adapters used to get connectivity to other on-premise or cloud servers,
  4. About Monitoring: we can identify the review focus instead of statistical point of view, sharing the logs vision…
  5. You can add more points:We will have more point of views from other experts, so each one can find more tips or can refuse the points shared…


@For HCI you can follow my lasts articles and others, where you will find more important references (from another experts) to begin with HCI:


b) BonitaSoft

@For MuleSoft:

a) Main code:

b) Youtube tutorial:

c) Ports configuration:

d) Hellow CloudHub: Hello World on CloudHub // MuleSoft Documentation

e) Deployment:

f) Consuming SOAP WSDL-First Service: Consuming SOAP WSDL-First Service « Mule School

g) Web Service Consumer: Web Service Consumer // MuleSoft Documentation

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Azael,

      Nice tutorial! Let's keep our fingers crossed that this works. I'm on day 3 of uptime. I would like to put this all to rest.

      I’m an Oracle SOA developer, new to MuleSoft, can u please advise me how to learn and any documentation. Can you please explain diffidence bitten MuleSoft with Oracle fusion middle ware according to MuleSoft <a href="">Tutorials</a>.

      I am working on file adapter; my use case is read file from one location and write into another location can you please explain how I can approach this use case in MuleSoft.

      Do you have any YouTube videos, I would like to watch them? I would like to connect you on LinkedIn, great to have experts like you in my connection (In case, if you don’t have any issues).

      Please keep providing such valuable information.