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Hello Friends,

You have successfuly applied SPS03 corrections

Download Wily from service market place

To download the third party external component package files:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the following files from the subdirectory introscope_10.1.0.0

– eula.txt


Extract WILY INTROSCOPE ENTPR MGR 10.1. SAR file and copy eula.txt and in to same folder

Change file for your installation path

edit ca-eula.txt

edit eula.txt

Run introscope10.1.0.15windowsAMD64SAP.exe

Wait till process run completes

Check log for Wily installation log


Example : E:\usr\sap\ccms\apmintroscope\install\ Introscope_10.1.0.15_InstallLog.log

Stop wily service “IScopeEM”

Extract Wily Management Module

Paste Management modules folder in to WILY installation folder

Start wily service “IScopeEM”

Check http://fqdn:8081/sapdashboard/

Users and its password

Admin – Admin89

Guest – guest12

Your Wily is installed successfully

Your Wily is configured successfully

Now next step is to configure SLD

Continue reading my next blog for system configuration

Thnak you for reading


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  1. Alex Du

    Hi Yogesh,

    Thank you very much for your blogs. The solution manager installation blogs help me so much.

    Many thanks.




  2. Joshua Lacroix

    Great Blog! I upgraded from 7.1 to 7.2 and now will carry out the Wily upgrade. However what I have found is that no upgrade exists per say, you uninstall and reinstall then copy over manually files required. If anyone is in the same boat, here are some information sources. oss# 2285189, oss#797147, and Setup guide for Introscope SAP End User Edition -> SAP Components -> SAP Solution Manager -> Release 7.1|7.2 -> Additional Guides – Introscope -> Introscope Setup

  3. Reza Ejersbo

    Dear Yogesh,

    I have done this installation and

    hen I start MS_workcenter-> Root Cause Analysis-> CA Interscop from solution manager I get this massage:

    Introscope Starter from
    No Enterprise Manager found

    All configured Enterprise Managers are offline – check configuration.


    Thanks for any help





  4. Reza Ejersbo


    Thanks again for reply Yogesh,


    We have install SP05 for 7.20 solution manager.


    I had install Wily and I can check it by http://servernamne.8081/sapdashboard/.

    The wily service “IScopeEM” is runung.

    When I try to login on java side: by http://server_namel:50000/smd/AgentAdmin on:

    Agent Administration. There is no agent connected.


    My question is do we need to use port P4S on java side.

    Solution manger and Wily is install on the same server.






    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      Hello Reza,

      If you configure your solution manager with HTTPS make sure you configured at both side (ABAP and JAVA)

      Thank you


  5. Former Member

    Hello Yogesh,

    I have a question please..

    We have installed our new Solution Manager 7.20 on 2 different hosts. One host for ABAP and the other host for JAVA. On which host should I install the Wily Introscope?




    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      I would suggest to keep it with Java instance. Why I am suggesting this is because Solman Java is not highly utilized instance in solman.

      On other side putting wily and java can cause memory issue. Make sure you have enough memory on java server.

      Thank you



  6. Said Shepl

    Hello Yogesh,

    Thanks about this blog, it’s so valuable.

    We are upgrade our solman from 7.1 SP14 to 7.2 SP05 dual (ABAP+JAVA) without spliting

    we are configure wily introscope as predefined and it’s successfully, but when we try to logon to  http://server name.8081/sapdashboard

    we didn’t received any thing.


    Said Shepl


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