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Part 4 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 (+ SPS03) : New Client, Profile Parameters & UME

Hello Friend,

You have your SAP Solution Manager ready for next step. You successfully upgraded your system following document

Now its time to make system ready for New Client, Profile Parameters & UME

Solution Manager Client

Note: As per SAP you do not require to create new client in SAP Solution Manager unless you have special requirements. You can continue configuring your system with SAP default client 001. I have show you below for an example. You can skip if you working with default clinet 001 to step : ABAP Profile Parameters

In my example I have SAP Solution Manager client 300

Your client is ready for next step.

For more information follow link

Copy SAPSSLS.pse and ticket file from java instance and paste in to SCS instance sec directory

SAP Help links

Open SSL login to to NWA

You will be seen as below

Configure pors as below


Login to NWA and open Configuration >> Infrastructure >> Destinations

UME configuration completed.

SAP Roles

Create Java role

1776467 – Step ‘Maintain Users’ shows error ‘User <user_name> is not allowed to perform this request. Check SAP Note 1647157’

1647157 – How to Set up Access to the SPML Service on AS Java

Assign this role to J2EE_ADMIN user

Restart SAP systems (ABAP + JAVA)

You will see access points as below for your system

Now you have system ready for  SAP Support Pack correction Notes 03 SPS

Thank you for reading


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  • Hi Yogesh

    Great to see you share experience on SAP Solution Manager 7.2. I do hope readers still also reflect on what they are doing and why. Things like SAP notes get updated etc so the actual content that is linked in your blog posts might change or shift over time. Besides that, happy to see community members share knowledge so openly.

    SAP provides client 001 in SAP Solution Manager as a productive client. There is no real need (except if you've got some specific reasons for it) to copy the 001 client. This is described in the master guide which is linked on Not copying the client also means less configuration or adjustments that need to be done.

    Best regards


  • hello yogesh
    I am getting an error sap memory request 4064 bytes could not be com! I have applied the parameter you have suggested above. can you please advise. I am stuck here now,. 

  • Hello Abhi,

    Can you please give me entire error message? I can take a look in to it.

    I did not change memory parameters which already more than suggested by SAP note. I only adjusted the one who are not meeting requirement as per SAP note.


  • Hi Yogesh Patel

    Your guide has been very clarified to me and I want to thank you for made it available to the community!. I have one question about the SSL access point, When I added the 50221 HTTPS port, it doesn't activate like the IIOPSEC or P4SEC. What should I check to activate it?.

  • Hi Yogesh, I can load the webgui without problems, in both http and https, the thing is this page https://fullhostname:50001/sap/public/myssocntl?sap-client=001 its blank and not redirect to the solman_setup site. I have the icm parameter setup with the FQDN name and my host was edited with the full name too, but nothing happens in https,

  • Hi Yogesh, solved my problem, I just imported the SSL certificate from the abap stack to the system and now IP opens solman_setup in HTTPS. Thank you very much for your replies!.

  • Getting shortdump when using snote to loading 0002225070 SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Package 03 - Basic function
    Category               Resource Shortage
    Runtime Errors         SYSTEM_NO_ROLL
    the memory request for 4064 bytes could not be complied with.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi Yogesh,

    Thanks for this wonderful document. It really helped me during the Solman 7.2 Installation.

    Now, I am stuck at an issue. Solman_setup redirects to .  After entering solman_setup transaction the third time, it redirects to solman configuration page.


    Could you please suggest any solution.




    • Hello Dona,

      Run TCode once and keep first open page and do not close it. Once again run TCode and see the results on second run.

      Let me know if you are still not able to open page.




  • Hello, Yogesh!

    I want to ask one question regarding the parameters of icm/server_port_xx

    I have set the three parameters of icm/server_port_0 , 1 , 2 but I did not set the parameters you have put up there of ssl/client and ms/server

    are these two are essential? Why it is not included in the SAP note of profile parameters...


  • Hello, Yogesh!

    If i am fine with proceeding on http not https, i will not SSL certificate right?

    but still, I cannot go to link even on http...

    Where should I check?

  • Hi Yogesh,

    Thanks for this wondeful document.

    How to determine the port number for P4SEC and IIOPSEC. Is there a standard number?

    for HTTP..I am giving 5xx01

    what can I give for P4SEC and IIOPSEC ?

    Thanks in advance