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Part 3 : SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1 (+ SPS03) : [i] Support Pack Stack 03 Installation

Hello Friends,


Now you have SAP Solution Manager 7.2 system up and running with SPS02





Before we configure this system we like to upgrade this system with Support Pack stack 03

SAP Note: 2328482 – Solution Manager 7.2 SP Stack 03: recommended corrections

In order to perform this upgrade we need to push system data in to SLD

Note: In my case I had maintenance optimizer available thats why I was able to upgrade system directly pushing data to SLD.

Basic JAVA system Configuration


First you need to make sure that you are able to login to JAVA NWA


SAP Note: 1451753 – Filtering of administration requests for AS Java


Change \usr\sap\SXJ\SYS\global\security\data\icm_filter_rules to allow access JAVA system


Restart JAVA instance


Now you will be able to login to NWA


Note: Login to JAVA and create SLD_DataSupplier Destination for your SLD to push JAVA system data in your existing SLD



SAP License


Apply SAP license for ABAP and JAVA system on SAP service Market Place

Install license to both systems (ABAP + JAVA)




Register ABAP system’s Central Instance in SLD

SAP note: 1419603 – Missing ABAP SAP Central Services (ASCS) instance in SLD/LMDB

Run sldreg command longin to server using <sidadm> user in ‘global’ directory


Note : Restart Service of Central Instance through MMC on server and you will see Central Service Instance created in SLD


Run RZ70 on ABAP to register system in SLD


Register System in SLD (Existing SLD if you have any where you have SAP Solution Manager Connected and LMDB configured)

Note: If you do not have LMDB configured you need to configure your SAP Solution Manager without installaing SPS03 and perform rest of the steps from ‘ABAP LMDB Push’


Maintenance Planner System Data


Once your system data populated in LMDB register both systems in Maintenance Planner performing following steps

ABAP Upload to SAP Support portal


Login to LMDB administration through SAP transaction code LMDB in your solution Manager and search for ABAP system



Press Upload to SAP Support portal button going in to SAP Support portal TAB






JAVA system Upload to SAP Support portal


Login to LMDB administration through SAP transaction code LMDB in your solution Manager and search for Java system





STACK Creation


Create Stack files for both systems


ABAP Stack



Select Support Pack stack 03


Make sure select UI 7.50


Select Stack Independent files



JAVA Stack



Select Support Pack Stack 03


Select OS/DB files


Select Stack dependent and Independent files


Note: Add patchs for your JAVA system as per SAP note : 2328482 – Solution Manager 7.2 SP Stack 03: recommended corrections


Download stack XML files and Installation files


Once you have it all files ready move on to SUM process


Thank you for reading


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  • Hi Yogesh

    Decent blog post, basic steps but they will be useful for community members so thanks for sharing.

    To make it even better, you might want to add some more details or sources here and there, like why they need to select SAP_UI 750. The reason why I say this is that some sources say SAP_UI 740 and other sources say SAP_UI 750 so people can get confused around this.

    The SAP note "further upgrade information for SAP Solution Manager 7.2" provides the reason why SAP_UI 750 is correct but some page(s) are not up to date yet it seems (Fiori for SAP Solution Manager) and say SAP_UI 740 is the only compatible version.

    Keep going.


    • Hello Tom,

      Thank you for taking time and going through documents.

      I have mention SAP note :2328482 - Solution Manager 7.2 SP Stack 03: recommended corrections

      Which is talking about why do you need SAP_UI 750 (As below)

      For updating to this SP Stack manual activity is required in Maintenance Planner. Without this manual activity the update will not succeed:

      Implementing this SP Stack comes along with an upgrade of software component SAP_UI 740 to release 750, support package level 3. For implementing this SP Stack you need to create a Stack XML in Maintenace Planner with this SP Stack as target configuration and with manual selection of SAP_UI 750. The manual selection of SAP_UI 750 would be done in Maintenance Planner step Select Files this way: you expand node Alternative Selection and directly underneath node SAP_UI as well, then you select SAP_UI 750 (even in case SAP_UI 740 would be recommended by Maintenance Planner). This Stack XML needs to be uploaded into transactoin SAINT with which this SP Stack can be then imported.In case you want to implement this SP Stack together with older SP Stacks at the same time, you also need to check the release information notes for such older SP Stacks (see Master Release Information Note 1595736 for an overview on such older release information notes).

      Thank you


  • Hello mr Yogesh

    Before starting your installation, have you performed the Prerequisite Check?

    Is the prerequisite check essential or if I have installed the os patches i can skip the prerequisite check?

    Thank You

  • Hi Yogesh,


    This is vishnu and I have been following your blog to install the solution manager 7.2 and upgrade it to sps04.

    Exactly I completed the 7.2 sps02 that had come with the initial installation.  Now exactly following your blog, I am in part 3 and have taken up the upgrade from sps02 to sps04.  I have registered the abap and java stacks in the SLD and from there I have pushed the data to support portal to create the stack.xml file for the upgrade, but to my surprise when I go ahead with the generation instead of getting support package upgrade option I am getting "install or maintain an addon".

    Please advise as I am struck up in the middle.


    Vishnu Muddasani

  • Dear Yogesh,


    Please find attached the MP screenshot where I could not find any option to update the solman 7.2 sps02 to sps04



    • You selected install maintain addins

      There must be other radio button at bottom of screen

      Please scroll down and send me screenshot



  • Dear Yogesh,


    There is no thing to scroll down, but anyways I am sending another screenshot.  Please check:

    I believe that I am clear now.  Not only this thing but I tried to create a new transaction for planning a new system installation, but still I do not get the solution manager 7.2 option in the maintenance planner.  Please find below the screenshot related to that also below:

    Please help me out at the earliest possible for which I would be ever grateful.


    Thanks & Regards....



    • Hello Vishnu,

      Please read SAP note: 2287046 - How to Generate the System Info XML for Maintenance Planner upload

      Send system XML to SAP and once they upload in to there try again



  • Hi Yogesh,


    Thanks for your quick response.  But the thing is that the note which you have specified holds good only for customers who do not have connection to SAP Backbone systems through a solution manager whereas we already have a solution manager 7.1 SP05 and it is a very old one that has an outdated OS and database oracle 10g and hence we are in the process of installing a fresh version of the solman 7.2 as there is no much data in the old one and so we did not choose the upgrade but rather are going in for a fresh installation.

    We have already pushed the system data for the new solman both abap & java stacks into the Maintenance Planner through the LMDB  of our old solution manager and after I was facing the issue that we are not getting any option for upgrade of the initial sp02 to sps04.

    Please let us know whether you still want us to go ahead and follow the note and proceed as per the note.

    Thanks & Regards....



    • Hello Vishnu,


      You have 2 options

      Remove system from SAP and once you remove it run rz70 in an an and send data to SLD  once it is updated wait for 30 min and push data from LMDB to SAP



      Follow SAP note





  • Hi Yogesh,


    The problem got resolved with the SAP support.  Thanks for your support.


    Thanks & Regards...

    Vishnu Muddasani

  • Hi Yogesh,


    I Have installed solman 7.2 SPS02 , Now i need to update it to SPS05 . can we do the SLD and LMDB configuration directly after the upgrade?

    • Very good question... I have done it before upgrade to SP05

      IO think you have to configure solman to push data in Maintenance planner to download SPS


  • Hi Yogesh,


    Do you suggest to set the JAVA stack as a "sidecar" or a "hub" for the ABAP stack in the LMDB before running the Maintenance Planner for each stack separately?




  • Hi Yogesh,

    Good Day!

    In sldreg -configure slddest.cfg -usekeyfile I have fill up the username, password, serverhost, port, https/proxy.

    I'm a little confused what should i enter in PORT. Should I just select port randomly or use 3200 or 3601 or 3901.

    Please guide me.

    Thank you!

        • I have a question after I restarted our abap instance through MMC and checked it in CIM instances.

          It seems that our central service instance for abap is not created instead it was java instance, please see below. ( correct me if i were wrong this central service instance java was created before my abap sld registration? )

          SPA = ABAP

          SPJ = JAVA

          I tried to filter it too but I got only 1 result.


          • You need to follow same note for ABAP system

            SAP note: 1419603 – Missing ABAP SAP Central Services (ASCS) instance in SLD/LMDB


          • Hi,

            Thanks for your immediate response.

            It works after running these standard jobs,



            I appreciate your replies in my comments/questions, I hope you wont get tired answering my queries!