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Hello Friends,


You already have your ABAP stack running now its time to install JAVA stack on same server you have ABAP stack running



Sun SWPM and select following (SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Release 1 >> SAP Solution Manager 7.2 JAVAP Support Release 1 >> MS SQL Server >> SAP System >> Application Server JAVA >> Standard System >> Standard System )


As previously mentioned always select Custom



For ABAP system I gave SID and SXA and for JAVA SXJ



Do not use ABAP database configure new DB


Continue with default


Continue default


User setting must be as below since ABAP stack installation is creating users



No SLD registration for now


Continue with default option



Wait till installation complete and your both systems are up and running as below


Now next step is instaling Support Pack stack 03 installation


Thank you for reading


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      1. Daniil Kim


        Hello Yogesh,

        This correct? ABAP system – SID – S72, DBSID – S72

        JAVA system – SID – S73, DBSID – S72


        ABAP system – SID – S72, DBSID – S72

        JAVA system – SID – S73, DBSID – S73





              1. Manu Dalmy

                Hello Yogesh,

                I am doing also a Solution manager 7.2 installation, but on Oracle 12c. Can you please describe in more detail how does the database architecture should look like for ABAP and for the JAVA systems? Are the databases 2 separate installations or MCOD or Multitenant? I did not find this information in the Master or installation guides.



  1. Julian Ortiz

    Hi Yogesh,

    What is Java Stack for on solman 7.2 used for?  In my case I have “monitoring module”, “charm” and “test management”, and I guess this functionality is fully supported over abap stack, isn’t it?





    1. Yogesh Patel Post author

      Hello Julian,

      This is very common question from so many outer users.

      For example if you want local SLD you need JAVA stack. For your DAA connectivity you need JAVA stack.

      Hope this solve your question.

      Thank you


  2. Ramesh Karamthot

    Hello Yogesh,


    I have followed the your steps to install solman 7.2 on Suse linux 12 and SAP ASE DB.

    we planned to install ABAP + JAVA with DB instances(ASp and ASJ) on same machine, details below:




    file system:





    SID: ASJ

    ,file system:




    First I installed solman abap(SID ASP and DB SID ASP) instance and system was accessible without any issues.Then I installed java instance(SID ASJ and DBSID ASJ) successfully, but after installation of java stack I am unable to bring back the ABAP instance.when I am trying to start the ABAP instance its failing with permissions(Kernel) issue. I executed ( ASP) command and tried change the permissions but no luck.
    can you please check and guide me to resolve this issue.
    please check the attached screenshot.




      1. Ramesh Karamthot

        Hello Yogesh,


        I tried as below but no luck.

        Instance numbers for ref:

        ABAP 00 &01

        java 02 & 03


        asjadm> startsap
        Checking syb Database
        J2EE Database is not available via test
        See logfile /home/JdbcCon.log
        Running /usr/sap/ASJ/SYS/exe/run/startj2eedb
        startdb completed successfully
        /usr/sap/ASJ/SYS/exe/run/startj2eedb completed successfully
        Starting Startup Agent sapstartsrv
        Instance Service on host amfasp01 started
        starting SAP Instance SCS03
        Startup-Log is written to /home/startsap_SCS03.log
        /usr/sap/ASJ/SCS03/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 03 -function Start
        Instance on host amfasp01 started
        Starting Startup Agent sapstartsrv
        Instance Service on host amfasp01 started
        starting SAP Instance J02
        Startup-Log is written to /home/startsap_J02.log
        /usr/sap/ASJ/J02/exe/sapcontrol -prot NI_HTTP -nr 02 -function Start
        Instance on host amfasp01 started

        asjadm> sapcontrol -nr 02 -function GetProcessList

        15.05.2017 19:40:26
        name, description, dispstatus, textstatus, starttime, elapsedtime, pid
        jstart, J2EE Server, GRAY, Stopped, , , 26293
        igswd_mt, IGS Watchdog, GREEN, Running, 2017 05 15 19:38:29, 0:01:57, 26294

        asjadm> startsap ASP
        No instance profiles found

        please send the tracefile /home/startsap.trc to support




  3. David Nguyen

    Hi Yogesh,

    In your blog, you mentioned not to use the ABAP database and configure new. Do I have to install another database java instance or the Software tool will create one for me?  I am getting the error below while installing the Java instance at the Execute Service phase…Any helps would greatly appreciated.

    An error occurred while processing option SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Support Release 1 > SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Java Support Release 1 > Oracle > Installation > Application Server Java > Standard System > Standard System( Last error reported by the step: Error return code. DIAGNOSIS: Return code 1 of executable E:\oracle\SOL\12102/bin/oradim indicates an error. SOLUTION: For more information, see log file oradim.log.). You can now:

    • Choose Retry
      to repeat the current step.
    • Choose Log Files
      to get more information about the error.
    • Stop the option and continue later.

    Log files are written to C:\Program Files/sapinst_instdir/SOLMAN72SR1/SOLMAN72SR1/ORA/INSTALL/STD/.

  4. Kushal Sambhunath Banerjee

    Dear Yogesh ,

    As your fourth screenshot NOT been seen at all so there is a small confusion. Above the screenshot you have written.

    ( Do not use ABAP database configure new DB )

    Will that be possible to repast the screenshot..



  5. Mutasem Najdawi

    Hi Yogesh,

    I have a question please. Shouldn’t we connect both stacks together at this point after both stacks has finished installing?

    Reason I am asking is that at the last Execution step “Create Java users” of ABAP (Primary Applications Server Instance) installation, we are hit with the errors that the DDIC user can’t create these JAVA users due to incorrect password issue. But we have logged in with the DDIC user to both clients (000) & (001) with the Master Password we provided throughout the installation process

    So we are thinking this might be because both stacks are not connected.

    I appreciate your feedback in this.





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