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Feedback Talkback: Introducing the Actions Button

Feedback Talkback is a new video series that demonstrates new features based on member input. The very first edition introduces the Actions button — and gives an overview of how to participate in open beta and provide feedback.

To summarize the Actions button (where you can locate it and what purpose it serves): You’ll find the Actions button in the upper right of certain pages within the new platform, such as Blogs, Questions & Answers, and Coffee Corner. The Actions drop-down menu will allow you to write a blog, ask a question, or send a direct message quickly. Depending on where you are in the platform or your access rights, you’ll see other options as well — such as the ability to view your posts on the Blogs page and access moderation (if you’re a moderator).

Here are the URLs to the pages referenced in the video:

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  • Jerry, one small suggestion: since the title says this blog is about introducing the Actions button, is it possible to add short text to, well, introduce the said button in the blog body?

    The video goes on for 3 minutes but the actual introduction takes like 10 seconds (at 1:44 mark). Not every reader would need all the other information in the video.

    Thank you!

    • Hi, Jelena:

      I read your suggestion and took "action." (Ha! See what I did there?)

      OK, bad jokes and long videos aside, I appreciate the recommendation. I modified the page to give the most important details right up front without forcing anyone to sit through the video.

      Thanks for the idea!


  • I think what we really need with the impending Oct launch is how to report issues and give feedback in the wild wild world of the new 1DX platform.

    Everyone knows we are not getting the platform we deserve at the time of launch - so let us know what channels we have to report bugs and issues and feedback since the Jive Open Beta space would no longer be available (not that it matters, since the issues reported there are not really looked into anyway)

      • The fun part is how they will track the bugs/feedback list - now this is stored in SCN documents, right?

        In the new SCN, I think, we won't have such functionality and documents will go to archive.

        They will probably create some blog instead (which will be nice if it can be easily found and followed), and they can update it when new bugs are discovered or solved.

        • Only problem is that they do not want WP to allow multiple authors so it will be rather difficult to keep it updated. 

          Maybe they will create it in the wiki so the whole 1DX team can maintain it?  Rather poetic justice if so.

          • Hmmm... I thought moderators for a certain tag can edit the blog content in the new SCN. Isn't this possible?

            Or can they only add editorial comments, which are visible only to the blog author after releasing from moderation?

            If moderators can't do such things, this means that they can't even help fixing broken links by themselves, if the blog author is not active anymore on SCN. 🙁

    • Hello,

      Prior to go live I will publish all the needed information on how members can report bugs and continue to provide the much appreciated feedback.