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Simplified way to analyze Tax item in document chain analysis in cash management

In Liquidity Forecast or Actual Cash Flow Analysis, Customers may want to treat tax item as separated one (with separated liquidity item for example) or combine the tax item in revenue or expense item, which was supported in Liquidity Planner, and is also supported in new cash management in a simplified way.

Let’s take customer invoice for example:

Customer Invoice:


In this invoice, there are four line items: #1 for AR open item; #2 and #3 for Revenue (will derive liquidity item LP_OTHERCI) ; #4 for Tax (liquidity item TEM_013)

In Document Chain analysis program (t-code: FCLM_FLOW_BUILDER), there is new feature:


If considering Tax items (uncheck the checkbox):


#1 item will be divided into three items, and tax item is one of the basis for splitting.

While if we merge the tax item:

/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/4_1033737.png #1 item will be divided into two items, and tax item is ignored.

100.01 = 300 x 86.21/(86.21+172.41)

199.99 = 300 x 172.41/(86.21+172.41)

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  • Hi Lawrence,
    Thank you for your explanation.

    Could you tell me if on premise 1503 the document chain analysis program is similar to Classical Liquidity Planning?

    For example, in this new version, we don’t have “buffer” item anymore. So, how does SAP determine the correct liquidity item?

    Thank you again!

  • Hello Lawrence,

    I see that you are an expertise in the New Cash Management. I am having some issues to derivate liquidity items.

    For example, in Fiori App Actual Cash Flow - Detailed Analysis I understand that I should see the in-flows or out-flows derivations (as example an out-flow can be derivated that is comming from an expenses or in-flow can be derivated that is comming from a customer invoice.

    I have created queries and sequences, but in Fiori App Actual Cash Flow is not derivting anything in the report.

    I post my link with my question:

    I am sorry that maybe is not totally related to your post, but I am a little bit desperate to know an answer.

    Thanks in advance for your help!