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Focused Insights: Implement Service Level Dashboard

Focused Insights: Service Level Dashboard

The main goal of a Service Level Report (SLR) Dashboards is to define, control and meet SAP IT Services expectations from the Business.

The SLR dashboard lists services objectives which have a target value and a rating showing if the current value is either above or below that target value for a selected period of time.

Each instance of service level dashboard will report an aggregated rating for the list of services objectives based on a worst-case rule.

With SLR Focused Insights:

  • you check online your service level agreements (SLAs) in a very convenient manner.
  • you can activate SLR dashboard for large SAP landscapes with a few clicks.

Focused Insights offers two different possibilities to implement an SLR dashboard:

  • SLR Automatic

     Active the automatic reporting on a predefined and recommended best practices catalog of KPIs with the SLR dashboard model.

  • SLR Customized View

     Build customized SLR views based the different SAP Solution Manager data sources with the OCC dashboard model.


SLR Automatic Reporting

Focused Insights comes with a predefined Metric Catalog based on SAP best practices:

The following metrics, among others, are available in the catalog:

  • Availability (e.g., system, database)
  • CPU (e.g., average, maximum)
  • User load (e.g.,average, maximum, hourly peak)
  • Performance (e.g., system average, system maximum, top 10 transactions, custom transactions, RFCs)
  • Alerts (e.g., total, availability, performance)
  • RFCs (e.g., response time, errors, tRFCs)
  • Batch jobs, incidents, business analytics

Several periods of time are possible, like the “Good Morning Page” (yesterday’s values), the “Monthly Reporting Page” (last month’s values), the “Early Detection” (last 8 hours) or the “System Application Check” (last 24 hours).

SLAs statuses are updated in real time and displayed in a convenient and compact way.

You can quickly spot the breaches and get more information in detailed views (e.g. “On which days did we breach the SLA for KPI XYZ last month?”). Mass setup and comparison between different systems is easy.

The main view of the SLR dashboard display two views:

  • Category view
  • System view

The system view, offers a drill-down for each selected metrics.

SLR Customized View

With Focused Insights SP4, a new OCC renderer has been introduced to build SLR views tailored to your needs based on the data sources selection and the period/resolution selection already available in the OCC dashboard.

With this new renderer, any OCC gadget can be changed into a SLR view as shown in the example below:

When using an SLR renderer, each series of data returned by the gadget queries is translated into an SLA representation based of the type of SLA configured for each query.

In the current version, four SLA types are available:

  • MAX: current value is the maximum value of the series.
  • MIN: current value is the minimum value of the series.
  • AVG: current value is the average of the series.
  • SUM: current value is the sum of all values in the series

The SLR renderer is selected as any renderer as shown below:

SLR parameters

The SLR parameters are set at the query level:

  • SLA:
    • Default value: AVG
    • Supported values: SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN.
  • G2Y
  • Y2R

SLR Renderer: OCC Drag & Drop

From an SLR view, you can Drag & Drop SLA representation to other renderers.

In that case, the gadget will display the values of the metrics instead of the SLA rating as shown in the example below:

Focused Insights ( is part of the Focused Solutions catalog. SAP Focused Solutions are turnkey solutions based on SAP Solution Manager – made for immediate consumption. They are ready-to-run, highly integrated, preconfigured, and automated. Focused Solutions deliver all you need and include additional features and dashboards, and all related training. They are available to all customers.

Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager delivers content based on SAP Solution Manager to build and distribute powerful customer-specific dashboards in minutes using state-of-the-art user experience.

The content delivered with Focused Insights has been designed to deliver, in real time, the most relevant and valuable information to the right people. While it provides full transparency of information stored inside SAP Solution Manager, it also takes into account the best practices and experience gained during numerous custom projects, offering a set of prepackaged dashboards tailored to your needs.

SAP Focused Insights offers specialized dashboards for experts as well as management or non-technical users. Whether they address the CIO or an expert, dashboards remain consistent among each other since they rely on the same data sources mixed up and presented in different granularities or aggregation levels

Focused Insights comes with a rich content. It fully exploits the huge amount of data stored inside SAP Solution Manager. Metrics produced by the activation of a scenario, whether it is IT or business related, become immediately available to the prepackaged dashboards. Raw metrics can be grouped or combined to produce advanced metrics and high level KPIs.

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