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Quick take on Dump with exception LCX_VALIDATION_ERROR in PPM

Hi all,

Here I am with my first blog, probably first on any platform 🙂

This is about an issue which I faced on my current project recently. Many of the users and team members started getting below error during opening a PPM(Project Management or Portfolio Management) item

Frontend Error.JPG

ST22 details are as below:

Dump and Text.JPG

Initially, we thought that it is due to some role issue as not everyone was getting this error. Second, since this message was about ‘Company Code’, and corresponding WebDynpro component had custom field for Company Code, we thought that some issue in custom enhancement of this screen and started looking for it.

After few hours of struggle, I came across SAP Note which explains the reason and solution for this problem.


Help documentation of some data elements contains hotlinks which cannot be properly rendered by WebDynpro. As WDA try to display help text same as help in the WebDynpro frontend, processing gives error. (e.g. data element BUKRS)

Data Element-Help.JPG

Above help text was converted as below string and that is where code was giving mentioned error, as text “GL: company_code” is not a tag.

The <GL:company_code>company code</> is an organizational unit within financial accounting.


As per SAP Note, for an individual user, this can be solved by disabling ‘Quick Help’ on user screen.

I tried this for hours by disabling the ‘Quick Help’ on ‘Summary’ screen of PPM items, but nothing changed. 😕 That is when I thought to take a tea-break

It(tea-break) really worked 😉 I got this thought that probably disabling Quick Help need to be done at next screen where I am getting this error. Question was – How?


So I used this dirty trick(I would say it ‘dirty trick’ as there is a standard & better way of doing it, which I came across later):

1. On the screen where we are getting error in front-end, right-click and ‘Properties’, which will give URL of the screen


2. Copy this link and paste in your browser.

3. Search for term APPL_MODE and change the value to ‘3‘ and then press Enter.(It will ask user credentials)

4. Now, you can see the PPM Item screen without any data. Right click and click on ‘Hide Quick Help’.

Hide Quick Help.JPG

5. Try now from regular process and you will be able to see details for current application.

Problem with above approach is that

1. we cannot fix it for someone else as it needs their credentials.

2. It requires few technical steps which every user may not be able to perform


So, here is the Standard/Admin approach to fix this:

Each WebDynpro configuration is unique in terms of user customization. Here what happened is that user clicks on ‘Display Quick Help’ on a screen and this setting is registered for user and configuration combination.

Using WDA ‘WD_ANALYZE_CONFIG_USER‘ , we can delete this combination of user and personalization, which will default the Quick Help setting to ‘Hidden’.

Below are the steps:

1. Get Component configuration for component as below

Know Component Configuration.JPG

2. Run WDA WD_ANALYZE_CONFIG_USER, provide all inputs and click on ‘Display’


3. Below details will be displayed. Select relevant entry and click on ‘Delete’

Delete Personalization.JPG

4. Next -> Party time 😀

Above two solutions are for individual users and not at a system level. As per SAP Note 2166738, in order to fix it for all users, we need to change the help-text of  fields creating problem. Detailed steps for this can be found in SAP Note(2166738) itself.

I’ve tried to put maximum details of issue and solution. If you feel that something can be added/enhanced, please do let me know.

Thanks for reading!!

Warm Regards,

Shyam Agrawal

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Shyam,

      Very helpfull document.

      Thanks for Sharing.



      Author's profile photo Joseph Alexander .S
      Joseph Alexander .S

      Solution 2 by Shyam works.


      Author's profile photo Shyam Agrawal
      Shyam Agrawal
      Blog Post Author

      Good to know that it helped 🙂