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Adjust after system copy CW36/2016

Hello Everyone,

I would like to provide you further information about two task lists SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY and SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_CLIENT_COPY (this is a copy of the first named with adapted parameters).

They cannot be used with TREX destination. The adjustment of ESH data is only possible when SAP HANA is used. It is not possible to adjust the TREX indexes on TREX. This is the reason for the message “Connection “:RFC:TREX_RFC” to database is unknown”. The task list checks the connection to SAP HANA. The other task lists can run with TREX and SAP HANA.

There is a corrective note 2362038 – Task list SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY: Search object connectors are older than this adjustment feature.

Thank you

ESH Product Support

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  • Hi

    So what are the alternatives when using TREX, and not HANA? Because after refresh from productive to quality client, the ESH_COCKPIT says "Current system is a copy of another system", and the error long text instructs me to run SAP_ESH_ADJUST_AFTER_COPY. (Which obviously do not work when running TREX, as there is no database connection name).


    Stian Windsland

    • Hello Stian,

      So in your case, you will have to follow the steps below :

      step1. Execute STC01 with task list SAP_ESH_RESET in your working client. It will reset your system as an initial state. If you have any Custom Software Component, it will get removed and you will have to transport it from your development system.
      step2. Execute STC01 with task list SAP_ESH_SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_000_CLIENT in client 000 to import all your software Components again and as parameter, you have to select the working client that needs to be configured.
      step3. Execute STC01 with task list SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_WRK_CLIENT in your working client.

      Everything should work then.

      Thank you and kind regards

      Christine Morin