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Your S/4HANA environment – Part 4 – Fact Sheet apps, Fiori Search and Web Dispatcher


After small break I would like to present you some details on how to activate Fiori Fact Sheet apps in S/4HANA environment.

Firstly, I would like to refresh your memory with small summary of available Fiori app types:


Transactional apps does not require any additional technical preparation, so we can use them just after activating in our Gateway System. Fact sheet apps is a different story. You won’t see them as tiles in Fiori Launchpad and to make them working it is required to perform additional configuration.

If you want to read more about Fact Sheet apps, please have a look on following blogs:

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Part 2 of my blog dealt with NW Gateway activation and during execution of task list to enable Fiori application we encounter several issues. If you want to know how to solve them, today’s blog should make everything clear.

Fiori Search

As mentioned earlier Fact Sheet apps does not show any tile on Fiori Launchpad. They are usually launched when executing search, but you can also call them from other apps. In our current configuration the search engine is not working, so you won’t be able to find anything. But with a bit of time we can make our Launchpad work like a Google 🙂

We start with preparation of two roles, by coping them to customer namespace on S/4HANA system.

SAP_ESH_LOCAL_ADMIN – For administrators to configure embedded search

SAP_ESH_SEARCH – For end users to use embedded search functionality


Next in t-code SFW5 we need to check if following Business Functions are activated:


The whole configuration is simplified and we just need to execute two Task List. Log in to client 000 and execute the first one, which does the initial setup of Embedded Search and prepares data model.


Last step of this task list runs for long time and therefore it is scheduled as background job and we can check progress in SM37:



When the job is finished and task list run has green status, we can log in to our working client and execute next one – SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_WRK_CLIENT, which is responsible for creating search connectors and activating ICF services. But just before executing, we need to prepare additional connection to database in DBACOCKPIT, which we provide as a parameter.


Another required parameter is Software Component. For S/4HANA installation it is SAPAPPLH. Depending on Fiori apps we want to activate, we can decide either to create all search connectors or only pre-selected based on Fiori app requirements.


When job is finished we can go to transaction ESH_COCKPIT, where we can see the status of each connector.


As the whole configuration went fine and the status for each connector is set to Active, we can check our configuration by executing report ESH_TEST_SEARCH.


If the setup is OK, report will return the G/L Account details.


Now let’s log in to our front-end system and activate OData services for fact sheet app. For the purpose of our test I selected one app that shows G/L Account details.


In Part 2 the activation of this app failed, but this time there was no issues!

Does it mean our setup is complete? Unfortunately, not. When we log in to Fiori Launchpad, we can see it allows us only to search for an apps.


And when we type our G/L Account, that we successfully tested before, nothing is found.


Why? When executing search, Fiori Launchpad is sending request to front-end server. But our connectors are deployed on S/4HANA system and therefore no results can be returned. To enable search functionality, it is required to implement SAP Web Dispatcher, that will redirect request to appropriate system.

Web Dispatcher


Installation of Web Dispatcher is very simple and it’s done by SWPM, therefore I will show you only the minimal required configuration, which boils down to proper definition of systems in Web Dispatcher profile.


After restart we can log in to Fiori Launchpad and we immediately notice a difference. Now we can search for many different objects – not only apps.


What happens if we type our G/L Account?


Our search is now working as expected!

This is the fourth part of my blog series about S/4HANA installation and maintenance. You can access previous parts by using following links:

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  • Hi,

    in our S4 system we have 100- Dev Client and 200-Testing Client. In which client i have to run this taks list SAP_ESH_INITIAL_SETUP_WRK_CLIENT

    Can you please help me.



      • Hi Bartosz,

        I'm also at your 4th S4HANA post. 🙂

        I'm at the beginning, at the following step: "prepare additional connection to database in DBACOCKPIT". So what user do we use for this connection? I dont have a SAPHANADB user. Should I create a such named user, and if yes, what roles and privileges should have? Or maybe we can use one existing user such as SAPABAP1, SYSTEM, DBACOCKPIT...? 🙂

        Thank you in advance!


        • Hi,

          great, I'm happy you find my blogs useful. Please like them when you have a second 🙂

          Regarding you question - you can use SAPABAP1 user - in general choose the user that is already used by SAP installation.

          Best regards


          • Thank you Bartosz!

            Yes, your posts were very useful! It is a new type of installation and configuration in SAP for me Yes, I liked and followed everyone of them.

            I will use the SAPABAP1 user.

            Maybe if I'll have any other questions, I'll bother you again.

            One more question: the sql port is 30015?

            Thank you and have a great evening! 🙂

          • Hello Bartosz,


            I have an issue. You said to Christopher Geladaris that is no need for web dispatcher step if if the backend system and frontend system are configured on the same host. I also have both, back-end and front-end, on the same host. Well, if I am searching for G/L Account (11001040) I receive error you have mentioned. In this situation what should we do?

            Thank you in advance!!!



            gl account error.png


            gl account error.png
          • Hi,

            sorry for late reply.

            There is no need for Web Dispatcher only if your backend and frontend are the same system (Embedded Deployment).

            Looks like you are running two separate systems on the same host, so you need a Web Dispatcher.

            Best regards

  • Dear Bartosz,


    Thanks a lot for the blog.

    I am trying to configure this with ECC 6.0 EHP SP09 with HANA DB.

    I am unable to find the SICF services required for the factsheets.

    As per the Fiori apps library link.

    SICF path is



    It is not available in Front-End and Back  - End.


    How to go ahead with this?

    Is this applicable only with S/4 HANA?





    Abu Sandeep

      • Dear Bartosz,


        Below is the list of factsheets which I am trying to implement

        Purchase Contract (ERP)
        Purchase Order
        Purchase Requisition Item
        Purchasing Info Record
        Service Entry Sheet


        I have done up to section Web dispatcher in your blog. Web dispatcher configured, but the search is not appearing in the fiori Launchpad.




        Abu Sandeep

  • Hello Bartosz Jarkowski,

    We have embedded deployment system on HDB (Frontend and Backend both in one SAP Box).

    I saw your comment in this blog of 21-Sep-2016, that for embedded deployment, to run FIORI Facsheet apps, WebDispatcher is NOT required.

    Request you to please share some official document reference, where this is suggested by SAP. As my client is insisting for the same.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,