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Work Centers and views in C4C @ Utilities




When scoping in Utilities in C4C a new ‘Utility’ Work Center is made available in addition to new utility facets on the customer view.


The ‘Utilities’ Work Center has 3 tabs:

  • Customer Search
    • Here we search for customers based on many specific utility attributes.
  • Premise Search
    • If the starting point for the inquiry is the premise, then starting the search here is possible.
  • Contract Account Search
    • Here you can directly search for Contract Accounts.






As visualized above, after finding what you are looking for, clicking on the result link will bring the user to the respective detailed view.

This will provide the user with detailed information as well as access to relevant processes to be performed.


Below is a short overview of:

  • What it is possible to search by
  • What view you can select to go to
  • What utility specific facets are available on these views



This is not a detailed information on all views or a list and description of the processes available. For a more detailed description of each of the views and processes, you can access the C4C Admin Guide – LINK.



Overview of Customer Search




Under a the ‘Customer’ and ‘Address’ section we have the more general fields, but it is also possible to search using very utility specific fields like invoice number, device (meter) number, Service Order number and Point of Delivery (POD) number.


When executing the search we get a result list:





The above result list provides further information as well as 2 links. One link to the Customer and one link to the Contract Account.  If we click on the Customer, this will open the Customer Work Center.







On the customer view, there is four utility specifics facets:

  • Utilities 360
  • Utilities Financial
  • Utilities Service Orders
  • Utilities Contracts



Each of these facets provides further detailed information as well as the possibility to kick of relevant processes.




Overview of Premise Search





For the Premise search the focus is on the actual sites and the search criteria’s are all focused on address information and attributes like building/apartments. The same logic for the result list as before:





Further details for the Premise and Connection Object. If you click on the Premise link, this will bring you to the Premise view.





On the Premise view we have an additional 3 facets:

  • Overview (further details of the Premise)
  • Connection Details (information about Installation and Meters
  • Tickets – these are C4C Service Tickets


Each of these facets provides further detailed information as well as the possibility to kick of relevant processes.


Overview of Contract Account Search





The Contract Account search have added search attributes specific for Contract Accounts, Account Class, Dunning Procedure etc. The result list contains the detailed information and makes it possible to go either to the Contract Account view or to the Customer view, for that Contract Account.






When we searched for the Customer above we went to the Customer view, so here we will select the Contract Account and go to the Contract Account view.




Her we have 3 addiitonal facets:

  • Contracts (information on all IS-U contracts)
  • Locks (locks performed on the Contract Account)
  • Sales Quotes (this is the C4C Sales Quote


As mentioned in the beginning. For a more detailed view of this, please have a look at the administration guide – LINK

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