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Project Management in a Nutshell for SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Dear Colleagues,

IT-PPM ( IT – SAP Project and Portfolio Management 6.1 ) is now available within SAP Solution Manager 7.2. The older release of IT –PPM 5.0 has been available for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 since with  SP09 and SP10.. The purpose of this blog with related links is to give an overall understanding of the IT PPM 6.1 functionality in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 covering the below topics:


    1) Overview of SAP Project and Portfolio Management

          1.1 Building blocks

          1.2 IT PPM as a software component in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

          1.3 Licensing

    2) IT-PPM in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Details

           2.1 Setup and Configuration (SOLMAN_SETUP, SPRO) and Security(Roles & Authorizations)

           2.2 Detailed Functionality including

                 2.2.1 Project Management

                 2.2.2 Resource Management

                 2.2.3  Reporting

           2.3 Project data Export/Import (MS Project,etc..)

     3) Integration Topics

          3.1 SAP Solution Manager 7.2 : Process Management, Change Control Management, 

                                                              Requirements Management

          3.3 Integration with SAP ERP, HR, and other modules


      4)  Related Links & Further information


1) Overview of SAP Project and Portfolio Management

SAP Portfolio and Project Management consists of the following  application  areas:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management

SAP Portfolio and Project Management comprises an SAP NetWeaver Application Server, Foundation components, and the SAP Portfolio and Project Management add-on component (CPRXPRM).


1.1 Building blocks

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is designed to manage the capacity and deployment of human capital assets across multiple projects. Portfolio Management integrates information from existing project management, human resources, and financial systems to provide a complete overview of an organization’s project portfolio with easy drill-down to details for portfolio managers, project managers, and resource managers. Moreover, you can use initiatives to link to projects and documents in Project Management. You can synchronize objects between Portfolio and Project Management (horizontal synchronization), or objects within Portfolio and Project Management (vertical synchronization).

Portfolio Management can be integrated with existing SAP and non-SAP back-end applications such as the following:

SAP applications:

     SAP Product Lifecycle Management – Project System (PLM PS)

     SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)

     SAP Financial and Controlling (FI-CO)

Non-SAP applications:

     Microsoft Project


Project Management

Project Management covers the entire range of project management activities in development and consultancy projects, from planning to implementation to project completion. Project Management supports organizations to grow their project management excellence  by providing solid standalone project management core support

offering a wide range of integration options.

Since Project Management‘s birth as development project management for the automotive industry, it has emerged to a flexible project management solution for all industries and focused on various project types, including new product development and introduction consulting projects, IT projects


ITPPM Initiativies.jpg                            ITPPM History.jpg


SAP Solution Manager

SAP provides the SAP Solution Manager as the highly recommended platform to efficiently support the implementation of your solution. Using SAP Solution Manager will significantly accelerate the implementation process and help you to achieve your business goals. At the same time, SAP will be able to deliver Support Services based on the business scenarios designed and documented in SAP Solution Manager. Implementation content for your solution may further accelerate the implementation process


Note: With the standard  maintenance agreement, The standard functionality of IT-PPM for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 or 7.2 is limited to Project Management. The details are explained within the section 1.3 Licensing


1.2 IT PPM as a software component in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

PPM/SAP Solution Manager is only available if PPM deployed on SAP Solution Manager.  IT PPM software component is included in SAP Solution Manager Stack as shown below:


ITPPM Software component.jpg

1.3 Licensing

License Model and Support  Contract cover the below Perpetual License rights and Maintenance agreement.


ITPPM Licensing.jpg


2) IT-PPM Details in SAP Solution Manager 7.2


2.1 Setup and Configuration (SOLMAN_SETUP, SPRO)

Initial configuration of IT PPM /Project management in  SAP Solution Manager is done by  executing the transaction  /UI2/FLP for SAP Fiori  Launchpad or directly by the transaction ‘SOLMAN_SETUP, under Project Management. Follow the guided procedure as shown below:’

ITPPM Fiori Launch Pas.jpgITPPM SOLMAN SETUP.jpg

.For more information, see the help texts in the guided procedure


For extended configuration, execute the transaction SPRO, and navigate the  relevant node for SAP Portfolio and Project Management as shown below:



The required Roles and Authorizations are for the standard functionality can be maintained  in the transaction  SOLMAN_SETUP for Project Management, under Create Template User step.


Below technical landscape details the communication of the various User groups within the application component.

ITPPM Technical Landscape.jpg

Configuration User

You can either use the suggested configuration user with Standard ID SMC PPM_*** (Help Text ID:USER SMC PPM)or add all required relevant roles to a named user

Analogues Composite Role SAP ITPPM-CONF_COMP

Project Admnistrator /ITPPM Administrator (Project Lead)

Analogues Composite Role SAP-ITPPM_ADMIN_COMP

Project Team  Member

Analogues Composite Role SAP-ITPPM_PTM_COMP


Other Authorization options:

Once the IT PPM project is created and released; there are further authorization access can be granted to project users at a  project level as shown below:

Authorizations for a project.jpg


For advanced Security Concept,  covering the integration with other components such as ChaRM, Process Management, Requirements Management;

visit :


2.2  Detailed Functionality including

2.2.1 Project Management

To use project management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2, you need to set it up and, if you are upgrading from SAP Solution Manager 7.1, activate your projects.


IT PPM Functionality can be accessed using SAP Fiori LaunchPad:

SAP Fiori Laucn.jpg


Project Management supports the following functions:


Along with  all phases of a project life cycle from Initiation to Closure

Project Phases.jpg

IT PPM/Project Management is delivered with two predefined Solution Manager Project types:

  • IT Implementation Project
  • IT Maintenance Project SAP Solution Manager 7.2


Covering the below usage scenarios:

Detailed functionality.jpg

  • Roadmaps

           Import / Export  Roadmaps  through SAP Activate / Methodology – Roapmap Viewer

     Further information:

  • SAP Best Practices

          Creates SAP Best Practices Work Breakdown Structures in projects including predefined roles.

  • Solution Documentation

          With the integration to Process Documentation; it creates links to project organization and project execution in order to manage the scope. Along with;

            gathering  information on branch, sub landscapes, change cycles where the Requirements can be implemented.

  • Staffing

          Role-based resource management functionality enables easy resource pre-planning, resource staffing on project structure and task levels to

           ensure integrated time/duration feedback, and work progress confirmation across all employee activities: levels,where

  • Project Scope

          Define the scope for project execution and differentiate between the Initial Scope(IT Requirements) and Scope Changes using Change Request Management.

          Drill down functionality enables to see the further details about the changes.

  • Scope Reporting

          Available through the side panes where additional information can be displayed about the project and its tasks.

  • Time Reporting

          Supports flexible time recording functionality which can be limited staffed resources and specific tasks, along with the time recorded on project tasks,  

           request  for change, IT Requirements . The data is synchronized via report.

  • Project Analysis

          Provides information regarding the overall project status, countdown, schedule, quality gates, milestones, tasks, initial scopes, scopes changes, completion rates, and



For further information visit  : SAP Portfolio and Project Management – SAP Library


2.2.2 Resource Management

Resource Management is a role based tool that supports decoupled project and resource management process. Resource staffing and responsibilities can be distributed on project level and/or across projects.


Project Resource Planning provides a planning tool for you to optimize your human resource deployment. It focuses on using your employees efficiently and assigning them to projects or orders based on demand, qualifications, and availability.

rescource management.jpg

You have the following options for carrying out project resource planning:

  • You can do all your planning in Project Management.
  • You can select the resources by their availability. To do this, you can either use the resource planning application (RPA) from Service Resource Planning in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) or you can predefine the capacity of the resources by means of Customizing in Project Management; the latter is the simpler option.
  • You can schedule the resources with Portfolio Management

For further information visit  : SAP Portfolio and Project Management – SAP Library


2.2.3 Reporting & Analytics

The system provides a number of different report templates depending on the project type. Project leads and project managers can use the project reporting in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to get an overview of the projects for which they are responsible. Coupled with Data Analytics using several data sources; the predefined dash boards provide information for:

            Project Plan and Schedule:                         Project Execution                               Project Assets

                        Count down                                          Initial Scope                                    Issues

                        Schedule                                               Scope Changes

                        To be delivered                                     Completion rates   

                        Quality gates                                        Efforts

                                                    PPM Reporting.jpg

2.3 Project data Export/Import (MS Project, XML)

With this function you can export or import data of a project, a version, or a project associated with a portfolio item. The following project management systems and formats are supported by Portfolio and Project Management:

  • Microsoft Project
  • XML file

MicroSoft Project

You can import/ export a project or version in Project Management or a project associated with a portfolio item to a Microsoft Project (*.mpp) file. You can navigate to this function from the item details screen on the Overview view, the toolbar above the project, the project work-list, or the project version work-list.

After the export, you can use all the functions available in Microsoft Project.

Prior to this process, The following prerequisites must be met before you can import a project or a project schedule from Microsoft Project:

  • Microsoft Project is installed on your PC. For more information about the supported versions of Microsoft Project see SAP Note 1326709.
  • You have write authorization for all project elements and admin authorization for all portfolio items.
  • If you want to import newly created phases, checklists or tasks from MSP, you have to use the object types defined in Project Management. The phase types, checklist types, and task types must have been assigned to a corresponding enterprise field (user-defined field) in Microsoft Project. For more information, see Customizing for SAP Portfolio and Project Management under -> Project Management ->Define Phase Types ->, Define Checklist Types, or Define Task Types.
  • The corresponding activities in Customizing for SAP Portfolio and Project Management under -> Common Functions ->Import and Export of Project Data ->Microsoft Project Integration have been performed. The required target options for the import have been defined. For more information, see Customizing for SAP Portfolio and Project Management under -> Project Management ->Structure ->Define Project Types .

MS Project Exchange.jpg

For more information about the prerequisites, see SAP Note 1326709

XML File

You can import/export a project or version in Project Management or a project associated with a portfolio item from an XML file. SAP supplies a predefined XML schema for this purpose.

You can navigate to this function from the item details screen on the Overview view, the project worklist, or the project version worklist.

You can also import project templates and checklist templates. You can find the corresponding functions under > Portfolio and Project Administration

Prior to this process, The following prerequisites must be met before you can import a project

If you want to export templates, you have made a corresponding entry for area 0013 Additional Features, setting 0002 Export/Import of Templates in Customizing for SAP Portfolio and Project Management under -> Project Management ->Basic Settings ->Override Default Global Settings

For further information, visit :


3) Integration Topics

3.1 SAP Solution Manager 7.2 : Process Management, Change Control Management, Requirements Management

IT-PPM enables SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Integration Model’s Key Value Chains

IT PPM Integration Key value Chains.jpg

It is also embedded in Application and Content Life-cycle Management., supporting all the phases of the methodology

                   Prepare -> Explore ->  Realize- > Deploy


Supporting standard innovation process

Innovation Process.jpg

and the maintenance process

Maintenance Process.jpg


In order to realize “Portfolio to Project” and it’s association to the other value chains; PPM Projects need to be linked to 1)Process Documentation, and 2) Change Control Management,& Requirements Management once the Project Management initial configuration is completed within the transaction “SOLMAN_SETUP


IT PPM project integration with the Process Management (Solution Administration -> Branches )

You can assign SAP Solution Manager data of a project, directly, or from the selection help. The selection help uses branch, sub-landscape, and change cycle: You can select only SAP Solution Manager data that is not yet assigned to a project, and that is of the same project type, according to the customizing settings.


To link a PPM project to Solution Administration/Process Document:

   1.Click on the My Projects (Project Management) icon  on SAP Fiori LaunchPad

   2. Open the Project where  you want to maintain the link to Process Documentation

   3. Navigate to the  Project Element area and click on the project header(project name) and browse the “Solution Documentation” tab within elements detail.                Maintain the the process documentation information (Assign, Change, Remove)

Process Documentation Link.jpg

IT PPM project integration with the Change Control Management & Requirement Management

IT PPM Projects can be linked with Change Control Management & Requirements Management through:

Creating a Business Transaction from a Task

    You can create a business transaction of type request for change, IT requirement, or change document, from a project task, and manage the new business transactions in

     the project. You can also assign existing requests for change, IT requirements, and change documents, to project tasks. You can also assign change documents of        

     any type to a project task, including independent change documents, which were not created from a request for change or IT requirement.


    Based on the initial configuration of Project Management (SOLMAN_SETUP); the request for change, IT requirement, or change document is created           

     automatically.  Otherwise you have to create it manually.

PPM Change Control Management.jpg

Creating a Task from a Business Transaction

    In Change Request Management, you can create a project task from a request for change, or change document. To do so, these business transactions must be connected      to the solution documentation that is assigned to the project. You can only create a task for projects that can still be changed, not for projects that are completed, archived      or canceled.

PPM Change Control Management 2.jpg

Time recording from a transaction to a task

    You can record the time that you have spent on a request for change, IT requirement, or change document. The recorded time is also transferred to the assigned

     project  task on which you are working.

     You have the following options:

    • Restricted time recording, for staffed resources only:Time is only recorded for resources that are staffed on a project task. The time is synchronized to the Parties involved assignment block.
    • Unrestricted time recording for all users:Time is recorded for all resources.

     Synchronization with the project is asynchronous in the report DPR_CATS_CPR_TRANSF . The report collects all time recording entries from business       transactions that are connected to tasks

For further information, visit :


3.3 Further integration  with SAP ERP, HR, and other module Business Objects

Projects can be related in various ways to business objects in other applications, such as sales orders or purchase orders in SAP ERP, or facilities in SAP Environmental Compliance. These business objects can be located in the same system or in a different system, for example, a separate ERP system. By creating object links, you can connect project elements to business objects of predefined object types in order to achieve the following:

  • Provide an overview of all objects relevant for a project element
  • Enable the display of detailed header data for these objects within Project Management
  • Provide access to predefined applications related to these objects, allowing you to, for example, display master data, or analyze and edit transactional data.


This extended configuration requires some activities in transaction SPRO.  SAP delivers a number of predefined object types. You can, however, also define further object types. For information about how to configure the predefined object types for usage in Project Management, SAP Portfolio and Project Management: Configuration in SAP Note 2026421   under ->Project Management: Configuration ->Business Customizing ->Project Management ->Setting Up Object Links

For further information, visit :


4)  Related Links & Further information

      SAP Portfolio and Project Management

                   Application help :  SAP Portfolio and Project Management – SAP Library

                   Security :

                    Installation / Configuration:

       SAP Solution Manager 7.2:

                   Application help : SAP Solution Manager – SAP Library– > Project Management

                   Security :


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      Great write up and good to bookmark for reference! Thanks!

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      Excelent post!! Great work 🙂 Congrats

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      I am a little confused on the licensing aspects of PPM for Solution Manager "IT Projects".

      Is the PPM capability for SolMan projects included in the Enterprise Support Maintenance Agreement, or just the ability to use the Project Management sub-segment of PPM? 

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      Tom Cenens

      Hi Alex

      I thought the standard PPM functionality that is inside SolMan is free of charge for Enterprise Support Maintenance or higher contract customers but that additional connectivity or larger scope (connection to ERP IT-PPM, Portfolio Management, CATS etc) comes with a need for licensing.

      I would like SAP to answer this question though, officialy.

      Best regards


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      Hello All,

      IT PPM software component for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2 is available for all Premium Engagement and Enterprise Support  Maintenance contracts. Even though both Portfolio Management and Project Management functionalities are available and delivered within the same software component, it is standard usage is limited to Project Management only. Within the Project Management using cross functions, it is possible to integrate/link with ERP objects as a standard solution.  In order to configure or utilize Portfolio Management, additional  licensing to PLM (SAP Portfolio and Project Management) is required.

      Regards, Emre M. Cagan

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      Hello All,

      I want to import project in Solution manager 7.2 .I chose xml application successfully finished import  but when I chose MS project import take a below picture error.

      Best regards

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      Hello Uras,

      The reason you got the above error message is due to missing Virus Scan (Whitelist) configuration that is used during import/export.

      Please check the section 3.3 - Whitelist / Office control within the SAP Note 0001326709  MS Project Integration with IT PPM

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      Hello Expert,

      In Request for change ,the Project field ist empty.I already configured PM in  Solman_Setup.How should i activate this field?

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      Nice article.


      Just one question.  We are upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2, but the projects that have been moved across are uneditable.  Do you happen to know the reason why?

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      very nice blog. Pitifully I cannot start with the setup because in 7.2 Configuration the very first step "Check Prerequisites" fails with the error message "Navigation link is not working - copy PPM customizing again".

      The documentation tells me to read the attachment of note 2026421. I opened this attachment but it is the monster configuration guide with 291 pages.

      Am I expected to read it and execute it all in order to start the solman_setup Project Management Configuration Guided Procedure?

      Or am I missing something?

      Would you please mind to add a little hint in your blog about the prerequisites?

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      I found the solution today by a short dump. Solution is in note 2315881. Really poor documentation in Solman_setup. I lost one day of work because of this 🙁 🙁 🙁

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      Hi Riccardo,

      I am just as frightened as you are about this note. Can you tell me which points are mandatory for the basic configuration?

      Regards Oliver