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SAP TechEd LV 2016 Sessions by SAP PRESS Authors (and an homage to Jeff Goldblum)

**Edited to fix the egregious omission of Matthias Steiner‘s session on building cloud-native apps with SAP HCP. MICROSERVICES! Perhaps I can attend and learn how to build an app that identifies SAP PRESS authors in the TechEd agenda, so as not to make this horrible error ever again.**

Imma let you finish, SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference, but SAP TECHED IS THE BEST CONFERENCE OF ALL TIME.

Okay, I probably shouldn’t play favorites, and SAPPHIRE is a pretty rocking party, but it’s hard to beat the nerdery of TechEd. I still can’t believe I missed Bjoern Goerke‘s epic tribute to The Martian (and SAP HANA Cloud Platform) in Barcelona, but I’m optimistic that something equally cool is afoot for this year in Las Vegas—especially because Denise Nepraunig is involved. By the way: Here’s my official request for a play on Independence Day: Resurgence. (Was the movie terrible? Yes. Did I love every minute of it? Yes. Will anyone back me up on this? Xavier Hacking, help a fangirl out.)

Anyway. Once the keynotes are over, the sessions start, and the TechEd nerdery gets even better. From me to you, here’s your list of must-attend sessions by SAP PRESS authors.

Jeff Goldblum* How David Levinson Successfully Deployed Untested Code in an Alien Environment This session will take a deep dive into how David Levinson managed to hack into an alien network with MacOS 7.6, including a discussion of the alien graphic API that enabled him to to create a skull and crossbones GIF.
Matthias Steiner Developing Cloud-Native Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform Getting a new or existing application to run in the cloud is one thing, but creating a “cloud-native” app designed from scratch to max out a cloud runtime environment is another. This session addresses the basic characteristics (aka 12 factors) and teach you how to build scalable, resilient cloud apps using a microservices paradigm.
Richard Bremer Managing Data Temperature with SAP HANA Dynamic Tiering Find out how to use SAP HANA dynamic tiering to work with in-memory-based and disk-based tables, to move data among storage tiers, and to create and optimize information models.
Carsten Boennen Building an SAP Fiori App Using APIs from SAP API Management Build an SAP Fiori app using SAP Web IDE on top of exposed business application APIs. Get to know SAP API Management end to end.
Jocelyn Dart and Christiaan Edward Swanepoel Building an End-to-End SAP Fiori App Based on SAP S/4HANA and ABAP Get your hands on the latest ABAP 7.5 features, use code-pushdown capabilities, expose the data using an OData service, and enrich the CDS model with UI annotations to generate an SAP Fiori app using a smart template.
Frank Densborn Transition to SAP S/4HANA: Tools for On-Premise and Cloud Migration Understand the new implementation scenario for SAP S/4HANA. Learn about the tools for both on-premise and cloud migration, and get an introduction to SAP Activate and more.
Volker Drees and Andre Fischer Developing SAP Fiori Apps for Customers of SAP Business Suite Want to build an SAP Fiori app? In this session, create OData services with SAP Gateway, publish OData services using SAP HCP, and generate and extend an SAP Fiori app using SAP Web IDE.
Thorsten Franz SAP HANA: Sidecar Magic – Bringing the Future into Your Current Landscape The SAP S/4HANA suite is on your road map, but you’re not quite there yet? In this session, learn about real-world development projects in which customers create “Islands of SAP S/4HANA” in their landscapes.
Juergen Hauser Moving a Print Service from SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA Cloud Platform Learn how Adobe moved the print engine for Interactive Forms from the Java stack on SAP NetWeaver to SAP HANA Cloud Platform.
Susan Keohan SAP Workflow in SAP S/4HANA Sue Keohan and special guest star Ralf Goetzinger share some exciting new developments for SAP Workflow in SAP S/4HANA.
Tobias Koebler SAP Landscape Transformation Replication Server: Real-Time Data Replication Join this session to get the details about the newest version of SAP LT Replication Server, its functions, and the road map; and get hands-on experience for a variety of use cases.
Michal Krawczyk SAP AIF Combined with a Process Observer Add-On The SAP Application Interface Framework tool and process observer software work together to give maximum visibility of your interfaces. In this session, learn what you can do with them.
Markus Kuppe SAP Master Data Governance: Central Governance, Consolidation, and Beyond Learn how SAP Master Data Governance has expanded beyond central governance by allowing decentralized ownership and consolidation of business partners or product master data. See the new features of 9.0!
Sanjeet Mall Mobile App Development Tools from SAP This session is an introduction to the SAP Mobile Platform software development kit (SDK). Learn the basic concepts on how to build an enterprise mobile solution for various environments.
Elke Menninger Hands-On Intro: Central Governance in SAP Master Data Governance Gain valuable practical experience with the SAP Master Data Governance application. This hands-on session provides you with the basic concepts of SAP MDG.
Tobias Queck and Sebastian Steinhauer Simplifying Screens in SAP ERP with SAP Screen Personas This hands-on session gives you a chance to build more intuitive SAP GUI interface screens using SAP Screen Personas software.
Riley Rainey Develop Business Services with Cloud Foundry on SAP HANA Cloud Platform In this session, learn how to use Cloud Foundry on SAP HANA Cloud Platform to develop and run microservices that can be published as business services on the marketplace for SAP Hybris as a Service.
Aviad Rivlin Where Should I Run My SAP Fiori Launchpad? ABAP front-end server, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP Enterprise Portal? This networking session clarifies the pros and cons of each option.       
Ann Rosenberg SAP Next-Gen Lab Accelerate digitization and business innovation with SAP Next-Gen Lab, where companies connect with students in the global academic innovation SAP University Alliances network and startups.
Dipankar Saha Enabling Smarter Process Manufacturing Using SAP OEE Management Learn how to use and enhance the SAP Overall Equipment Effectiveness Management application for process manufacturing operations based on SAP MII integrated with SAP ERP.
Gaetan Saulnier Prepare Your Data for Your Analytic Needs in Just a Few Clicks Find out how the SAP Agile Data Preparation application lets you transform data into actionable, easily consumable information by providing fast, self-service access to high-value data.
Thomas Schneider Extensibility Framework for SAP S/4HANA: End-to-End Scenario Explore the end-to-end process and technology as we show the features of the extensibility framework for SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
Krasimir Semerdzhiev How to Securely Extend SAP Hybris Commerce This session examines a sample extension module of the SAP Hybris Commerce solution and shows where the potential integration points are.
Peter Spielvogel SAP Screen Personas As Part of the SAP Fiori User Experience This session will demo how to create SAP Fiori UX designs using SAP Screen Personas, how to embed them into the launchpad to deliver a seamless user experience, and when to choose which solution.
Ashok Swaminathan Introduction to Predictive Modeling and Application Deployment for SAP HANA Discover the valuable insights you can gain from advanced analytics in this hands-on session introducing modeling and predictive analysis scenarios for SAP HANA.
Tamas Szirtes SAP Fiori Launchpad – Effectively Configure and Manage Business Content Configure role-based business content for the SAP Fiori launchpad. Learn how to control launchpad features like personalization. See how it’s done in both AS ABAP and Portal environments.
Alisdair Templeton A Hands-On Guide to the Internet of Things In this session we’ll look at some of the capabilities of both the IoT service on SAP HANA as well as the humble ABAP stack. We’ll also look at several use cases and ask the question, “Is my ECC a thing?”
James Wood Developing Enterprise-Ready Single-Page Applications Using SAPUI5 This session will review some lessons learned while developing applications similar to SAP Fiori for customers using SAPUI5, with a focus on client-side single page applications (SPA).

* Just kidding on that first one. WERE YOU EVEN PAYING ATTENTION?!

I can’t wait to see everyone in Vegas! The SAP PRESS booth will be in the Explore zone—right next to the Build zone and CodeJam. Come say hi, even though I cannot totally promise that Jeff Goldblum will be there.


You can follow me on Twitter at @kellygweaver, where I have been known to wax philosophical on goats, punctuation, bacon-flavored snacks, and the nature of the human condition. Wait, I mean cats.

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      Former Member

      Y'know, this was supposed to be my weekend off, but noooo. You got me out here draggin' your heavy technology debt through the burnin' desert with your SAP Gui stickin' out the back of my Fiori. You gotta come down here with an attitude, actin' all big and bad...

      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao

      Thanks for sharing this Kelly! It's so cool we have many SAP Press authors providing lecture sessions in Las Vegas this year - I count 11 of them who are SAP Mentors. Awesome!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Twelve if you count Jeff Goldblum, right?! I think he should be an honorary Mentor AND an honorary SAP PRESS author.

      Hope to catch you in Vegas! (Literally. I need a Catch a Mentor badge.)

      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao

      True that! Mentors are inclusive, and I wouldn't mind adding celebs from different circles. There will be around 60 SAP Mentors at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, so you should have no probs catching a Mentor.

      Author's profile photo Matthias Steiner
      Matthias Steiner

      Hi Kelly, well you know I'm somewhat missing the love /JK

      It's sure ben a while since my book came out and given its scope it was never reaching the masses, but still...

      If you want, you could add my session:

      DEV203 - Developing Cloud-Native Apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

      <shameless_plug />

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Someone should fire me. I must have been going blind by the time I got to the S's on the speaker list. FIXED!

      Forgive me?!

      Author's profile photo Matthias Steiner
      Matthias Steiner

      From one extreme to the other... now I'm all the way at the top and not in-line (with the alphabetical sorting). Great - now everybody will consider me acting like a diva! Yeah!
      As you can see I'm high maintenance ... 🙂

      All good on my side and all statements made in good fun! 🙂

      Author's profile photo Jocelyn Dart
      Jocelyn Dart

      Love the Goldblum preso... now that would be fun to see

      Author's profile photo Tom Van Doorslaer
      Tom Van Doorslaer

      That's it! No more coffee for you!

      PS: I'm hoping for a Star Trek Beyond rip-off in the keynote. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Xavier Hacking
      Xavier Hacking

      SAP should simply sponsor ID4-3 to save the world once more, just like Apple did with ID4: Apple PowerBook Commercial - Independence Day - YouTube! 😆

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      This MUST happen.

      I'd never seen this before. So great.

      Author's profile photo Xavier Hacking
      Xavier Hacking

      It's think it was also featured on the Special Edition Bonus DVD. 😉