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Launching ABAP custom classical report in Fiori launchpad

In this How-To Guide, we will step-by-step detail the configurations necessary to launch the SAP ABAP Classical report in the SAP Fiori Launchpad.

STEP1: Develop a Report Program in the ABAP EDITOR and assign a Tcode.

STEP2: Open the Browser and Open the admin control panel for creating Catalogue and Group for FIORI Launchpad or Click On the link

STEP3: Click on the sign to add a Catalogue Give a title and an ID. Note: Spaces are not allowed in the Catalogue ID.


STEP4: Click on Target Mapping and when the screen is loaded click on Create Target Mapping at the bottom of the screen.

STEP5: Give the Semantic Object name and the Action. Select the semantic object if you are using the existing objects or else you need to create new one from the

TCode: /UI2/SEMOBJ. Give a semantic object name and click on save.

Once the semantic Object is saved it should appear in the list in browser

  • APPLICATION TYPE: Select Transaction or others listed based on the requirement.
  • TITLE: Give a meaningful title so that it appears on the tab when the application is launched.
  • TRANSACTION: Give the TCode created for the Report.
  • SYSTEM ALIAS: Give the system alias’s name which is selected in the application of the Launchpad in   TCODE: LPD_CUST.
  • By Default, the system select all the types you can change it as per the requirement.

In case of any parameters available they can be given in the parameters section by clicking the add button and in the same way the default values can also be given to the parameters.

For creating semantic object: Go to Transaction “/UI2/SEMOBJ” and select new entries and give unique name and save it in a package.



Note: Sample Values for target mapping are given below.


Click on the save button once all the mandatory fields are filled.

STEP 6: Once the Target Mapping is done now assign it to the “TILE”.

  • Select the TILE ICON and click on Create Tile -> Select App Launcher-Static (if you want a static tile)
  • Give the Title Name, Subtitle and keywords, and select an Icon which suits the application.

NOTE: Use Semantic Object Navigation must be checked.

  • Give the Semantic Object Name and Action as given in the target mapping and click on save.


Step 7: Now Create a Group from the Groups tab and Click on ADD Icon at the left bottom of the screen.

  • Now Click on Add Button in the show as tiles section.
  • In the next page select the catalogue you have create and add it to the group.
  • Now the App is assigned to the Group.

Step 8: Now go back to the HANA ECC System and execute the Transaction “LPD_CUST”.

  • Click on Create Launchpad and give a roll, Instance and a meaningful description and click on OK button.


  • Now Click on New Application after creating the Launchpad.
  • Give the Link Text and select the Application type as Transaction if you want to display the transaction and give the TCode name.
  • Select the System Alias from the available list and click on save. 

Note: The system alias name given here should be the same as name given in target mapping of the FIORI Launchpad configuration.

Step 9: Now Go to Transaction “PFCG”.

  • Give a role name and click on single role.
  • Give a meaningful description and click on save.

  Now go to Menu Tab and click on insert node near transaction button.


  • Select SAP Tile Catalogue and give the catalogue name which you have created in the Fiori Launchpad and click on OK.


  • Now Select SAP Fiori Tile Group by clicking the insert node button and give the group id which you have created in the fiori Launchpad.


  • Now click on save and go to USER Tab and assign the users to who use the application and click on save button.
  • Once the save button is clicked the tabs should turn green.


STEP 10: Now login to the user FIORI Launchpad search for the Group created and open the application.


  • Once you open the App it should display the desired output in the browser.

NOTE: ALL the Objects you create in the system should be saved in a Transportable Package.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Mr. Ramesh.

      This doc is very informative...

      Thanks again.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very nice document, Thanks for sharing...I am expecting more n more from you 🙂

      Author's profile photo santosh kumar
      santosh kumar

      Thanks Mr. Ramesh.

      For share the document

      This doc is very informative..

      Thanks again


      Author's profile photo Kallol Chakraborty
      Kallol Chakraborty

      Nice Document. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for the document, Ramesh! In my Fiori target mapping, I don't see application id, transaction etc, instead I see 2 radio buttons. What SP are you on?


      Author's profile photo Edgar Vázquez
      Edgar Vázquez

      Ramesh Prasad, very useful document as well as the guide to make an Abap program running in fiori. We are currently facing up a big trouble trying to run a program which contains tree tables and due to big amount of data it is not displaying properly when you launch the transcation in Fiori unless you call a specific value:

      but if you run the program thru S/4 HANA it shows the info properly:

      Is anything I need to fix in Fiori or Abap in order to make it run?

      Thanks in advance for your valuable help.


      Author's profile photo Babu Kilari
      Babu Kilari

      Very good blog. Would this also work on Central Hub Net weaver systems (or) just limited to S/4  systems ? For the custom transactions; isn't this slower in terms of execution?

      Author's profile photo Harshil Patel
      Harshil Patel

      Hello Ramesh Prasad,

      Every time whenever I execute an ALV report in a Fiori Launchpad it shows this error that

      "The session has been finished.
      You can close the window."

      and navigating back to the home page of Fiori launchpad is there any solution for this type of errors?

      Author's profile photo Rama Yenamandra
      Rama Yenamandra



      Did you get a resolution to this?