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Custom Dashboard

The admin dashboard is the flavor which gives information to the end user in a more beautiful presentation rather than a table with rows and columns. It has more functionalities, besides that notification will be shown to the end user whenever a new document is created in the system so that the user can click on the notification icon to view how many documents have been created and also click on any particular document type from notification to send an email regarding the document including the document number to relevant person through SAP Mail.

Note: Forgot to show the show the feedback notification in the video I have placed a option for feedback of flavors it will also be shown as a popup in the lower left corner of window.



     The above figure shows the different functionalities in the flavor. We define a specific work place which changes dynamically according to the user selection and the details are displayed in this area.

     All the details shown above in the figure gets loaded during the flavor loading using the onLoad screen event.

     The notification becomes red with the number indicator if any documents gets created and the user can click on the icon to view the notification and send mail to the desired person.

     The search box is the area where the user can type any transaction number or flavor name or user name and the relevant flavor is displayed to the user can click on the name to move to the particular flavor considering user has authorization to view that particular flavor.

     On the left hand side of the screen there is menu for selecting various details that reflects on the work area.


2. Creating custom tables and RFC

     Custom tables:

          We need to create custom table to implement the notification in personas, efficiently to achieve this we need two tables “ZSD_NOTIFY” for checking the newly created documents and next table is “ZNOTIFY_BUFFER” as a buffer table for storing the buffer data to display the notification.


     We define two fields one for the module type i.e SD, MM, PM etc.., and other as a flag for denoting the number of documents created for that particular module.

     The field has the string type and the doc_value has the integer type for the storing the module type and number of documents created.


     I have included notification for the Sales and Distribution module only so I only have specified this table based on the VBAK table which is for sales and distribution.


Define the fields which can be shown in the notification.

Remote Function Calls:

     We need two RFC’s to display the notification to the users and clear the notification when mail is successfully sent regarding the document.

     The search box needs the flavor details to perform search so we get the details of the flavor from the table “/PERSONAS/FLVIEW”, we write the RFC toget the data from the table and export it to the flavor.

     RFC has to be written to get the total number of flavors and details of those flavors, to display the flavor details charts and the user details chart.

     To display the feedback details of the user the data has to be exported to the flavor from the feedback table.

3.Creating Global JavaScript Libraries:

     We need to create global JavaScript libraries to display the profile picture of the users and perform search for flavor, we can also define the profile pictures in a custom table and get the values through the RFC.

4.Creating Layout:

     We need to create different htmlviewers and labels to populate the data. The layout is given below.

5.Flavor details Chart:

     To display the flavor details get the details of the flavor using the RFC we created before and format the data according to the need using JavaScript and store it in a new JSON array.

     Next build the chart to display the first available modules in the form of chart.

     After that capture the onclick event of the chart and display the corresponding modules clicked.

6.User details Chart:

     Use the same RFC to get the flavor details and format the data to show the details for the user like how many flavors have been created by the particular user.

     Handle the onclick event in the chart to open the leaves of the chart and show the details of the users.

     Also look for user clicking on the leaves of the chart to open the leaf and show the details.


     Get the data using the RFC from the feedback table and format the data in such a way that it appears as a table to user with all the feed back details.

     If any user gives feedback for a particular flavor it displays as a notification on the bottom left corner of the window.

     The user can also download the data in the form of excel file also.

8.Sending Mail

     To send mail necessary configurations has to made in the system using the transaction SMTP, after the necessary configurations are made the mail can be sent through the SAP system.

     Create the layout to enter the email address, subject of the mail and body.

     Onclicking the send mail it performs the automation to enter transaction SWBP and paste the values entered on the main screen on relevant fields and sends the email.

     After sending the mail it copies the status message and returns back to the main page and displays the message as a alert to the user.

9.Active users:

     To get the list of active users we use a standard functional module “TH_USER_LIST” and display the users who are active. When the user click on the profile picture of the user the current working Transaction ID of the active user is displayed.


Hope this was useful. Thank You.

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      Author's profile photo Clemens Gantert
      Clemens Gantert

      Very nice! You might want to take look at the formatting of your blog because the last word in each line seems to be cut off.



      Author's profile photo Vigneshkkar Ravichandran
      Vigneshkkar Ravichandran
      Blog Post Author

      Thank You Clemens, corrected the format now.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very cool. You really manage to create some amazing stuff inside SAP. Crazy lengths to go to, but it really showcases the extreme capabilities of SAP Screen Personas.

      Author's profile photo Vigneshkkar Ravichandran
      Vigneshkkar Ravichandran
      Blog Post Author

      Thank You Jakob, I like to push the limits 🙂



      Author's profile photo Steve Rumsby
      Steve Rumsby

      Keep going. People who push the limits make the product better. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Vigneshkkar Ravichandran
      Vigneshkkar Ravichandran
      Blog Post Author

      Thank You Steve 🙂