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SAP MDG-M : Customizing/Modification UI

Document Description : The purpose of this document is to explain the steps for customizing / modifying User Interface . Making fields/sections visible/hidden.

Table of Contents

1.       Introduction

1.1     Overview

1.2     Scenario

1.4     Pre-requisite

2.       Process

2.1     Steps

1. Introduction

1.1 Overview

SAP Master Data Governance provide standard ‘Master’ UI for each master data model . It is a very common need in SAP Master Data Governance to modify the UI with respect to customer/business need 

1.2 Scenario    

          This document will help you to  fulfill the business need it may require to hide or unhide the respective sections or           attributes  from UI

1.3     Prerequisites

           It is expected necessary BC set with respect to UI configuration are activated and  All necessary configuration is done  in       MDGIMG–>General Setting –>UI Modelling


2. Process

2.1     Steps

User interface attribute can be hide in two ways,

a) Complete Section

b) Single attribute in any section

A:- Complete Section : –  This requirement is suggested to achieve through change in properties of web-dynpro component.

B:- Single attribute  : – For this requirement BADI enhancement is preferred/suggested.



* Right click on UI & Select ‘Technical Help


* Select ‘BS_MAT_OVP_05’…



Select ‘Add Adaptation’


On ‘Add Adaptation’ select desire parameter according to business need.

Post this process it will come like this


Scroll Down to ‘Overview Page Schema’


Now Select Section which need to hidden

Change value as per below screen shot to change property from hidden/visible..


This way complete Section can be hide.


BADI Approach :

T-code : SE18



There is Table in Changing parameter : ‘CT_FLD_PROP’  this contain property of every fields on UI.

Select field name & pass hidden value.

Sample Code.


Following above simple steps we can Modify UI on desired business requirement.

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  • Hi Saurabh!

    Thanks a lot for this document, is very useful to me, i'm a beginner in MDG and I'm triying to set 2 fields like "read Only" These fields are BEGRU and XGCHP while we are creating an Individual Material.

    I think your code is going to be useful for this, but I need to know what is the type for   <FS_MATERIAL>. Could you please, share all the code for this? As I told you before,  I'm beginner in MDG.

    Thank you very much!


  • Hi Saurabh,

    I am new to SAP MDG.

    I need to populate pre fetch customer number and populate, in ERP details customer.I have fetched that using one FM, in Validation BADI adding ZZCustomer attribute.

    But, Now I want to Map it to Customer details UI, while creating customer data.

    Could you please help, like what steps to follow, where to map it (table or Structure), so that it shows up in MDG Customer details.


    Thanks You