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Create Cumulative figure in HANA Graphical Calculation View

Hi All,

This is a document how you can create a cumulative calculation using HANA Graphical Calculation View. It is one of the easy example, but you can extend it to any complex scenario.

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I am creating a Simple file like this and our aim is to create the cumulative column as show bellow.


Annual Sales(USD)

Cumulative Sum Sales













Step 1:

Create a CSV file mention above. The file is already attached in this portal.

Step 2:

Consume the CSV file in HANA and create a Table (Table Name: Zt_Sales_001).

Step 3:

Create a HANA Model / Calculation View name CA_DATA_ CUMULATIVE_001

Step 4:

Take a projection and consume the table you have created.

Step 5:

Create a DUMMY filed with a constant value like ‘1’ (As created in the system)

Step 6:

Then use a Rank Functionality to get the sequence number of the data.

Step 7:

Divided the flow into 2 different projections, and again join with DUMMY field. You will get M*N number of field.

Step 8:

Add 2 calculative column create with following logic. One is Equal to sequence and other is Greater than Equally of sequence. Please have the logic.

Step 9:

Put a filter with Value ‘Y’ on top of the Sequence Column.

Step 10:

Put an Aggregation node on top of Projection node (which has the Greater than Equally of sequence filter). Then Do the aggregation on top of total sales column.

Step 11:

Now Put a Join node and join Projection and aggression node and join on Product field.

Step 12:

Execute the field and see the output.

Please Let me know if you finding any issue here.

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