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SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center (DCC) APJ together with SAP University Alliances hosted 23 students from 18 universities, including Seoul National University, Korea University, and KAIST, on 30 July at the recently opened AppHaus in Korea.  Students who study and practice Design Thinking as part of the Korea Design Thinking Community (DTC), also joined this event.  DTC is a member-run, student community started by SAP.  They had a wonderful time visiting the innovative space and learned how SAP embodies Design Thinking into its way of working.

During the visit, the students had a Q&A session with Christopher Han (VP of DCC APJ) and discussed about innovation culture in Korea, the role of SAP in promoting innovation, and the students’ own participation in this trend.  Here is a brief summary of activities: ·     

– Tour of AppHaus Korea ·    

– Innovation culture in Korea – Q&A session with Christopher Han

– Design Thinking Community introduction – Sejin Park, head of DTC ·    

– Ideation session about finding real problems around us ·    

– Networking time


At the SAP AppHaus in Korea, Christopher Han (VP of DCC APJ) gave a brief talk to university students on how DCC and AppHaus were founded.


Students had a brief tour of AppHaus with Christopher Han. He explained about user-centered design and how it was used to create the innovative workspace.


Christopher Han and students had a Q&A session about Innovation culture in Korea, Silicon Valley, and our collective role in the wave of innovation.


DTC leader, Sejin Park introduced the community, its mission, and current projects applying Design Thinking.


Students had a Ideation session with Richard Jang (intern at UA Korea). They ideated about finding real problems around us that typically go unnoticed.


(students who stayed late after the extended networking time)

Afterwards, students had networking time with snacks and ice cream. They shared their ideas about what is Design Thinking, and how to make use of it to solve real problems.  After this session, some students decided to run workshops for other university students, use it for their own academic assignments, and apply the mindset to every aspect of life.

We had an interview with some of the students after all the sessions and asked the following questions:

– What did you find most interesting during the tour of AppHaus Korea?

– After this tour, what do you think of SAP?

– Do you plan to learn more on SAP and perhaps join the SAP ecosystem?

Check out the interview clip of their responses (Facebook page of AppHaus in Korea )

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