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Author's profile photo Caroleigh Deneen

Changing of the Guard – Member of the Month Program Announcement

I can’t believe I’ve had the honor and the privilege to recognize 25 Members of the Month since I joined SAP’s Community Experience team in July of 2014. Time flies!


I’ve enjoyed every interview and write-up, so it’s with mixed emotions that I announce that we are transitioning responsibility for the program to Jerry Janda. Jerry joined the community team a few months ago, and has been with SAP for nearly 15 years. He’s a communications specialist, (not to mention screen writer and filmmaker) so he’s a great fit for this program, and I’m sure he is going to do a great job. Watch the video to meet Jerry and hear more!


As Jerry will be making his first selection for September soon, we thought this would also be a great opportunity to reiterate the program goals, selection criteria, and share a fun retrospective on the program.


Member of the Month Program Goals

The program was launched to recognize outstanding community engagement on SCN. We use it to say thank members for quality contributions and let other members know they are outstanding community citizens. In addition, the program encourages quality contributions among members striving to achieve it.


Selection Criteria

Selection is a subjective process, but based on strong guiding principles. Selected members have a lot in common, including:

  • Knowledge sharing spirit
  • Showing care of the community by taking on support activities and weighing in on community topics
  • Encouraging others to participate and being respectful
  • Making steady contributions over time
  • Willingness to help others
  • Broad contributions across topics and content types, and engagement with a broad member base


Participating in SAP events, like SAP InsideTrack to make them more successful also helps, and as a global community, we also keep diversity in mind. We accept and vet all nominations with our moderators and space editors and we welcome nominations from anyone in the community for consideration.


I think one point of confusion has been that recognition is targeted at up-and-coming members, meaning Mentors, Topic Leaders and SAP employees aren’t eligible. (There have been rare exceptions, and we do make a standing exception for employees every December.)


A Look Back

The Member of the Month program was launched by Jeanne Carboni in 2012, with Laure Cetin managing the first two years of the program. Since the program launch, a total of 54 members have been recognized. You can find the full list of recognized members in our illustrious SCN Member of The Month Hall of Fame.




Members from 21 counties have been recognized, with the United States, India and Australia being the most popular places our MoMs call home.




16 have gone on to become SCN Moderators, 19 have gone on to become SAP Mentors, and 23 have further been recognized as SCN Topic Leaders. Members of the Month have a diverse range of expertise, with expert contributions in more than 50 spaces. ABAP, SAP for Mobile, NetWeaver Enterprise Portal, SAP Solution Manager have been their most popular topics.


We’ve recognized 9 women and 45 men. While this 20% ratio is close to the reported international averages of women in the IT workforce (16-26%), I would like to see this ratio continue to grow in the future. I have noticed several promising candidates that I have happily shared with Jerry.


In closing, I would like to say thank you to all of the 25 members of the month I have had the pleasure to personally interview. I am so impressed by your modesty, generosity, and smarts, and enjoyed getting to know you all a little better during our talks. And I know I speak for the whole community when I say thank you to all of our Members of the Month for your contributions, which are so very valued and appreciated!


By the way, I’m not going far, and will continue to be involved in the community’s recognition and gamification program.

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      Author's profile photo Simone Milesi
      Simone Milesi

      Hi Caroleigh! I knew meeting me would have been an hard trial even for you: at the end you give up! ~giggle~

      Jokes apart, it has been a great honor and a fantastic experience and you surely made me look alot better, smarter and cleaver than the real me.

      Thanks for all the great work you did!

      Author's profile photo Caroleigh Deneen
      Caroleigh Deneen
      Blog Post Author

      Timing was coincidental, I promise. You are a delightful addition!

      Author's profile photo Matt Fraser
      Matt Fraser

      Caroleigh and Jerry,

      Member of the Month has been a great program, and I am glad to see this tradition continuing. In a way, seeing Jerry take on this role feels a bit like the process you describe for how you select new MoMs; we start to gradually notice his presence in SCN, he posts a bit more, we become increasingly aware of his presence and his contributions, and then... here he is!

      Jerry, we all look forward to seeing the personal touch you will bring to MoM in the future; just as Caroleigh had her own style, different from Laure's before her, yours will be different too. The program must continue to evolve.

      Caroleigh, you didn't leave us any hints about your next adventure! What lies in store for you? Will you still be working with the SCN community team, or does your career growth take you in more novel directions?

      As Simone said, it was a great experience for me. I am not a natural interview subject, I think, and was definitely nervous about my own MoM interview, yet you handled it so expertly, you even got me to sing on camera. I'm still in some shock about that. So, thank you, for all the great MoM interviews, and for my own.



      (Member of the Month, January 2015)

      Author's profile photo Caroleigh Deneen
      Caroleigh Deneen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Matt, I'm not going far, I'll still be working on the Community Experience team, with a focus on reputation and gamification:) As our program begins to expand to include other SAP destinations, with Jerry's recent addition to the team and his natural passions, the timing was right. I am looking forward to his spin as well.

      I'm glad I was able to make you feel comfortable enough to share that song, Matt. It's one of my favorite segments. And I would have never guessed you were nervous! (But I'll confess I always was too, before every single MoM interview.)

      Author's profile photo Moshe Naveh
      Moshe Naveh

      Good luck Jerry and thank you Caroleigh for this amazing journey that allowed the stars of the community to shine even brighter

      Author's profile photo Vadim Klimov
      Vadim Klimov

      Hello Caroleigh and Jerry!

      Caroleigh, it is a pity to hear you will not introduce new members and intelligent minds to the SCN community anymore. But, as you said, you hand this significant task to Jerry - congratulations, Jerry, will be glad to see you nominating and interviewing new members, and bringing your individuality to the entire process.

      My very best and sincere wishes of good luck to you, Caroleigh, in your new endeavours and amazing challenges! It was real pleasure and great honor for me to be interviewed by you. After first emotions ("Wow!" and "Why me?!"), it was exciting to speak to you, even though it was worrying feeling when dialing in to it. Thank you a lot for making it as much comfortable and kind, as it can be possible, and turning the whole interview into very friendy and relaxed talk! And our discussion of twins life experience is definitely something that I recall with a smile.



      Author's profile photo Gali Kling Schneider
      Gali Kling Schneider

      I love reading the comments here!

      Caroleigh has done a wonderful job, 25 MoM wow and video!  I agree with Matt Fraser she truly does have a different voice from Laure, and we've all had the pleasure of 'hearing' her these past 2 years.

      Also, I too look forward to all the ways Jerry will 'make MoM his own'.

      Author's profile photo Nithyanandam Venu
      Nithyanandam Venu

      Hello Caroleigh,

      You are such amazing person and had great interview time with you 🙂 keep rocking.



      Author's profile photo Yuksel AKCINAR
      Yuksel AKCINAR

      Hello Caroligh,

      First of all, I agree with Matt Fraser.

      Nice summary about MOM program. Thank you for the info.

      As always happen, you are shifting flag to Jerry.

      Good luck in your new adventures.

      Thank you again for your efforts for MOM and SCN.

      CogratsJerry Janda.


      Yuksel AKCINAR

      Author's profile photo Jerry Janda
      Jerry Janda

      Thank you! I hope you'll enjoy my very first Member of the Month post.