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This blog should give some helpful information about the usage of currency exchange rates in C4C.

C4C does support currency exchange rates, but does not provide the same features and functions as ERP.

Below are some facts with regards to

  • maintenance of exchange rates
  • integration with ERP
  • exchange rates in reporting

1. Maintenance of exchange rates

You maintain exchange rates in the Administration workcenter under ‘common tasks’


By default you see the ‘default exchange rate type’. If you add new lines in this view you always add them automatically with type ‘default exchange rate’. Technically it is type 001


You can switch the filter to ‘ all exchange rate types’- then a new column appears and shows the exchange rate type itself.


In this view you could also maintain exchange rates of other types which can be maintained in finetuning.

Important to know:

The exchange rate table is a shared basic feature with other cloud applications. C4C ONLY!!! uses the default exchange rate type 001 in all features and functions where currency conversion is done. Therefore it makes absolutely no sense to maintain other exchange rate types. Also it makes no sense to maintain other rates in finetuning – since you can not choose the exchange rate type anywhere in C4C business transactions.

2. Integration with ERP

You can upload your exchange rate types via an predelivered  iflow scenario from ERP

For details – please check the integration guide.

If you use another exchange rate type than type 001 in ERP or even multiple exchange rate types in ERP – you have to map one of those to the type 001 in your middleware in order to get the default exchange rate type in C4C.

3. Exchange rate types in analytics

In the reporting you have to define your report in a way that the selection allows you to specify the currency

See the opportunity analysis report for example


you can choose for the display currency between

a. Default company currency: this is derived from the company an employee is assigned to in the org model (so if you are assigned to company US which      has USD you will get everything converted to USD- if you are assigned to Company with EUR you get EUR ….

b.  Specify a currency manually

Important to know:

a. IF there is no currency conversion maintained- the currency is not converted and shown as used in the business transaction. This will lead to an ‘*’ in sums       since the system can not sum up different currencies.

b. from release 1605 on you can maintain default currencies also on Sales org level. This is not reflected in analytics yet. it is planned in a future release to provide a selection ‘ Default sales Org currency’

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