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September 2016

Connected devices, or “things”, already outnumber people on the Internet, and while Gartner’s predictions for 2016 is that 6.4 Billion connected devices will be reached, it’s expected that in 2020 we will reach 20.8 Billion. 

BUILD generates the code that you can import into Web-IDE as a starting Point for further developing. Prerequisites: SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) developer account https://account.hana.ondemand.com SAP Build account https://open.sap.com/files/f07b4dad-713e-4c13-a2d1-15a404900cc0 Published BUILD prototype https://open.sap.com/files/0355b38a-79fb-4d5f-bee5-8f7d8ef4ffef 1.

What if Mozart and Beethoven invented their own Notation Systems? To appreciate why semantic notation can have such an impact on your business—step back for a moment and imagine if every composer from Mozart to