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SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer : How to achieve Clean Customer Data in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

Customer master data is often one of most valued key assets for any company. It is not only a repository of structured customer data which has been enriched over a period of time but also plays a very important role as it interacts with almost every transactional data in any enterprise application.

Lack of consolidated view of customer data across all channels can lead to failure in capitalizing on large marketing opportunities. Additionally customer transactions are compromised due to limited view of customer facts resulting in lost sales or poor service delivery thus lowering the ROI on CRM investments.

Inconsistent customer data can also impede critical innovation initiatives and result in compromised business dynamics with negative impact on managing resources effectively.

SAP Cloud for Customer provides multiple ways for data management teams to ensure clean data in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer .

One of the recommended ways to keep customer data clean and enriched is to leverage commercially available solutions like D&B to search and add customers and contacts to SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer .  The solution offers standard OOTB integration with D&B. If your system is configured and integrated with D&B , you can use the D&B customer repository to browse and import customer & contact data into SAP Cloud for Customer . You can refer to the following document for setup (

Once the setup is complete and you have access to D&B360 , you can search and add customer directly from D&B .


You can search for a customer records in D&B and import these records , In case the record is already present in C4C database you will observe a ‘A’ icon against that record in D&B 360.


You can click on the A icon and see the owner information .


You can also link and import a new account from D&B .

Duplicate 8.jpg

Duplicate 10.jpg

Once the account is imported  you will observe that the system assigns the A icon against the D&B record.

Duplicate 9.jpg

You will observe that the system will import the account with status ‘In Preparation’, into SAP Cloud for Customer with all the mapping fields .

Once an account in linked to the D&B record , you can always browse through D&B details by navigating to the D&B facet of the account details page.

Duplicate 11.jpg

You can navigate to the overview page of D&B and browse through all the detail pertaining to that account . Additionally you can also import contact detail from D&B .

By Leveraging D&B360  you can ensure that only valid customers are imported in your SAP Cloud for Customer database with all the relevant details thus avoiding duplicates .

In case you decide to go for direct creation of customer records in SAP Cloud for Customer , the system provides an in build mechanism to identify and propose duplicates if any .

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer delivers OOTB capability to check for duplicates during account/contact and customer creation .

The system administrator can configure the duplication by the below illustrated configurations :-



the administrator can set the weight-ages for the various dimensions as shared above . 


Based on the duplicate check configuration and data entered during record creation ,the system will determine the duplicates and will list them with similarity percentage thus informing the user how similar are the records with the one which the user intends to create.

Another point to consider here is that the system will not consider the access restrictions for the user while evaluating the duplicates which means if the user is not authorized to view ‘Best Buy – Milpitas’ account even then the system will list this account as a potential duplicate in the duplicate check proposal . In essence the system will match all active accounts in the database to prepare the duplicate check proposal .

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer has implemented a standard duplicate check algorithm , you can get more details on this in the related blog :- HOWTO – Business Partner Duplicate Check Algorithm

What if you identify duplicate records have been created in your SAP Cloud for Customer instance , you can still clean up the data with no data loss by using the account/contact and customer merge feature . To know more please refer to my blog :-

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂

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      Author's profile photo Jérémie Waltman
      Jérémie Waltman

      Hello Ajitabh

      Thank you for the blog.

      I've heard that D&B360 API has been stopped by D&B (or i not active anymore), do you have news about it ?


      thank you


      Jérémie Waltman

      Author's profile photo Mark Carvalho
      Mark Carvalho

      Hi there..


      this was good information and I'm curious as to how long after adjusting the weight-ages do they become active.

      I'm finding in my test environment, that after making changes to the values, it does not seem to impact the duplicate check functionality immediately.