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Building the Future of the Community Together (Feedback Survey)

We are loading up the moving van and getting ready to relocate from SCN to our new home in the SAP Community.  As community members, we are building the foundation for our future home together and it’s critical that every one of us contributes to the key decisions being made.

Our new home already provides us with some great benefits:

  • Simplified interface
  • Best-in-breed technology
  • Healthier content publishing through progressive blogger levels

And we’ve just rolled out the carpet on some new enhancements:

  • Single Sign-On between Blogs and Answers
  • Enhanced tagging capabilities
  • A new Actions menu for easier access to common tasks
  • Quick view of your karma credits

Now that we’ve hung the curtains and painted the front door on our new home (now in Beta), we want to know what you think.

This survey is now complete.  Click here to view the results!

You can still leave us feedback by posting a question and tagging it with 1dxcommdest,.  Also, please check out our Feedback List and Bugs List to see what’s already been requested or reported.

Need more information? Here are a few links to some more information about the Community Beta program and the One Digital Experience (1DX) initiative:

Questions?  Feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  • A suggestion:

       If the SCN moderators were to offer up SCN points as an incentive for participating in the survey I am sure the response would be greater. 😉

  • I'm curious why this is just one question in the survey:

    This transition is a positive change for SAP and I'm excited to move forward with the new platform

    Well, it might be positive because really, how could you do worse than Jive? But considering that beta is far from being move-in ready at the moment excitement is not exactly what I feel. Disagree or Somewhat Agree (which is not the same as "Somewhat Disagree") are the only answer options. Difficult choice here with the AND condition. 🙂

      • Hi Eng Swee,

        On a scale of 1-5, the survey returned a 3.46.  Rather lukewarm and probably got a much lower rating from the super user/moderator/mentor members who have to deal with the warts.  I don't think they learned anything from the last major update.

        Sat in the 1DX call yesterday and one of the things that stood out in my mind was a comment regarding 36k visitors last month.  I will say the comment context did not stick in my mind, but I do go check the counts for SCN.  September, 2016 which is only half over, already has over 567k unique visitors, 838k visits, and over 1.3M page views.

        Someone asked me if any load testing has been done.  I suspect not, but would love to see the results if I am proved wrong.

        Cheers, Mike

        • Hi Mike,

          yes we do load and stress testing for all the applications. In case you will be at TechEd I can show you how we build these applications, run automated functional tests, nightly load tests etc.


        • On a scale of 1-5, the survey returned a 3.46.

          I am actually surprised by the high result - many of the people posting highly positive feedback here, were after the easy 5 points and didn't really try to play with the new site.

          One of the questions, I think, was something like "do you know how to..." - I wonder if this was part of the score. Just because I know how to perform a certain task, it does not mean that it is done in an efficient way.

          • Hello Jamie,

            thank you for clarifying.

            Yes, the survey results don't look good even for beta stage. I really hope that this will trigger more drastic changes to the overall design and will re-prioritize the feature requests/bug fixes to make the site more functional.

            Right now, most of the recent changes are cosmetic (and no, implementing SSO is not exactly a feature, it has to be there for the site to function properly), or bug-fixes. It looks like people are trying build upon a not very good design by patching the things that SCN-ers complain about the most and it makes the site look worse than it probably is.

            I see SCN Beta more as a playground for SAP to try out some UX ideas - what can be learned here, can be applied in other projects as well.

          • Yes, it definitely has driven some changes in strategy and prioritization (which is constantly responding to the most recent information on bugs & feedback).  I definitely agree that there are functional issues that must be prioritized before "prettying up" the site and those have been highlighted and weighted appropriately against other feedback to make decisions on where we should apply resources first.  This is why I want to re-emphasize the fact that the survey results (in conjunction, of course, with the other feedback & bug reports we've taken) are critical to help us drive that kind of decision making.

            I think you will be happy to see some really exciting, positive changes coming in the near future.  We will share what we can, as often as we can (in fact, this is one of our feedback items on the Community team -- to do a better job of sharing what's going on, so we're working on some great ways to do that, as well!)



          • Hi Jamie

            We will share what we can, as often as we can (in fact, this is one of our feedback items on the Community team -- to do a better job of sharing what's going on, so we're working on some great ways to do that, as well!)

            What is still missing from the wrap up or anywhere else is a clear communication regarding the timeline of the launch.

            The issue of an impending launch being mentioned in various sites/sources is still not being addressed, and this remains a cause for concern, whether real or perceived.

            It would also be good if you can share openly what are the concrete criteria used to determine if the new platform is worthy/ready to be launched. At the moment, we get a lot of vague descriptions ranging from "ready based on community feedback" to "feature XYZ won't be available at launch but is on the roadmap". While it's great to know that the team is prioritizing features/fixes based on feedback (and we do appreciate all the hardwork), to be honest, it's hard to imagine what we can expect of the state of the platform and functionality at the point of launch.


            Eng Swee

          • I agree completely with your critique Eng Swee.  Please keep an eye out for an update on both these items tomorrow.  (Now, I'm being intentionally vague 😀 )



          • I need just one working search tool which give me the answers i need.

            (i read your post about broken links/archive vs migrated blogs and felt depressed)

            Anyway i choose my outfit for 10th Oct.


          • I remember several years ago I used some software to download the content of a complete website locally, but for something that big as SCN... this is not a realistic option.

            A few years back a very popular online library in my country went down and it was not possible to recover the data from the servers. Luckily, a lot of people had downloaded the software to have it stored locally (or at least most of the content) and multiple mirrors appeared in less than 24 hours until the site was up and running again.

            I really hope that the migration will go smoothly and that there will be no data lost, misplaced or corrupted beyond repair or at least that there is an action plan for rollback or extract from some archived database the data.

            Now it feels like moving from a highly customized system on EHP6 to S/4 vanilla... scary...

          • I really hope that the migration will go smoothly and that there will be no data lost, misplaced or corrupted beyond repair or at least that there is an action plan for rollback or extract from some archived database the data.

            Yeah, and i want a pink unicorn! 😐

    • Jelena Perfiljeva wrote:


      Well, it might be positive because really, how could you do worse than Jive?

      Jelena, I think that any script (or system (?)) could be worse than Jive.

      I don't know how SAP could even bough that system / platform.

      But now I'm really happy with the new "design" and fresh air of changes.

      I hope the best of luck for  the new SAP 1DX.


    • Thanks for the feedback on that particular question, Jelena.  I will keep it in consideration for future surveys (can't change this one now that it's already live, but definitely will keep that in consideration when reviewing the results). 

    • Hi Jelena,

      How can you do worse than Jive?  Let me count the ways.

      SSO not working across the ecosphere and inconsistently at best

      Notifications by email not working

      Navigation incomprehensible

      Moderation Tools don't work for Question, Comments, Answers

      Search does not find solutions

      Mind you these are only a few of the significant bugs not addressed.

      Regards, Mike

      SAP Technology RIG

      • Interesting... blaming the application. Where have I heard that before?  <smirk>

        But in all seriousness, check That is run on Jive and it is handled masterfully granted with slightly different parameters.

        I compare the current SCN with Thwack and I recognize the issues. I understand why the SCN wants to "start fresh" on a new platform.

  • I took the survey and i found it... meh!

    All the questions sound to me like you want to show people how great the new community is instead of focusing on real needs many of us already pointed out 🙂

    Just my 2 cents

  • There is a lot of feedback already posted and I don't see anything being done about a significant part of it. I checked again yesterday and it was the same as few weeks ago when I posted a video on the Mentor Jam.

    I don't care about the design or even platform, to be honest. It just needs to be functional. Right now it isn't. And asking for the feedback and then not doing anything about the issues is one thing but posting a survey "are you excited or super excited?" on top of it is adding insult to injury IMHO. Although considering SCN has become an arm of marketing it's not surprising, sadly.

    • Your video was good to watch and definitely added weight and context to other feedback we've seen on the same topics.  As the new blog platform owner, I'll be driving the enhancements and fixes coming in the future, so thank you for taking the time to share it. It's always great to have some in-situ examples of the issues.

      • Hi Jelena,

        To add to Jamie's comment, your video has been shared throughout our team. Many of the issues you mentioned with regard to the content on the homepage will be addressed with launch. Thank you for your thoughtful comments and suggestions.

  • I must be in the minority then. I don't mind the Jive platform. I interface with it on other vendor's gamification sites and it is widely loved.

    To be fair it is what you make of it and there are big differences between the SCN and the other ones I am a member of.

  • Hi all,

    Thank you for your comments here.  I want to acknowledge and specifically address a few key criticisms.

    Regarding the survey:

    This survey is part of our strategy of user-driven development and regular check-ins with how the community is feeling about the changes we're making. 

    In the survey, we asked:

    • how often you use the beta site
    • whether you found the site (1) easy to navigate, (2) easy to use, and (3) a positive change for the community
    • how we can further improve your experience with the new site (another channel for contributing or reinforcing feedback)
    • how we can help prepare you for the move
    • how confident you are feeling about the new site's ability to meet your needs

    This is a normal part of the process of beta testing and assessing the community's feelings about the change.  As with our other feedback channels, the responses are reviewed daily and feed into our development decisions.  That said, it is understandable that if you have already been contributing feedback items and bug reports, this survey would feel redundant.  Let's think of this more as a pulse check, than a rubber stamp request.

    Regarding community as a part of marketing:

    Community has been a part of the marketing function at SAP for a long time.  This has never affected our focus on providing a collaborative, knowledge sharing platform.  (I've personally spent way too much time explaining the difference to people between a marketing piece and a proper blog post and why we don't allow thinly-disguised ads...)  The community platform change is not being driven from a marketing perspective.  There are significant technical reasons for the change, which have been detailed out in other blog articles, so I won't get into them here.

    Regarding feedback:

    I understand the frustration at feeling like you've contributed a lifetime's worth of feedback only to not see it immediately implemented.  That said, user feedback literally drives every decision we make regarding the new platform.  On Sept 1, we released another wave of new fixes and features into the beta site, driven by that same user feedback.  We are keenly aware of the need to increase the transparency into this process (e.g. while some fixes may not be live yet, it doesn't mean they're not in development already) -- this is a hot topic on our team and we're working to provide a better solution for making you aware of the things we're working on. 

    To wrap this all up, we continue to move forward with new features, bug fixes and enhancements, and will continue to do so even post-launch. 

    • Hi Jamie

      Thanks for the response. It is exactly this type of honest and open communication that we users need from the 1DX team.

      I agree wholeheartedly with Jelena's point that the new platform "just needs to be functional" and even Jeremy Good commented here that "we cannot settle for anything less than what we have today, and in some areas we deserve better".

      Furthermore when Gali Kling Schneider launched the beta few months back, she said that "The product won't be final until we believe we’re on the right path based on community feedback."

      Right now, many of the community's heavy and influential users (Mentors, Moderators, MoM) are providing feedback that it is neither on the right path (yet) nor at least what we have today.

      Now, let me share with you the basis of my concern. In the TechEd speaker's website, there is a specific note that regarding SCN links in the materials:-

      SCN is migrating to a new platform in the next several weeks. ....

      No where on SCN has this been openly communicated to the community, so would you be able to throw more light into this?


      Eng Swee

      • Actually I saw the same exact line "in the next several weeks" somewhere else too but don't remember the source.

        I agree that we really need another round of beta-testing after new SCN has at least the basic functionality that we have now.

        • Jelena Perfiljeva - here is a recent example of the impending launch wording you referred to, and the "We won't, however, have them available at launch. They are on the road map for future delivery" that gives us cause for concern related to timing.

          Kudos to the SCN team for the increased information flow and diligent efforts to work on the improvements, but chasing the carrot at the end of the stick keeps us all hungry.

          • Hi Jeremy,

            I understand and empathize.  We will continue to see enhancements added and bugs fixed both before and after launch.  We are working daily on prioritizing and resolving bug reports and feature requests to ensure the smoothest rollout possible, packing as much as possible into each development cycle, but you're right, we will not have every feature request implemented prior to launch.

            Best regards,