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Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016 is scheduled to release on September 9, 2016!

   Appeon for PowerBuilder 2016 is a major release of the product that adds numerous new features to both the Web and Mobile targets, an expanded software environment compatibility and support for additional PowerBuilder features. The new release also focuses on further improving the user productivity and simplifying deployment.

Feature Highlights

PowerBuilder Feature Enhancement

  • InkPicture control. OpenUserObject function of UserObject.
  • Accessing data in JSON format.
  • OLEStorage & OLEStream objects (Web target only).


  • Installable Web Application.  Appeon Web applications can now be installed and run without a Web browser, avoiding cumbersome configuration issues and streamlining access.
  • Easy Mobile Deployment.  Both AWS & mobile apps can be instantly installed to the mobile device by scanning an application – specific QR code.
  • Upgrading for Mobile. The run-time for AWS and standalone mobile apps are now automatically updated as long as  users are managed by the Appeon Server.
  • Enhanced Data Source Management. More built-in functions are available to better facilitate the management of data sources on the .NET platform, including creating, deleting, and modifying data sources.
  • Installation Dependency Checking.  The product setup program will automatically check the environment and report any required components that are missing.

Mobile Specific Enhancements

  • Print Functions for Android.  Print functions like Print, PrintBitMap, Print DataWindow, etc. are now available for your use on Android, in addition to printing on iOS.
  • Apache Cordova Plugins.   Enrich your mobile apps with the vast library of Apache Cordova Plugins, which are easily accessible via simple PowerScript APIs.
  • Enhanced Mobile UX.  Additional APIs are provided to give developers more control over the mobile UX, for example, setting the keyboard type in EditMasks and DataWindows.  

Software Environment Compatibility

  • Microsoft Edge. In addition to Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, now your Web apps can be accessed via the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10.
  • WildFly 10. Appeon Server is now compatible with the new WildFly 10 as well as JBoss EAP 6.0.1/6.4.
  • EJB 3.x. Appeon Server is now compatible with EJB 3.x specifications on all certified Java EE application servers.
  • PostgreSQL. Your Web and mobile targets can now take advantage of PostgreSQL, which has a strong reputation for reliability, data integrity, and correctness.
  • Expanded Support for IBM DB2.  Your Web and mobile targets can now take advantage of IBM DB2 on the .NET platform

Regards … Chris

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  1. Former Member

    Hey Chris;

    I am a bit confused. Is there an official confirmation about this date and this version? Why didn’t Appeon announce this in in roadmap or dropped a press release.

    best regards


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Ben;

        The roadmap focused on PowerBuilder and not the other Appeon products. I don’t think that Armeen wanted to confuse the audience attendees by talking about both.

      Regards … Chris

  2. Former Member

    Wow Chris,

    It gets more exciting each time I read the feature list.  No sign of release links on Appeon Support Portal.  Any idea when today they plan to release?


    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Michael;

        I have no exact dates yet on this aspect.

      Appeon is very  busy though designing a whole new website that will springboard many new initiatives. The new website will be coming soon. I’ll post about this as soon as I get more official information.

      Regards … Chris

      1. Former Member

        Chris, do you have the fix list for this release?  I know it is supposed to fix some datawindow treeview printing issues on the web version, and I want to see what else may be fixed that isn’t in their new features list.

        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Mike;

            I have had the beta version running for the past month but don’t have the GA release yet. Once I do, I’ll check the fix list for you.

          Regards … Chris


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