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Update project questionnaire in RPM system

Hi Experts,

I had been to a project requirement in which I had to update Project’s questionnaire in programmatic fashion. We were getting data to update project questionnaire from a third party and the questionnaire was to be updated in a proxy call.

I am new to PPM/RPM and I did not know how to achieve this, however, after some research work and guidance from my lead we could achieve it.

Creating this document to help you with a very little knowledge/experience I have gained during the discussed client requirement.


Updating project questionnaire can be done in the PPM screen (FPM based) also, with user interaction. We did the same and traced it using ST12.

In the trace we determined that there is a method call of an instance happens which takes care of entire update. We mimicked the standard way in our custom class and called the custom class’ method in the proxy interface’s method.

Technical Solution

First we had to lock the said project to perform an update. To lock it we used  /rpm/cl_lock_manager=>enqueue_object

CALL METHOD /rpm/cl_lock_manager=>enqueue_object


       iv_lock_mode          = ‘E’ ” Lock mode

       iv_object_external_id = <32 char project ID>   ” Business Object External ID

       iv_application_type   = ‘RPM’             ” Application in Project Planning, it may differ in your case


       et_msg                = lt_msg    ” Table Type for Messages


We had put the break-point in MODIFY method of /RPM/CL_SERVICES class as it is the method which gets called to perform the changes, we observed the contents of CT_MODIFICATION (changing parameter) and mimicked the same when we called this method in our program after locking the project.

DATA(lr_rpm_service) = /RPM/CL_SERVICES=>get_instance( ).

* Pass the new values

   CALL METHOD lr_rpm_service->modify


       is_context        = ls_context  ” Portfolio Hierarchy


       et_msg            = lt_msg      ” Table Type for Messages


       ct_modification   = lt_modifications     ” Initiative Modifications


ls_context we can fill with the help of certain tables which I will talk now–

* Get project details from Operational item persisted data table /RPM/ITEM_D

   SELECT * UP TO 1 ROWS INTO ls_project

     FROM /rpm/item_d

     WHERE external_id =<proj numb>.


* Get questionnaire header data from table /RPM/QNNR

   SELECT * UP TO 1 ROWS INTO gs_qnnr_head

     FROM /rpm/qnnr

     WHERE object_guid = ls_projectguid.


* Get custom object type

   SELECT * UP TO 1 ROWS INTO ls_cust_obj_type

     FROM /rpm/obj_cus_fld

     WHERE field_name = ls_qnnr_headattribute_id.


* Fill returning structure

   ls_contextobject_guid    = ls_projectguid.

   ls_contextobject_id      = ls_qnnr_headattribute_id.

   ls_contextobject_type    = ‘QNR’.

   ls_contextparent_guid    = ls_projectparent_guid.

   ls_contextparent_type    = ls_cust_obj_typeobj_type.

   ls_contextportfolio_guid = ls_projectportfolio_guid.

After call of the method MODIFY with the correct parameters (you need to observe the parameters in debug mode and then program them and pass them ), we will call method DO_ACTION of the same class

CALL METHOD lr_rpm_service->do_action


       is_context        = ls_context    ” Portfolio Hierarchy

       in_bo_node_name   = lv_string1 “Dummy

       in_action_name    = /rpm/cl_ui_co=>action_save

       in_parameters     = ls_dpara “Dummy


       et_msg            = lt_msg    ” Table Type for Messages

       ev_rc             = lv_rc


Unlock the project after entire processing-



       iv_lock_mode          = ‘E’    ” Lock mode

       iv_object_external_id = ls_projectexternal_id    ” Business Object External ID


I hope this document helps people in any way to get closer to their client’s similar requirements.

Thanks & Regards

Mohit Kumar

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      Author's profile photo Amarnadh Reddy Palavalli
      Amarnadh Reddy Palavalli

      Good attempt.