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Relationship Between Outbound & Inbound IDOC Across Systems-FIDCC1

Outbound & Inbound IDOC Relationship for Message Type FIDCC1

Assume the below scenario,

  1. The requirement is to transfer the FICO transaction data between two systems (say from Source System X10 to Target System X20).
  2. A Financial Accounting document is posted in source system (X10) and an Outbound IDOC is generated for message type FIDCC1 (for both Accounting and Controlling Document) in X10 system.
  3. Program that transfers the FICO transaction data between systems – how it is accomplished.
  4. FICO transaction data gets transferred to the Target System X20 and an Inbound IDOC is generated for the message type FIDCC1 in X20 system.

There could be instances thousands of accounting and controlling documents gets posted in SAP systems on a particular day and difficult to track the inbound IDOC’s created in the Target system for the respective outbound IDOC generated in the source system. Here I have tried to explain on how to relate or match the Outbound & Inbound IDOC’s from business user’s perspective.

Step 1: Posting FICO Accounting Document in Source System (X10)

Assume a vendor invoice 0500000010 is posted and an outbound IDOC is generated for the message type FIDCC1. The Relationship browser can be used to identify the Outbound IDOC generated for this vendor invoice.


The outbound IDOC reference created for the accounting document being posted can be easily obtained from FB03àRelationship option (refer above screen shots)

The relationship window in the above menu displays the Outbound IDOC 42138 for the message type FIDCC1.

The IDOC can be displayed using the transaction WE02.


Step 2: Finding the relation of the Outbound and Inbound IDOC posted between the systems:

Solution 1: WE09

Enter the below details in the selection screen of the transaction WE09 to narrow down the output to the exact record. Enter the date and the Logical Message as “FIDCC1” as shown below. (Note: Execute WE09 in the target system)


The Segment, Field and the value details can be obtained from the source system IDOC. Here E1FIKPF is the Header Segment in the IDOC structure and BELNR is the Accounting document reference in the IDOC.


Execute the program now.


Here the relationship between the outbound IDOC 42138 and the Inbound IDOC 1824424 can be displayed and this Inbound IDOC number can be used to display the accounting document posted in the Target system X20.

Display the Inbound IDOC 1824424 in the target system using the transaction WE02 /WE05.



Document 0500000008 was the accounting document posted in the Target system for the corresponding accounting document in Source system 0500000010.

The same relationship can also be obtained from the target system accounting document.

FB03–>Environment–>Relationship Browser.


Solution 2: Usage of BD87

Execute the transaction BD87 in the Source System to find the Inbound IDOC created in the Target system.



Solution 3: BDM2

BDM1 – IDOC Tracing

Execute the transaction in the Source system (X10) to find the relationship between the Outbound IDOC created in the Source system and the Inbound IDOC created in the Target system.

  • Enter the message type as FIDCC1 for FICO transactions.
  • Enter the Partner Type of the Receiver: LS (Logical System), because the transfer is between the systems. The detail can also be found in the Outbound IDOC created in the Source system. Use transaction WE02/WE05 as explained previously.
  • Enter Partner Number of the Receiver: The Partner number can be found in the Outbound IDOC created in the Source system.
  • Use transaction WE02/WE05 as explained previously./wp-content/uploads/2016/08/11_1026202.png

Use the above information for IDOC tracing.



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      Author's profile photo Bhagaban Pradhan
      Bhagaban Pradhan

      nice post.

      I know basic concept of ALE IDOC scenario but my project not have any ALE/IDoc requirement. My request can you share some other real time scenario then i can explorer my knowledge in ALE/IDOC.


      Thanks & Regards,


      Bhagaban Pradhan



      Author's profile photo Krishan Kumar Pandey
      Krishan Kumar Pandey

      Dear Satyaraj,


      Can you share the T Code to transfer the document from Source to Target System post maintenance of Partner Profile for Message Type FIDCC1.