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The Idea Place for SAP Business One

***********************UPDATE February 2019 ************************************
This blog content is outdated and no longer valid, but i don’t want to remove it because of the intersting discussion.
For current info please see this blog: Are you wondering how you can improve SAP Business One? You are SAP Business One!
Dear all,
I work in the solution management of SAP Business One and our team is responsible for the SAP Business One Idea Place.

The direct feedback on idea place from customers and partners is one of the most important channels for roll-in, it is essential for our product. But not only for Solution Management, also Field and Support rely on this central and very established platform.

As a SAP customer or partner, the idea place is your channel for submitting ideas to improve SAP Business One. We recommend the idea place very frequently, also out of support incidents as shown in SAP note 1028874.

The Idea Place for SAP Business One  transitioned from a public website to a private website on September 15th, 2016. Access is now restricted to customer and partners with SAP S-user IDs. To confirm whether you are logging on with an S-user ID (SXXXXXX), please logon to and ensure your ‘User ID’ begins with an ‘S’. Customers without an S-user ID can request one from their partner.

Partners can request one via here Public accounts from general email providers such as no longer have access to the site.

Please continue to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in the development of the future SAP Business One releases by exposing your ideas and voting on the already proposed ones. The Idea Place facilitates the process of creating and also handling the ideas you exposed.

Additions to the blog as of July 28 2017:

a.) Categories Adjustment
For a better mapping of ideas and a more practical usage, we have just recently made the following simplifications. In total, four available categories for SAP Business One were removed:

  • Merged three categories: Purchase A/P & MRP & Production -> Purchasing/Production/MRP
  • Merged two categories: B1i Framework/Solutions & Service Layer/SDK -> Extensibility(Service Layer/SDK/B1i)
  • Renamed General/Other -> General/Usability/Other
  • Removed SAP HANA (since SAP HANA has become more a commodity for SAP Business One and DB/Platform specific ideas are anyway to be filed on the Idea Place for SAP HANA)

b.) Current Status DistributionIn addition to our discussion below, I would like to give an insight how the situation on the idea place has changed within the last 13 month:

Out of question, today’s idea funnel looks quite better, and I can only thank all stakeholders and contributors. In fact, there is still a lot of work and we are fully aware that we need to communicate even better with you and above all, have to correspond/realize more of your ideas.
But as mentioned, we are working on better concepts, we will inform you soon in Detail.

Just to clarify, ideas which are addressed with release 9.3 are not yet reflected in today’s status as we cannot commit on 9.3 features before start of the early adoption care program (EAC) / release to customer (RTC).

Thank you for helping us to further optimize and enhance SAP Business One!
Best regards, Peter

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      Author's profile photo Tamás Dénes
      Tamás Dénes

      Dear Peter,

      May I ask how important are these ideas and suggestions from customers, partners and consultants for SAP?

      According to my 2 years experience there are many good ideas there but it seems that nobody cares at SAP!

      Most of the ideas (72%) are in the SUBMITTED state even back from 2012. Only a minority of the ideas has got any response from SAP!

      Some of the posters seem to investigate considerable time for being able to help development but SAP don't seem to be interested.

      Why? Why?

      SAP Business One has a lot of potential but also is bleeding from many wounds (as we say it in Hungary)! Serious performance problems, incomplete DI API, low quality standard report layouts (at least in Central Europe), lacking developer documentation, some half implemented features, etc. just to name a few.

      What a customer or partner could think if SAP don't listen for feedback?

      How long should we be faithful to SAP B1 in the hope that things will improve and problems will be solved?

      Many people has lost his hope according to the posts on idea place. It's because even after several years they has not got any response from sap even if many people contributed to the idea.

      I don't think that this post will change anything,  but as we say here "hope dies last....".


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Tom,

      many thanks for your open feedback, we really welcome such exchange. We will gladly respond shortly to your questions.

      Best regards, Peter

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Tom,

      First of all, thank you again for your feedback that we take very seriously.

      We absolutely understand your impression of the idea place. Please let us give you some background information and a different perspective in the following.

      The input from idea place is extraordinary important for SAP. It is one of the main channels to directly collect professional feedback from customers, consultants and partners on how to refine SAP Business One. Be assured that SAP Business One Solution Management carefully monitors and consumes the ideas. The voting mechanism available to this huge community is an excellent indicator for prioritizing and estimating the impact of your ideas.

      Actually, you are correct that only a minority of ideas has got a response from SAP, but that does not mean that SAP does not care. Please see the explanation on the start page of SAP Business One idea place:

      SAP values the tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience that customers and partners have developed while working with SAP Business One. However please note that the roll-in of new non-legal requirements is handled at the discretion of SAP Business One Solution Management. Solution Management is in contact with customers and partners around the globe to ensure that the most important functions are considered. Therefore note that you will not necessarily be contacted after posting a new idea and that the implementation of new features suggested cannot be promised. For legal reasons we are not allowed to give any future statements here.

      Please understand these conditions, we are not able to provide concrete commitment to your ideas before the actual delivery. We understand that your expectations are naturally different. Just to mention it, the only document where we provide statements about the future is the SAP Business One road map on, many planned enhancements and improvements outlined in the document are based on your contributions on idea place.

      Be assured that we try to optimize our response behavior. You can see that we already have achieved a lot in recent weeks. Another strategy change is that we will no longer operate the idea place publicly, as announced above.

      Thanks again for your contribution, please keep delivering your input and voting for other ideas. We hope we can still count on your commitment.

      Best regards, Peter

      Author's profile photo Tamás Dénes
      Tamás Dénes

      Dear Peter,

      I appreciate You taking time to respond in such detail! Thank You!

      Since I can't see how SAP is working inside I can only believe You!

      Surely there are channels where SAP gets response from partners and customers and I also value the development effort we see in each new version.

      My only complaint regarding Idea space is that it doesn't seem to be as important as it could be. Probably it has got much lower priority in development decisions than other factors.

      You wrote that Idea space is primarily to gather ideas and measure its acceptance through the voting mechanism and we should not take serious the states the ideas have (for legal reasons there is no feedback).

      So I checked the first 100 ideas (out of 2435) having the most votes:

      - Submitted: 48

      - Under review: 31

      - Delivered: 18

      - Archived: 3

      The very first most voted idea is from 2011!

      14 out of the first 18 most voted (and not delivered) are from 2011-2012.

      So please be not surprised that many feel it is shout in the desert to post or vote on idea place!

      There are several overlooked issues for many years. And also there are many issues showing up regularly. I looked at the first 100 most voted ideas and collected some of the probably hottest topic:

      1. Performance optimization (slow performance) (D4046, D5776, D9492, D28648, D31524, D25959, D31564)

      2. DI API (unimplemented/unexposed functions)

      (D4144, D4899, D5589, D22710, D24846, D29610, D10061, D6297, D10917, D11516)

      3. Usability (D3989, D6143, D28575, D22118, D4701, D4757, D21870, D9409, D31576, D12337, D16823, D22892, D20985, D26257, D6157, D7106, D4024, D10506, D11724)

      4. Formatted search (most voted! D3988, D12201, D3970 is similar)

      5. Printing (D4144, D9492, D35191, D35191, D28648)

      6. Business Partner Master Data/Contacts (D4038, D4064, D21033, D22132, D11724, D25257, D28725)

      There are many irritating problems (mostly usability) which could be solved probably by some hours of development. Like the tiny Query Manager window (D6143, D28575, D3989)

      Or decoupling Pick List Generation Wizard and Bin Locations (D9409).

      With little effort You could increase user satisfaction a lot but for some unknown reason You don't live with this opportunity. You are probably aware of that widely true "law" of life that 80% of the problems can be solved by 20% of the efforts. The rest are the tough ones.

      Most of the usability problems are such that could be improved by very little effort.  Performance optimization is surely much more difficult. But on the long term these would help adoption and user satisfaction also.

      In the same way improving DI/UI API coverage would increase developer satisfaction and quality of addons. For example it's still impossible to initiate printing of a document or report from an addon. In a business software printing is essential!

      It's interesting to see that many of the most voted ideas are not really new ideas but expression of need of refinement of existing functions. Having features is important, but being able to use them day by day in a slick way is as important.

      Seeing that 48% of the most voted ideas are still in the submitted state doesn't tell people that SAP is listening! And even the "Under review" state means nothing. Most of the most voted ones are in this state for years, many are from 2011-2012.

      But I hope that someone at SAP once will feel the need to take these ideas seriously. And we all will be happy!

      I responded after such a long time only because I have to work. It took several hours for me to gather these information and I don't get money to write on forums. Sorry!

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Please see my latest blog: "Idea Place for SAP Business One has been migrated to Continuous Influence Session"

      Author's profile photo Alberto Aranda
      Alberto Aranda

      Good post!! thank