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Mass Display of Cost Estimates with Itemization

It’s very important to review all cost estimates, this can be done one by one through CK13n, but in most projects this is not possible due to the number of materials costed, the below query will display all the cost estimates (saved, marked, released) with itemization.


  1. Trx SQ02: Create InfoSet for the Query joining 2 tables: KEKO (Cost Estimate Header), and CKIS (Cost Itemization)

     A. Create InfoSet


     B. Choose “table join” and the table “KEKO”


     C. Insert table CKIS



     D. Click “Back” to go to field selection screen



     E. Select the fields you want in the query from the 2 tables

>>NOTE: You can display some table records in SE16N to decide what fields you want in the query


     F. Save and click “Back”, system will issue this message, hit “Yes” to generate the InfoSet


     G. Assign the InfoSet to one or more User Groups to be used in queries


     2. Trx SQ01: Create the Query

     A. Click and select the user group


     B. Enter Query name and “Create”


     C. Choose the InfoSet


     D. Enter Query description and Save


     E.Setup the Query Layout and selection screen, insert the query name and click “InfoSet query”


     F. Check the “Output” for field to see in the report and “Selection” for fields to be in the selection screen, save when done


     3. Trx SQ01: Select the Query and Execute

>> Note: this Query can be easily assigned to a transaction code later, check this great guide Assign transaction code to SAP Query (created via SQ01)

The final layout is like this


Looking forward to your questions, comments, and inputs

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