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Looking At The Quiz Tool A Year Down The Road

In 2015, SuccessFactors learning launched a new test-taking tool within the LMS known as Quizzes. Prior to quizzes, customers were limited to using the LMS exam tool to create tests. To say that tool is clunky is an understatement. Customers struggled with formatting the questions correctly and often spent considerable time just getting one question to display correctly. SuccessFactors heard these pain points and launched the Quiz tool with a brand new user interface that made admin’s life’s much easier. While the Quiz tool initially did not have some of the flexibility that the exam tool had (for example, question types were limited and you could not “pool” questions), the idea was that Quizzes would gain more features with subsequent releases and could possibly at some point fully replace the exam tool. While the latter point may not still hold true (exams do not look like they are going away anytime soon), SuccessFactors released improvements on the quiz tool. A year down the line, it is a good point to take a look at the tool and how admins can create quizzes for their learning population.


Creating a Quiz


Quizzes are stored under content>quizzes. Like most features within the LMS, an admin clicks “add new” and a new screen is launched where basic information is added (ID, name, description, domain, ect).




Basic Settings


Once the initial information is added, the Quiz UI launches. The clean and easy look of this menu should be a welcome to anyone who has experience using exams. The first section I always go to is the Settings menu, where rules for the quiz are stored. Here is a brief overview of each setting:


Active: Yes it is active in the system for admins to search and report on or No it is not active and not in use and should only be in the system for historical purposes.


Domain: Which security domain the quiz is in. Only those admins with access to that domain can view and edit the quiz.


Quiz type: If sequential is picked, the user must answer the questions in order and cannot go back and forth between questions. If free-form is selected, the user can move freely through the quiz and come back to questions they passed.


Pass percentage: What percent of questions a user must answer correctly to pass the quiz.


Feedback display: No feedback shows no information to the user when they answer the question if they got it right or wrong. Show feedback only displays a custom message if the user got the question right/wrong, but does not display the correct answer. Show feedback and correct answer shows both the feedback message and the correct answer.


Results Summary: If set to yes, at the end of the quiz the user can see their passing percentage and how many questions they got right/wrong.


Enable Quiz Review: If set to yes, a user can go back through the quiz immediately after they have completed it to review the questions/answers.


Quiz Attempt Limits: Defines the number of times a user can attempt to pass the quiz. If set to 0 they have unlimited chances.


Allow Exit and Resume: Allows the ability for a user to close out of a quiz midway through and reopen at a later time. Their answers from the previous questions are saved.




Making Questions


The other important part about setting your quiz up is actually making your questions! The question types have expanded since the initial release, adding both ordering and fill-in-the-blank. The admin opens the question menu and then selects the question type they want to use.




Once the question type is selected, the admin can add the text of the question. Once the text is done, click “save” and continue adding new questions.


Another feature added in a newer release is the ability to stylize the text.




Question Types


Single Answer: User selects only one correct answer to the question.


Multiple Answer: User can select one or more correct answers to the question.


True or False: Only one correct answer which is true or false.


Ordering: User must move the answers around to create the correct ordering.


Fill in the blank: User must type in the correct answer.




Admins can create customized messages to be displayed to end users when they take a quiz. The welcome message is displayed to everyone when they first launch a quiz. The success message is only displayed if a user passes the quiz, while the failure message is displayed if they did not pass. Notice here too that admins now have the ability to stylize the text.






In the locales menu, admins can versions of the quiz in multiple languages, so that only one quiz needs to be managed. This is very useful for global clients working across many locales.




Finishing Up!


Once you have made your settings, created your questions, added your messages and defined, your locales, you are ready to launch your quiz! I recommend hitting the “preview” button on the top of the main menu and walking through your quiz before publishing it. Once it is in a state that is ready to be deployed, go back to your locales menu and switch over to “Published”. You can then put your quiz on an item as a content object and send it out to your population!.

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