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Data Loading to HANA using DXC Connection

As we know we have 3 types of data provisioning tools for HANA System

1.       SAP BODS – we can connect SAP and Non-SAP systems

2.       SAP SLT – we can connect SAP and Non- SAP systems

3.       DXC –  we can connect only SAP systems

Now will discuss about DXC connection extract data to HANA System

SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) is available as a simple option in ETL (batch) scenarios for data replication from existing SAP Data Source extractors into SAP HANA

The SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) is a means for providing out-of-the-box foundational data models to SAP HANA, which are based on SAP Business Suite entities. DXC is also a data acquisition method for SAP HANA. The rationale for DXC is simple, low TCO data acquisition for SAP HANA leveraging existing delivered data models.

SAP Business Content Data Source Extractors have been available for many years as a basis for data modeling and data acquisition for SAP Business Warehouse. Now, with DXC, these SAP Business Content Data Source Extractors are available to deliver data directly to SAP HANA.

ECC 6.0 (Using Embedded BW)


Important points to create DXC connection

1. Reduce the complexity while designing HANA models (Attribute ,Analytical, Calculation view)

2. Install BI client tolls in ECC 60, CRM,SRM systems it called  Embedded BW system

3. Connection between SAP ECC to HANA http connection.

4. Should be up and running XS Engine

To check XS Engine status – http://<host name>:80<instance Number>


Another way to check XS Engine in HANA System

HANA System -> double click on data base system -> check the Landscape -> XS Engine running

5. Not required any additional and application servers

6. Data source must have one primary key field

The process for setting up SAP HANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC) in the SAP HANA system follows:

To check XS Engine up and running  – http://<host name>:80<instance Number>


Create HTTP Connection in SM59

Connection type –G – HTTP Connection to external systems


Path prefix /sap/hana/dxc/dxc.xscfunc

Target Host – <servername>

Service number – 80<instance number>

Give the User name and password


Check the response body DXC server up and running


Embedded BW setting Parameters for HANA

Need to setup the fallowing below parameters using   SE38 Program SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN


Example for update the parameters


PSA_TO_HDB_DESTINATION:  Need to give HTTP Connection created in SM59

PSA_TO_HDB_SCHEMA: Which schema needs to import the data source

PSA_TO_HDB: GLOBAL (it always global)

PSA_TO_HDB_DATASOURCETABLE: give the custom table which data source you want extract form source to SAP HANA

Example of table structure to maintain data sources


Go to RSDS -> give the data source name and source system name

Replicate the data source -> then active the data source

While activating the data source will get below error if not set primacy in the data source

2LIS_02_ITM data source Primary keys are EBELN (Purchasing Document Number), EBELP (Item Number of Purchasing Document)

We can find filed information from standard table   ROOSFIELD (Data Source Fields)


Data source Activation and Replication

While replicating the data source HANA system table will generate respective schema

After running the info package data will move to ECC to SAP HANA system

  • /BIC/A<data source>00 –  Active Table
  • /BIC/A<data source>40 – Activation Queue
  • /BIC/A<data source>70 – Record Mode Handling
  • /BIC/A<data source>80 – Request and Packet ID information Table
  • /BIC/A<data source>A0 – Request Timestamp Table

RSODSO_IMOLOG – All table information will store for DXC Related

In my scenario took example 2LIS_02_ITM Data source, below table are generate while replicating the data source


Preview of the data source table – /BIC/A2LIS_02_ITM00 – data successfully loaded to HANA system




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      Author's profile photo Sarada Illendala
      Sarada Illendala

      Excellent Blog Phani...

      How are the changes replicated from source to HANA?.. I mean Delta's?

      Author's profile photo Phani KV
      Phani KV
      Blog Post Author

      Will use DXC connection if you are using embedded BW system.

      in my case those are full loads, we have not yet done for delta using DXC connection.


      Author's profile photo NJ NGC
      NJ NGC

      could tell me how to set primacy in the data source,please?

      Author's profile photo Filip Skoczylas
      Filip Skoczylas

      Hi, in the DXC solution, I was able to run Delte. I have a problem because information from the ROCANCEL field does not go to SAP HANA. DXC therefore works incorrectly because it is not known which records are to be deleted. I can't find any information on this topic on the internet. Any of you have any idea how to handle it?