SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (BOC) requires a few steps to allow you to acquire data from your internal network. The intention of this guide is to help you follow some steps to find out what is not working.


I presume that you have already checked this blog that will guide you step-by-step to configure your system: Enable SAP BusinessObjects Cloud for data acquisition from on-premise systems

1. First step: What error do you have?

I would expect that you are trying to create a model importing data from one of your servers: SQL Server, BW, etc. and you get an error message. These errors will be collected in the following location in BOC: System > Monitor > Trace




You will usually find two types of error messages:

Failed to call SAP BusinessObjects Cloud agent.  Please contact your administrator to ensure that SAP BusinessObjects Cloud agent is running, is configured correctly, and is reachable from the SAP HANA Cloud Connector. HTTP Status: /deploymentInfo


Failed to read XS HTTP destination for SAP BusinessObjects Cloud agent


This indicates that the communication between your BOC system and your BOC agent could not be established.

Connection to BW system failed: Connect to SAP gateway failed ERRNO TEXT  WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out


This indicates that BOC was able to connect to your BOC agent but the BOC agent in your network was not able to connect to your end point server .

Let’s analyze both types of problems:


2. Communication problems between BOC and the BOC Agent


This would be the first type of error, when your BOC error message is indicating something like: Failed to call SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Agent.


2.1 Verify that the deployment in Apache Tomcat is correct


Connect to your Apache Tomcat server, locally using localhost if possible to the port where Tomcat is installed :




Remember to change the port, if the default port was changed. If the server is responding, check the following URL:




You will be prompted to enter a username and password. You can find this username and password in your file tomcat-users.xml file



<user username=”bocagent” password=”mypassword” roles=”admin-gui,manager-gui,Services,sap.fpa.admin” />


After authenticating, you will display a simple line like this:




You should have installed the correct version for your tenant. How to find out the right version?


Find the latest release notes here:


SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Product Page


2.1.1 Apache Tomcat is not responding or the previous test does not return anything


Fist step is to look to the “logs” folder where Tomcat is installed.


I will not go into detail around all the many problems that you can find, however here are some common ones:


Port already in use


Apache Tomcat won’t be able to listen in the port number indicated. You will find this information in the logs:


SEVERE: Failed to initialize end point associated with ProtocolHandler [“http-bio-8080”] Address already in use: JVM_Bind <null>:8080


Solution: select another port or find out what other application is using that port.


Linux:       netstat -tulpn

Windows: netstat -ano


BOC Agent incorrectly deployed

Verify that you have correctly deployed the file C4A_AGENT.war file


  1. Stop Apache Tomcat
  2. Remove the temporary folder <Tomcat_Installation>\work\catalina\localhost\C4A_AGENT
  3. Remove the deployed <Tomcat_Installation>weapps\C4A_AGENT folder
  4. Verify that you have agent war file: <Tomcat_Installation>weapps\C4A_AGENT.war
  5. Start Tomcat


The deployment should start automatically.


2.1.2 Troubleshooting Tips for Apache Tomcat


To enable debug in Tomcat you need to modify the file


Global logging in ${catalina.base}/conf/ = FINE



More details about Apache Tomcat Troubleshooting and Diagnostic documentation can be found at:


2.2 Verifying the settings in BusinessObjects Cloud

This should be straight forward but sometimes there is a typo with the username and password. You can type these entries again and save it.


These settings are in System > Administration > SAP BusinessObjects Cloud agent




This user is the one you defined in your tomcat-users.xml file.


2.3 HANA Cloud Connector not working


After checking all the previous steps with Apache Tomcat and your BOC settings, you will get an error like this:


Please ensure SAP Cloud for Analytics Agent is configured correctly.




You can review this section in the product documentation to verify you followed the correct steps.


2.3.1 Verifying Settings in HANA Cloud Connector

The first thing to verify is if the account used for HANA Cloud connector is correct. We should have received this information from Cloud Operations team after opening an incident with Product Support:

Open a Product Support Incident using the link
Select the component LOD-ANA-BI
Provide the following information along to the error message:

Your Tenant URL
S-user that is associated with the HANA Cloud Connector account

 Main Menu >  System > Administration > Datasource Configuration

As indicated in the product guide.

It is possible that the Access Control given to the BOC Agent is incorrect: verify that the Access Policy for /C4A_AGENT/ is set to “Path and all sub-paths”:


2.3.1 Verifying if there is communication between your HANA Cloud Connector and your BOC system


Open your HANA Cloud Connector and verify that you are connected to the BOC system (tenant):




Even if you see a green light and the status appears as CONNECTED, go to the Audit section (tab) to verify that there is communication and data is coming back from BOC.




The Logs section (tab) will allow you to identify connectivity problems.




For more information, you can check the Troubleshooting guide in the HANA Cloud Connector documentation:


SAP HANA Cloud Connector Troubleshooting


If you do not see any communication, you should Open a ticket with SAP Product Support using the component  LOD-ANA-BI adding the following information:


  • URL of your BOC system (tenant)
  • S-User ID used
  • Account Name
  • A copy of your Audit logs from your HANA Cloud Connector


2.3.3 Your account is incorrectly assigned to your tenant


The error message that you will see is:

SERVER_ERROR_500 “Failed to call the Cloud for Analytics Agent. Please ensure that the Cloud for Analytics Agent is configured correctly. Reason: /deploymentInfo”

If you click on the stack link next to it in the System > Monitor > Trace area, you will see the following text:


This is likely due to the role assigned to your S-User ID does not have the Cloud connector Admin role assigned. You are configuring HANA Cloud Connector using an incorrect S-user. You should use the S-user and system assigned by the SAP Cloud Operations team. Open a ticket with Product Support using the component  LOD-ANA-BI and ask SAP to correct the HCPService.xshttpdestination setting in your tenant. Add the following information:


  • URL of your BOC system (tenant)
  • S-User ID used
  • Account Name


3. Communication problems between the Cloud Agent and your data source


We assume that you can connect to some systems but the BOC Agent fails to connect to other systems. The connectivity between BOC and your agent is not the problem. If this is the case, please go back to the previous sections to resolve it.


3.1 Connecting to BW


The type of errors that you will find are similar to this one:

Connection to BW system failed: Connect to SAP gateway failed ERRNO TEXT  WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out


In this example, the BW system did not respond. Verify that the application name used is correct.

Where to find more details?

You can find a complete error message in your Apache Tomcat logs.


3.2 Connecting to an SQL Databases:


You can find similar errors connecting to SQL Server when the port or the server name are incorrect:


Unable to connect to SQLServerName:1433. Ensure that the connection details are correct.

Check network connectivity between the your database server and the server hosting the BOC Agent.

If you have an incorrect JDBC driver installed or the path is incorrect, an error message will appear in Apache Tomcat logs.


3.3 Connecting to a File store

BOC is also responsible to connect to your internal file system. To configure the Tomcat JAVA parameter correctly check the documentation.

You can find errors in the usual menu: System > Monitor > Traces

A typical error would be:

Access to the specified path is denied by the file system.

You need to verify the rights assigned to the shared folder. If it is Windows or the rights for the NFS or other filesystem mounted.

Verify that the file system is listed in the file you used for this parameter: DSAP_CLOUD_AGENT_FILE_SERVER_WHITELIST_PATH

The Apache Tomcat will log an error like this:

Aug 01, 2016 3:46:14 PM logException

SEVERE: ACCESS_DENIED: [\\\share_folder\]


3.4 Connecting to SAP ERP

The Apache Tomcat log (“tomcat7-stderr.<YYYY-MM-DD>.log”) will show and an error like this:


<Date> <Time> execute

SEVERE: Initialization of destination CS_DEST-<ERP CONNECTION DETAILS> failed: Connect to SAP gateway failed



LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode

ERROR partner ‘<ERPHOST>:<ERPPORT>’ not reached



COMPONENT NI (network interface)


RC -10

MODULE nixxi.cpp

LINE 3283

DETAIL NiPConnect2:


ERRNO 10060

ERRNO TEXT WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out


Check if the <ERPPORT> is blocked by firewall by using the following command: telnet <ERPHOST> <ERPPORT>


If telnet fails then work with your firewall Administrator to open the port.

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  1. Meichun Lane

    Hi Julian,

    We are having an issue that a user can see the Demo login screen in his laptop but as soon as he logins in, we saw the plain white screen and we got stuck there. He used to be able to see everything in his chrome(like a week ago) but now it’s a white screen, can you please share some ideas of how to troubleshoot this issue?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Venkatesh Pendekanti

    Can we use the HANA trial account instead of S-user to configure in HCC? I tried with trial account as I don’t have S-user, but its not working. When I’m trying to create a connection in BOC from my ERP system it says:

    I selected message server while creating connection. I given message server and group name as same. Is it right? If not tell me how to find them.

    The other way is, I tried to use the OData URL(generated from SAP GUI) to connect to BOC. This is also not working. It says:


  3. Jagdeesh Neelakantan

    Also, a couple of issues that I encountered and was able to resolve.

    1. Unable to create a BOBJ universe connection in BOC – The issue was due to the hostname of the machine hosting the CMS not accessible by the BOC Cloud Agent.
    Resolution : Edit the /etc/hosts file; add the hostname and ip-address of the machine with the CMS.

    2. Unable to create a BW connection in BOC – The issue was due to the same reason as above.
    Resolution : In the SAP gui, add the BW system. Ensure that the connection works. Restart the tomcat server.

    1. Julian Jimenez Post author

      Hi Jagdessh,

      Thanks for the comments. I am going to update the blog soon. I didn’t address name resolution problems as I took it for granted.




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