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Material Master Migration to S/4HANA using RDS

1. Overview

1.1 Introduction

The data migration from legacy system is a prerequisite and essential in many projects to execute and fulfill functional requirements. This white paper will document with snapshot in what ways data migration for material master can be achieved using Rapid Deployment Solution in SAP S/4HANA. To understand Rapid Data Migration one should have basic knowledge in SAP BODS.

SAP Rapid Data Migration with SAP Data Services enables you to migrate your data within SAP systems as Business Suite powered by HANA, ERP, SAP Business All-in-One, CRM, and SAP industry solutions for utilities. RDS contents for S/4HANA comes with 40 critical master and transactional data.

The scope of this document is to provide step by step guide for Material Master Migration to S4/HANA using RDS.

2. Rapid Deployment Solution

2.1 Overview of RDS


SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions is a “PACKAGED SOLUTION” that include pre-configured content, best practices, and fixed scope implementation service, resulting in fast and predictable software deployments.

For faster and quicker adoption and implementation of various products, SAP delivers Rapid deployment solution kit. RDS solutions provide you with a process framework and the tools, methods, and templates needed to execute complex migration tasks quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

The rapid data migration to SAP S/4HANA, on premise edition allows you to extract and analyze selected data from virtually any source system.

Key features of Rapid Deployment Solution:

  • Quick response to most urgent business needs, using ready-made accelerators and solution builder tools for faster deployment.
  • Solutions are based on SAP standard templates and tools, making solution adoption easier.
  • Faster time to value.
  • Pre-configured software with in-built validity checks, eliminating the need for unwanted speculation.

Software used:

  • SAP Data Services 4.2 SP5 or above
  • SAP S/4HANA on premise edition

3. BODS setup with RDS package

3.1 Download and import RDS package

Download RDS package [Rapid data migration to SAP S/4HANA on premise edition V1.42] from SAP service market place.

Atl files can be located under Migration_S4HANA folder in RDS package. Place all the atl files downloaded from RDS package into network drive. Make sure Network drive is created in the same server where Data Service Designer is installed.

Import all atl files one after other to SAP Data Service Designer without any password.


After importing all atl files in SAP Data Services designer you will see 3 Projects each related to migration objects, lookup files and reconciliation. All master and transaction objects that come with RDS package can be verified under DM_BPFDM_IDOC in Local object library section.


There are multiple tabs in local object library for projects, Datastore, jobs, Dataflow and format. Once you import datastore atl file you will see datastore is imported in local object library under datastore tab.

Data staging is an intermediate storage area used for data processing during extract, transform and load (ETL) process. There are 4 datastore in local object library which are used for lookup table and data transformation for staging.

Enter database server details by right click and edit the datastore to establish SQL server connection for all staging Datastore which contain ‘STG’.


4. Establish connection in SAP Data Services

4.1 Datastore connection to target system

Establish datastore connection to S/4HANA target System (DS_SAP) with server details, RFC destination and working directory on SAP Server by clicking advanced tab.



Next step is to create SAP connection using RFC interface in Data Services management console. Click on tools and login to DS management console using S/4HANA system credentials.


RFC connection SNDWX2SD2 to target system S/4HANA is created in SAP Data services.


Same RFC connection should be created in S/4HANA system as well.


4.2 S/4HANA system IDOC configuration

Creation of Logical system BOBJTFR in SALE transaction as per configuration guide provided by SAP.


Creation of Partner Profile in WE20 for Partner BOBJTFR and Partner Type US and maintain inbound parameters for Message Type MATMAS_MASS_BAPI.

Creation of Port in WE21 for RFC destination SNDWX2SD2.


5. Material Master Migration Demo

The below example provides step by step procedure of the material master migration process beginning with the legacy data mapping through to upload the data to target SAP S/4HANA using SAP Data Services.

5.1 Lookup table generation

The creation and management of the lookup tables are controlled by the following four jobs within the project DM_BPFDM_Lookups:


Job Name




Performs initial setup and creation of all required lookup and management tables in the staging area



Extract the latest lookup table data from SAP target system into local text files



Upload default lookup table data in the provided text files to the staging area



Extract lookup table data from SAP target system into the staging area directly

Run the following jobs this would re-create and reload the data for all tables so may take some time:

  1. Job_DM_Lookups_Initialise
  2. Job_DM_Lookups_FileToApp
  3. Job_DM_Lookups_SAPToApp


Lookup tables are populated with data once we execute above jobs and also you can check table entries by selecting lookup table and click on view data.


5.2 Field Mapping

Prepare the upload file as per the template named ‘Source_Files_DI_IN’ provided by SAP as part RDS package. Each worksheet of this template has fields related to different material master views to be filled as per the requirement.


In our example we create materials with basic data view, fill the sheets Basic Data and Description of the template.

Create new excel in format tab and map the upload file location.


Delete existing excel in dataflow DF_DM_MaterialMasterBasicView_Map and replace it with our excel file by drag and drop.


Upload file fields and query fields are different then we need to do field mapping manually. In our case mapping will be done automatically as we are using SAP template where upload fields and query fields are same.

In query area you can see mapping details of each field is displayed by excel file name and its fieldname and this shows mapping is done for those fields.


Similarly do it for material description and assign upload file to dataflow DF_DM_MaterialMasterDescription_Map.


5.3 Job execution

The next step is to execute the job. First do a test run by using the below parameters without generating idocs.

$G_MaterialMasterBasicView_Req = ‘Y’

$G_MaterialMasterDescription_Req = ‘Y’

$G_GenerateIDOC_Req = ‘N’.


Job is completed successfully without any errors.


Execute Job by using the below parameters to generate idocs.

$G_MaterialMasterBasicView_Req = ‘Y’

$G_MaterialMasterDescription_Req = ‘Y’

$G_GenerateIDOC_Req = ‘Y’.

$G_MaterialMasterBasicView_IDOC_Req = ‘Y’

$G_MaterialMasterDescription_IDOC_Req = ‘Y’

$G_ReceiverPartnerNumber = ‘BOBJTFR’

$G_ReceiverPort = ‘A000000004’

Idoc segments are filled with upload file data and transferred to MATMAS_MASS_BAPI.


Idoc is successfully posted and Material is created in S/4HANA system using RDS.




6. References

  • – Migrate your SAP data with Rapid Deployment Solution by Frank Densborn.
  • Configuration guide provided as part RDS package download from service marketplace.
  • Source file template provided as part RDS package download from service marketplace.
  • – SAP Data Migration demo by Frank Densborn.

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      Thank you Sathish for the detailed explanation!

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      Check out this link

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      Hi Sathish,


      This is a perfect guide.

      The only Thing I am missing is the check in the S4 HANA target System that the material has been migrated: Se16 screen


      and the Information, into which tables the material was migrated:


      Source ECC:                                                                                     Target S/4:

      (MARA, MARC, MARD, MLAN, MBEW etc.)                                   which are the new tables?


      Could you add this info?







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      Hi Sathish,
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      Thank you so much Sathish for detailed explanation




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      What is the process code you are associating the message type MATMAS_MASS_BAPI with during the creation of partner profile?



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      Hello Sathish,

      Well written - nice blog , really helpful .

      It would be great if you could guide on the BODS solution (ATL ) files , I couldn’t find it from




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