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Check Profiling statistics in Analysis for Office to improve performance

With AO 2.3 updated versions, tracking performance of a workbook for every step that has been performed is made much easier. Statistics can be traced with respect to workbook as well as Client.

1. Go to settings in order to enable profiling statistics.

     File –> Analysis –> Settings –> Support


2. Refresh the workbook to track statistics. Click on messages.


3. Click on the below options to view profiling statistics.

Client profiling.PNG  Profiling statistics.PNG

This helps in tracking steps accurately and in detail to analyze the delayed performance of a workbook.

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    • Hi Robbert,

      I have just check with the earlier versions, which provide summarized profiling statistics unlike latest version does. Below are the screenshots.




      • Actually it is possible in AO 2.2, but requires modifying the registry as below.

        • From the Windows start menu, locate the program called “Run”
        • Click on the “Run” program to launch it
        • Type in “regedit” and click ok
        • If it asks if you want User Account Control, say “Yes”.
        • This will launch the Registry Editor.  Open the key (folder) called HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
        • Within that key, open the key Software
        • Within that key, open the key SAP
        • Now, right-click on SAP and select New --> Key
        • Name the new Key “AdvancedAnalysis”
        • Right-click on AdvancedAnalysis and create a New Key and name it “Setting”
        • Right-click on Setting and create a new key and name it “Utilities”
        • Click on Utilities
        • In the right-hand pane, right-click and select New --> String Value
        • Name the new string value “ClientProfiling”
        • Right-click on ClientProfiling and select Modify
        • Under Value data, type “True”
        • You have created a new registry key under \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\AdvancedAnalysis\Setting\Utilities called ClientProfiling and you have set it to True.  Click OK and you can close the registry editor.
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    • Dear David,

      it should work. You might need to set the Log Severity to "Support" and Restart Analysis. Then the small arrow next to "Messages" will appear after you refreshed the data.

      Best regards


  • Hi,

    Is there any way that I can get stats of list of AO reports(Multiple Reports) that I have in my system by periodically instead each report .